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Cheating and her first time.

(Part 1 from 1)

Mike worked as a cashier at a large grocery store. He had been dating the same girl for quite some time and they had recently become engaged. Though they had been having sex for over a year it was not the greatest. She was very sexy but was not exciting in the bedroom.

One Monday, Mike sat lazily at his register. It was a slow day and it would be forever before he got off. He was just about to go grab a magazine off the rack to read when an attractive blonde walked towards him. She only had one item but it was not that he was staring at. She had to be only 17 or 18, Mike was 20, with blond hair, intriguing green eyes, and a killer body. She wore the sexiest clothes, she was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt, and small denim shorts that only barely covered her small tight ass and revealed long tan legs. Mike could feel himself growing and was thankful she would not be able to see. He couldn't hide, though, his roving eyes and was worried she would think him a pervert. But as he looked he. he noticed her roving eyes looking over his body.

He was not great looking, at 5'10" 155 lbs. with blond hair, blue eyes, and decent body. She didn't seem to think so evident by the small smile on her face. He rang up her item and noticed she was writing. He thought maybe a check so he waited. He was surprised when she handed him cash with a small piece of paper inside. He removed the paper and set it aside as he handed her the change. After she had left he remembered the paper and picked it up and opened it. Inside were three hearts the name Beth and a phone number. Mike laughed as he thought about what had happened and then for a second almost thought about calling Beth. Mike remembered his financee and the thought left him. Days later after a big fight Mike ran across the number again. He was pissed off and dialed the number. A small femine voice answered "Hello?" Mike said, "I don't think you'll remember me but I was the one who waited on you at the grocery store." Beth responded quickly that yes she remembered him and had been waiting anxiously for his call. They talked about nothing for awhile and eventually got around to going out that night. They agreed to meet and go to eat.

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He arrived a little early at her apartment and knocked. She wasn't exactly ready and invited him to sit while she finished. She was wearing a towel and short skirt and once again Mike felt himself growing hard. She got ready and they went out. They talked through dinner about their dating lives and discovered both had few. Mike didn't know if she noticed but he did the extreme tension between them and how bad he wanted to jump her right now. They went back to her apartment and she invited him in. They sat on the couch and slowly moved towards each other. Their lips locked as they both realized what they wanted. Mike opened his mouth and began to suck her tongue. They broke and she breathly said "I want you!" He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He slowly removed her shirt to reveal her small but very pirky unbra-ed breasts. He licked all over them and then slowly around her pink nipples before his mouth on them. She moaned with plesure and rubbed his head. Mike removed his shirt and she unbuttoned his pants. Mike went to her waist and began kissing her stomach then her waist as he unzipped her small skirt to show her barely there baby blue thong.

 He grabbed her ass and layed her down on the bed. She reached up and removed his boxers and gave a small gasp as his very hard and very penis was exposed. Mike reached up and removed the thong and was very exicted to see her trimmed, pink, and soaking wet pussy. Mike kissed back up her body and locked on long at her lips. "Are you sure?" he whispered. Quickly Beth responded "Yes but this is my first time." Mike was amazed and couldn't believe that someone so beautiful and sexy was a virgin. She said, "You're not going to stop because of that. I want you so badly. Please take my virginity. FUCK ME NOW!" Mike could never resist a naked woman and said ok. He slowly pushed his dick into her tight pussy. He thought it wouldn't go in but with a little pushing he broke in. She gave a pained gasp that quickly turned to pleasure as he pulled out only to push back in. She was so tight and he was so close to cum. Beth moaned loudly as he hit her G-spot and drove it in. She moaned about having an orgasm just as her pussy exploded with pleasure and her juices oozed all over his dick. Second later he yelled "I'm going to cum inside you." She wanted him to badly and his dick felt so good as the cum shot high inside her hot pussy. He rolled off her both of them exhausted.

Beth was so happy with her first time. She wanted him again. This time she straddled his body. She was so damn sexy naked and hot wanting to fuck so badly. HE reached down and directed his dick inside her. Beth rode like there was no tomorrow. Yelling louder and louder as he hit every spot just right. Beth almost fell off as she experienced the first and second orgasm. They continued going at it like animals for almost an hour before Mike once again shot a hot load of cum inside her.

She rolled off and cuddled next to Mike. "That was the best sex ever," Mike said, "I wish we could do it again." "Who says we can't?" Beth says, "In the morning." They cuddle up together totally naked and very satisfied.

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