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Cheating Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

One Saturday night and I was awake again. I had a long damn week. I was tired. It's 4 in the morning! Now I was awake again because my slut of a mother is being loud in her bedroom.

I never saw anyone come in, and never saw anyone leave.But the noises! Partially muffled by the pounding techno music my mother somehow produced, I primarily heard the woman. I rarely heard my mother moan.

Momentarily questioning my angry actions, I stopped in front of my mother's bedroom door. The music was extremely loud here. No, she could have turned down the music. She could have asked the her to be more quiet. She could have been more respectful. I opened the door.

The room was lit by soft candles on the nightstand. I was overwhelmed by the smell of pure sex that felt like a physical force hitting me in the face as I opened the door. My ears were enveloped by the throbbing music. Everything changed as I looked up at my mother's king size bed.
There was my mother stands with fully naked to back me, showing her heavy wide ass, with my neighbours wife Mrs. Sandhya stands near the bed. Sandhy was 35 years aged. She was very attractive woman. So, today mom bring her to fuck. Then slowly I backed and stands near the door and watch inside seen.

Mom smiled and pushed Sandhya aunty back down to the mattress. She kissed the older woman, then followed her lips as they kissed their way down the woman's neck, over her collarbone, between her breasts, and finally reached her belly. Mom pulled Sandhya's petticoat down, her lips creeping down by inches. Sandhya lifted her legs and Mom removed the petticoat entirely. Sandhya aunty lay naked underneath the tight, mature body of my mother.

Mom kissed her way down to the woman's soft, well-groomed bush. She breathed in the scent of Sandhya's sex and found the aroma delightful. Sandhya aunty's pussy was in front of her face now and Mom was salivating.

"Help yourself," said Sandhya aunty. "Eat all you want."

"This is my second time," Mom said, a bit apologetically.

"I'm sure you'll do great," Sandhya replied. "There's no need to feel nervous."

Mom stuck out her tongue and licked at Sandhya's slit, causing the older woman's body to tremble with pleasure. Placing a hand on either side of Sandhya aunty's pussy, Mom spread the lips apart to get a better look at the one female attribute she had been born without.

Mom licked at the open vagina again, sending another shiver of pleasure through her lover. The taste was unlike Mom had expected, but still delicious. She began licking hungrily, intoxicated by the feeling of her tongue against the smooth, sweet-tasting snatch.

Mom managed to work two of her fingers into Sandhya's body and the reaction was immediate. Sandhya began to groan. As Mom worked the fingers in and out, fucking her lover with her hand, Sandhya aunty's groans intensified. Mom loved knowing that she was giving Sandhya such pleasure and Sandhya's response made Mom's cock strain violently against the confines of the petticoat she wore. Precum dripped from the end.

"Do you see that little button there?" Sandhya aunty asked, pointing down. "That's my clitoris. Try licking there."

Mom did as she was instructed, flicking her tongue against the little, pink nub. Sandhya practically shrieked in delight, momentarily startling the woman between her thighs. Mom licked at Sandhya aunty's clit again and Sandhya gave a cry which turned into a moan.

Long, wonderful minutes passed as Mom feasted upon the glorious pussy before her. Sandhya was in a state of bliss. Ever since she had been with Michelle, she had longed to feel another woman's mouth on her sex and now her wish had come true. Mom might be new to this, Sandhya thought, but she was a natural. Mom sucked on Sandhya aunty's clit and the woman's legs closed tightly around Mom's ears and it took a force of will to pry them apart again so the girl's head wouldn't be crushed.

As she took her time pleasuring Sandhya aunty, Mom's dick was so hard it hurt. Mom reached down under her peticoat and pulled the petticoat up and panty aside, letting her 8Ē penis and her enormous testicles out. Mom gripped her womanly cock in one hand and began to stroke it, masturbating herself as she ate out the older woman.

At last, Sandhya aunty began to cum. Mom didn't quite realize what was happening at first but, once she realized what it was, she began to redouble her efforts. Orgasm after orgasm hit and Sandhya screamed hoarsely as her climaxes erupted. Mom didn't balk at the reaction and kept sucking and licking until Sandhya finally relaxed against the mattress.

Mom climbed up on top of Sandhya and looked her deeply in the eye. The two women kissed and Sandhya could taste her own juices on Mom's tongue.

"Are you sure you've never done that before?" Sandhya aunty asked with a laugh.

"I'm sure," Mom said. "How was that for a beginner?"

"God, you have no idea," Sandhya said. "But I think I have a few more in me."

"A few more what?"


"What do you mean?"

"An orgasm for is a bit different for someone with a vagina," Sandhya explained. "We can have lots of them, right after another."

"That sounds awesome!"

"It is. So let's see if maybe you can get a few more out of me. What do you say?"

"I say I'll take any excuse to eat your pussy I can get."

"Actually, I had something else in mind."

Sandhya aunty positioned herself so that she was lying on the bed with her head on the pillow. Her legs were cocked with her knees in the air. Her thighs were spread to reveal her soaking wet pussy. Mom moved so that she was kneeling between Sandhya aunty's legs. She waited expectantly for Sandhya to give her the go-ahead.

"I want you to make love to me, darling," she whispered.

Mom moved closer to Sandhya aunty. She had never done this before, and wasn't quite sure what to do, but instincts encoded into her DNA guided her. Mom lifted her her petticoat to reveal her hard cock. Sighing at the beautiful site, Sandhya aunty reached down, and stroked it until it was fully erect, which didn't take long.

"Lean your body forward and guide it inside me," Sandhya instructed.

Mom leaned forward, placing her hands on either side of Sandhya aunty's body. Then, balancing herself on one hand, she gripped her dick and guided the head towards Sandhya aunty's waiting hole. The tip touched and Sandhya gasped. Mom gasped too. She moved her hips forward and felt her shaft sliding effortlessly into Sandhya's body. The older woman closed her eyes and breathed a deep, shuddering breath.

"Now just push it in, then pull it out, until you have a rhythm going," Sandhya explained.

Mom did as she was instructed, pushing her hips forward until every inch of her cock was inside Sandhya aunty. Then she slowly withdrew until the purple head was peeking out. Once she reached that point, she repeated the process anew. As Sandhya aunty had promised, the two women soon found a rhythm, both womans moving their hips in opposition directions to maximise their pleasure. At first, Mom fucked Sandhya slowly, and the time seemed to float by.

Sandhya aunty knew from the moment Mom entered her that this was what she had been missing. She loved Mom's pretty face, her soft hair and skin, her supple breasts, and the whole of her nubile body. But she needed this feeling of a warm, living cock inside her, filling her up, making love to her. Mom was satisfying her in ways she had never imagined.

Mom, meanwhile, was in awe of this new sensation. Feeling the muscles of Sandhya's pussy grip her cock tightly was far more pleasure than having it sucked and infinitely more pleasurable than jerking it herself. The only other experience that made her feel this connected to another human being was to feel a hard dick deep in her bowels. Through sex, she realized, two souls could temporarily become one. That's how it was with Sandhya aunty at that moment.

The two women were locked together in a state of sexual euphoria, their bodies fully entwined. When Sandhya began to move, Mom at first thought she was doing something wrong. Instead, Sandhya was just shifting positions. She moved from lying prone on her back to her hands and knees, a position Mom was quite familiar with. When Sandhya aunty was done, Mom entered her again, this time from behind.

Now Mom began fucking Sandhya harder and faster than before. It wasn't a conscious decision, just something her body called out to her to do. She held on to Sandhya's hips at first but soon Mom was letting her hips and back do the work while her hands eagerly fondled Sandhya's exquisite ass.

Feeling Mom pounding her harder and harder, Sandhya aunty responded. She thrust her body backwards each time Mom thrust forwards, doubling the pleasure for each. Sandhya could feel her sexual excitement building to a crescendo and she knew it would not be long before she came.

"Are you almost there, baby?" she breathed.

"Yes," Mom replied through clenched teeth.

"So am I, do it whenever you're ready. I want you to cum inside me."


The room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as Mom made love to Sandhya as hard as she could. She could feel her balls beginning to stir. Finally, the dam burst, and she shot a full load inside Sandhya aunty. Sandhya moaned as she felt warm semen enter her. A moment later, her orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Joined as one, the two women came, each producing her own unique juices which mixed and mingled deep within Sandhya aunty.

When it was over, Mom allowed her now limp cock to slide out of Sandhya's pussy. Sandhya fell on her side on the bed, panting. Mom was unsure of what to do next until Sandhya aunty grabbed her and pulled her body close. The two womans lay on their sides, face-to-face, kissing passionately. Sandhya aunty icked Momís limb penis and jerking slowly. Their tongues fought and wrestled inside their mouths and neither cared if she drooled on the other's face.

The intensity of their kissing diminished as their bodies recovered, but not the passion for one another expressed. Hot, wet kisses before gentle, sweet ones. Neither Sandhya nor Mom had ever felt more love for another woman than at that point.

"That was unbelievable," Mom said.

"Mmm," Sandhya aunty moaned, stroking the girl's cheek. "You were wonderful, darling."

"I never realized fucking someone could feel so good."

"You mean . . ."

Sandhya propped herself up on one elbow, looking at Mom. Mom's hand idly caressed Sandhya's breasts as the older woman scrutinized the younger woman's face.

"You mean you've never penetrated my husband?" Sandhya aunty asked.

"No," Mom replied. "He's never asked me to and I've never really thought about it."

"Interesting," Sandhya remarked.

"Now I can't decide whether I like fucking someone or being fucked more," Mom remarked. "It felt so amazing to be inside you like that but I can't stop craving a nice big dick in me either."

"I know the feeling!"

The two women giggled together for a moment, then their eyes locked and they went quiet. Sandhya aunty leaned in and kissed Mom, who looked at her with mock shyness that drove Sandhya aunty wild. She kissed Mom feverishly and rolled the girl over on her back. Sandhya aunty sat over her, looking down at the redheaded girl, massaging her teenage breasts.

I have another surprise for you, Sandhya aunty said.

Ooh," Mom said. "What is it?

Wait right here, baby. I'll be right bac
Sandhya aunty slowly drew her left hand from mom's asshole and held momís huge penis up. The muffled screaming subsided. She hooked those fingers at herself. , finally out of my shock, freaked out and ran back to my bedroom.

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