Charly's farm

(Part 2 from 3)

Nessy drove the car by herself around the country side. When she came back she ask her father.

"What about a drivers license?"

"Don't worry Nessy, I know the man that hands them out and he will gladly give you one"

"That's cool daddy, will I have to fuck him?" she giggled.

"Not unless you want to" he laughed.

When evening came Nessy drove Charly to a little restaurant he knew about. They ate dinner by candle light. Nessy was happy. It was a romantic evening. Her dad kissed her in front of everyone just like he was her lover. The next day Nessy got her drivers license and drove to the car lot. She took the boy that delivered her car for a drive to a secluded spot under some shade trees and took off her dress. The kid said his name was Jerry. The eager boy kissed her and sucked Nessy's breasts. Nessy let Jerry fuck her. When she found out the boy was a cherry she mauled him and raped him with like a female wild cat. When she was done using him she told Jerry to call her. Nessy gave the pimply faced kid her phone number and told the boy to call her for a date. Nessy told Jerry she would take him to the drive in movie and park in back. She kissed Jerry and whispered she would suck his prick and fuck the shit out of him ad do every nasty thing she could think of to him. Jerry almost went off again thinking about what Nessy said. It was nice to have sex with someone different thought Nessy. She drove Jerry back to the car lot and dumped him off and kissed him. She went home and told her dad about Jerry and how good her cunt felt when she fucked him. Charly ate his daughter's pussy and sucked the boys sperm out of her hole. Suddenly Nessy jumped up and said.

"OH GOD DAD, I am so stupid"

"Why?" he ask"

I brought some marijuana from mom's place and forgot all about it" she cried.

Nessy ran to the bed room and unzipped a side compartment on luggage. She brought back a bong and a baggy of weed.

"Let's go to the bed and get naked and smoke weed" said Nessy enthusiastically. They got on the bed and sat cross legged. Nessy's pussy was wet. Weed always made her so hot she wanted to clime a wall. She loaded the bong and she and her dad passed it back and forth. It didn't take long for them to get high. Nessy giggled and reached between her dad's legs and played with his prick. Charly felt like he was floating. He never smoked marijuana before and he liked it, even though it made him gag and choke. Nessy lay on the bed and Charly put down the bong on the night stand. He mounted his little girl and fucked her what seemed like forever. She lay there with her eyes closed and passively let him do it. Charly went off in her sloppy hole over and over again until his balls hurt. He lay beside his daughter and rested.

"Do you like fucking me while you are high?" she ask.

"Damn yes, I want to do this often" he gasp.

"We will" she giggled.

Charly kissed his girl and she said.

"Dad while I'm high on weed I want to fuck Storm again, my pussy is ready for his big prick"

Charly's dick jumped to attention. What he saw last time turned him on. He finger fucked Nessy and shoved his hand up her cunt.

"Daddy!" giggled his daughter.

"Your cunt is ready now baby" he said.

Charly grabbed the jar of goop and took it with him. They didn't bother to dress and went naked and laughing to the barn. Nessy lay on the bales of hay and closed her eyes. Charly worked the Vasoline up her hole all the way to his girl's womb. She had a climax. He led Storm out of his stall and it seemed as if the big pony knew what was expected of him. Storm snorted and rammed his dick in the tight greasy hole. Nessy didn't scream so loud this time as the pony's prick entered her womb. She pissed and farted as Storm fucked her. She cried out in both pain and pleasure.


Charly grabbed her tits and twisted them.

"Oh daddy - stick your hand up my ass, I want both holes raped"

Charly got on his knees and shoved his greasy arm up Nessy's asshole as far as he could reach. His little girl screamed and when Charly pulled his hand out of her ass and she shit all over his arm. Charly wiped his arm on Nessy's face. He picked up globs of shit and forced it into her mouth.

"I feel so wonderfully nasty" she cried.

Charly watched Storm dump cum in Nessy's hole. Charly jacked of on Nessy's face. She was covered with shit and cum. He led Storm back to his stall and ate his little girls pussy. He licked the stinky shit from her face and kissed her, and then he fucked her.

Nessy and her dad went back to the house. Nessy fixed her and Charly a stiff shot of whiskey. They both drank it down and felt the warm glow. Charly and his daughter drank more whiskey until they were drunk,

"Dad I did such a nasty thing today I don't think I can top it, I can still taste my shit" she said.

Charly pinched her tit.

"Pervert" she giggled."

Charly and Nessy went to bed. They were tired and fell asleep immediately. Charly woke up Nessy and told her he was going to walk Storm and jack him off. He said the horse needed the exercise and the excitement. Nessy watched her dad get dressed and leave. Today was the day that Jerry was going to call her to go on a date. Nessy got dressed and waited for the phone to ring. Jerry did not disappoint her. She answered the phone and Jerry wanted to know what time she was going to pick him up.

"Right a way honey, as soon as I get dressed" she said sweetly.

Nessy drove to Jerry's house. She knew where he lived. She knocked on his door and a big red haired woman answered it. She was Jerry's mom.

"Come in dear, my name is Cathy" she said.

Nessy came in and sat on the couch and ask where her son was.

"He's showering and shaving and getting ready for you" she laughed.

Nessy was uncomfortable. Cathy was staring at her breasts. It was evident Nessy wasn't wearing a bra.

"You have a good time with my son, don't you" said the Cathy sarcastically.

Nessy got mad.

"Do you want me to fuck him in front of you?" she said angerly.

"Oh yes you little slut, I would like that" she laughed.

Nessy was shocked. She didn't expect this.

"Ok, I will" she said.

Nessy stood up and took her dress off. Cathy grabbed Nessy and kissed her. Nessy was never kissed by a woman before, not even her mom.

Nessy pulled back from the woman and watched her undress. She had huge breasts and long nipples. Her hairy cunt was wet from sexual excitement. Nessy was turned on by what she saw. She was beautiful. Jerry came from the bath room and stared at his mom and Nessy. He never saw his mom nude before. He got a hard on immediately.

"Your girl friend and I are going to have sex before you fuck her, you don't mind do you?" said Jerry's mom.

The boy was silent and sat on the couch. Nessy sucked the woman's long nipples and stuck her fingers in her cunt.

"Oh god, it's been so long since a girl did that to me" she gasp.

Nessy pushed her to the floor. Nessy ate her pussy and licked her asshole.

"That's it you pretty slut, make me come until I fart in your face" she screamed.

Nessy giggled and said.

"I don't care if you shit on me"

"Would you eat it honey?"

"Do it and find out" she dared.

The woman climaxed and farted. Nessy could see her strain to poop. Her asshole opened up and a large turd came out. Nessy eagerly swallowed it like it was food. Nessy decided it tasted better than her poop. Some more came out and Nessy smeared it on her face. She crawled up beside Cathy and kissed her sharing the shit with her.

"God damn honey, I never had this done to me before" she gasp.

"I've got a lot of good things to do to you" she said.

"Fuck this lovely girl son"

Jerry already had his pants off and was playing with his hard prick. Nessy spread her legs and smiled at him. She had his mom's shit all over her face. Jerry was so turned by the perversion he licked it off her face. Then Jerry mounted her and fucked her sweet pussy. Cathy finger fucked her own cunt and watched her son. She decided she was going to have sex with her boy when she went to bed that night. Jerry groaned and filled Nessy's hole with sperm.

"You did good son, the slut has trained you well" she said.

"Thank you Cathy, I did my best, he was a cherry when I got him" she bragged.

Nessy dressed and kissed Jerry and then his mom and invited them to meet her dad.

"Does your dad fuck you?" she ask.

"I seduced him a long time ago" she said.

"We will come over tomorrow after noon for drinks, and maybe something else" she promised.

Nessy drove home and told her dad about the wonderful red haired woman.

"I know you will like her" said Nessy.

"I think I will, from what you tell me, she is a perfect slut just like you" he laughed.

Nessy sucked her father's prick and swallowed his cum. Nessy cleaned the house and made it tidy for company. Nessy made her dad take off his clothes. They sat around nude waiting for Cathy and Jerry. Cathy knock on Charly's door. Charly let her in. Cathy looked at the nude man and stared at his long limp prick.

"Come in and I will fix you a drink" he said.

Cathy undressed and so did her son. Cathy played with her son's prick.

"So this is Jerry" said Charly.

"Yes, your little girl trained him to fuck good and I am sleeping with him now" she said proudly.

"That's good, when they are young they like to fuck all night" Charly laughed.

"Yes Jerry rode my ass until I was tired and had to get some sleep" she said happily.

They sat down and drank straight whiskey until the were dunk and laughing. Nessy sat beside Cathy and played with her big tits. Cathy smiled at her and kissed her.

"Cathy have you ever fucked a pony?" blurted out Nessy.

"No can't say that I have" she said.

"We've got a pony named Storm, do you want to fuck him" she said sweetly.

"Nessy fucked Storm twice" said her dad.

"If Nessy can get that big prick in her cunt so can I" she said.

"We'll get you warmed up Cathy, Larry and my dad can fuck the shit out of you while I watch" she giggled.

Cathey lay on the floor and lifted her legs.

"Come and get it" she cooed.

Larry jumped on his mom first and franticly screwed her. When he was done Charly rammed his prick in the horny woman. She writhed and squirmed under Charly and had a big climax. Nessy climbed between her legs and ate her cunt.

"Are you ready now?" said Nessy.

"Oh my god yes, I'm so damned turned on I will fuck anything" she panted.

"Where is the sticky goop daddy?"

"I used it all on you last time" said Charly.

"I know what, I'll get some butter" she giggled.

Nessy ran to the refrigerator and got two cold sticks of butter. She shoved the butter up woman's hole. Cathy held her pussy lips open so it would go in easily.

"God that's cold" she said.

"It will melt and be just right" promised Nessy.

They took the woman to the barn to meet Storm. They led Cathy to the bales of hay.

"So this is how you do it" she said.

"I saw it once in a porn flick only it was a donkey instead of a pony" said Charly"

"I like you Charly, you are a nasty man" she said.

"If you like him so much why don't you marry him?" gushed Nessy.

"Maybe I will, if you dad will have me" she said coyly.

"Goody, I need a mom that sucks my cunt" she giggled.

Cathy lay on the bales of hay. Butter was dripping from her hole. She was ready and waited for the pony. Nessy got Storm from the stall this time. Charly and Jerry were jerking their pricks,

"I've got something nice for you Storm" said Nessy.

She placed the pony over Jerry's mom and aimed his big prick at her hole. Cathy held her cunt lips apart and knew that something besides table butter was going to be rammed in her cunt. Storm lunged and his prick penetrated the woman so far it went into her cervix.


Nessy got excited and reached down and yanked on the womans long nipples.

"You slut, you are hurting me to" she cried.

"Yes bitch, Storm and me will make a bloody climaxing wreck out of you before we are done" said Nessy.

Cathy let the pony fuck her. She farted and peed just like Nessy did. Cathy had climax after climax and shouted for more. Charly and Jerry got close to Cathy and emptied their balls on her face. Cathy looked confused. She was having the best sex in her life and it was with a pony. What a turn on she thought. Storm emptied his balls in her hole. Cathy groaned and pissed again.

"I loved that" she stammered.

"Daddy fuck your future wife" said Nessy.

Charly pushed his prick in Cathy's sloppy wide open cunt and fucked her like mad. He added his sperm to the pony's cum and stood up and watched the jiz oozing out of Cathy.

"Your turn next Larry" said Nessy happily.

Jerry fucked his mom until his balls exploded sperm into his mom's cunt. Cathy had another intense climax and fainted. She woke up when her son pulled her nipples. The boy was delighted when he hurt her tits.

Cathy was tired and Nessy helped her into the house and lay her on the couch. Cathy was bleeding from her snatch. Nessy gently cleaned her cunt with her tongue.

"I love you mommy" she said.

Cathy started crying. Her son was concerned and ask.

"What's the matter mom?"

"I am deeply in love with all of you, so just let me cry" she said.

"Even the pony?" giggled Nessy.

"Especially the pony" Laughed Cathy.

They let Cathy have her moment and finally she relaxed and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Will you marry me Charly? - I will make you a good wife" she said.

"Yes" said Charly.

They went to bed that night tired and drunk. The men were too pooped out to have sex so they went to sleep with their arms wrapped around the women.

Nessy woke and let her dad fill her hole with his morning sperm. She watched Cathy suck her son's prick. Then her daddy mounted her future mother and fucked her and filled her with sperm. He was trying his best to make them both pregnant. He was a good daddy.

Nessy got dressed and drove to town. She went to fat Tony's Cadillac car lot and went in the office. Fat Tony wanted to know what he could do for her.

"I'm going to let you fuck me and I want you to give Jerry a used Cadillac, he is my future husband" she said.

Fat tony looked at her as if she were crazy. He was old enough to be the girls grandfather. He scraped every thing off his desk and Nessy took her dress off. Tony unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. Nessy lay down on the desk and spread her legs. Tony stuck his prick in her hole and fucked Nessy gently for a long time until he went off. He was pretty a good fuck for an old man. He even made her climax. Nessy smiled and pissed on him just for fun.

"Oh god, I've always wanted a girl to pee on me" the old man shouted.

Nessy got a fit of giggles. When Nessy saw his wet trousers she laughed some more. Nessy saw a woman and her son looking at her nude body through the window. They must have seen she and Tony going at it. The boy was grinning from ear to ear. Nessy spread her cunt lips apart so that the boy could see her cum filled hole and smiled at him. Her mom dragged the little boy to her car and drove away at high speed.

Nessy scooped some of the fat man's cum out of her cunt and tasted it. She wiped some on Tony's face and kissed him. He told Nessy that she made him a happy man for letting him fuck her young pussy. He wanted to know if there was anything more he could do for her.

"You can give my boy friend a raise" she said.

Nessy drove home to tell Jerry that his boss was going to give him a car and a raise.

She saw Jerry in the living room and told him about fucking Tony for the car.

"God honey, I didn't know a man that old could git it hard" he said.

"He got it stiff enough to give me a climax" she said.

"Thank you honey, I need a car, I've been having to take the bus back and forth to work"

Nessy kissed him and snuggled up in his arms.

"I want to sleep with you alone from now on Jerry, it's to crowded in dads bed"

Nessy got up and took Jerry to her bed room and said.

"Now you can thank me properly for that car" she said.

Jerry grabbed Nessy and threw her an the bed and pulled off his pants. He jumped on the giggling girl and stuck his prick in her mouth and said.

"The awful things I have to do for cars" he complained.

Nessy playfully bit his pecker just enough to let him know who was boss, then she sucked him off. Nessy let Jerry fuck her and then she made plans for their marriage.

"Do you want a boy or a girl?" ask Nessy.

"Either would be OK" he said.

"It might be my daddies - or even fat Tony's" she said.

"I don't care whose it is, I will still love it" said Jerry.

"I'll try for a girl, I know you like little girls"

"Will you let me play with her little naked slit?" ask Jerry laughing

"Of course silly, what do you think I am - a prude?"

They snuggled together and fell asleep.

The morning Cathy woke them up and ask Nessy to drive her to her house. She and Jerry needed their clothes. Nessy got dressed and did it. They emptied the closets and packed boxes. Cathy looked around and said.

"Just think Nessy, I've lived here alone with my son all these years and never thought of sleeping with him' she sighed.

"Yes, and I lived with that witch I call mother when I should have been living with my dad and sleeping with him" she said wistfully.

"Did your mom ever play with your cunt?" she ask.

"That bitch doesn't even play with her own" Nessy snarled.

"How sad" said Cathy.

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