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Caught jacking off

(Part 1 from 1)

When I was twenty one years old I went on a week long camping trip with my family. After arriving, setting up our campsite and preparing dinner for ourselves an older man, probably in his fifties from the neighboring campsite came over and welcomed us. I noticed him looking at me more than anyone else when he said if we needed anything to just holler but didn't really think anything of it. He left after a few minutes and me and my family ate dinner.

Later that night after everyone was in bed and the fire was dying down, I went up to the bathroom to take a piss and brush my teeth. It was pretty late so I doubted anyone was awake and started to jack off in a stall without a door. Out of nowhere I hear "Easy buddy, its just the neighbor" as the man i had met earlier walked into the next stall over to pee. " You like being watched?" He said. "Huh, oh I didn't even notice you there" i said.

I was starting to get a little weird out by the man honestly. I had never done anything sexual with another guy before. I've watched gay porn a bunch but never in real life. I was still hard and wanted to finish but the man was still in there. "So your mom tells me your names Jackson, mines Alan. Me and my family come here every year". "Maybe we can have a beer at this great local bar I go to". I was getting annoyed now and decided to just go finish in the woods. As i was walking out I looked over to say goodnight to Alan and noticed his dick was hard in his hands. I felt my face start to get red and stuttered a goodbye to him.

"Hey Jackson come on, talk to me. Its okay to be shy" he said as he walked over to me. He was stroking his dick slowly as he stood right next to me. His intensity was starting to turn me on. I started imagining him kneeling down and sucking me off. I could feel myself getting harder and I think Alan noticed too. "Im sorry if I scared you man, I wasn't spying" he said. "You were spying" I told him, "but whatever".

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After a little back and forth, Alan put his hand down my shorts and started to run his finger up and down my cock. "Just go with it" i said to myself. It felt so good so I put my hand over his to make him rub me harder. He pulled my shorts all the way down and got down on his knees and started to lick my balls as he jacked my dick. I couldn't take how slow he was going so I grabbed the back of his head and shoved my cock down his throat. He choked a bit so I stopped to see if he was okay. "Face fuck me boy" Alan said. I slammed it in again and again until I was throbbing so hard I started to moan. "Shhhh" he laughed, "my wife only a hundred yards away".

Alan started to take charge again and stood up. "Jackson, have you ever fucked a tight ass before?"
"Never fucked a guy" I told him.
He gave me a smirk, bent over the sink and guided me behind him.

"Over the clothes tonight, ok".
"What, why?" I asked as he pulled his pants up.

He started to move his ass up and down riding my dick. It felt good he knew what he was doing but I wanted to stick my cock in him so bad. I tried to pull his pants down but he stopped me. "Your mother tells me you'll be here all week Jackson, if you want to fuck my hole I better keep seeing you.

It wasn't what I wanted but I stood there as he slid his ass up and down my cock. The inseam on his jeans kept hitting my dick head making me moan louder and louder each time. "We'll have to find a place to bareback where none of the campers will hear you" Alan chuckled. I was close and the thought of barebacking him and cumming in his ass or all over his back put me over the top, my dick felt harder my balls raised. "Here boy, cum in my mouth." And he just missed it. I shot in his hair and all over his face. He licked me clean and them washed his hair and face off. "Lets get a beer tomorrow night". He said as he waved goodbye. I just stood there naked for a few minutes. "Guess I'll see him tomorrow" i thought and then headed off to bed happier and more satisfied than I've ever been.

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