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Caught in the sleep

(Part 1 from 1)

It was holydays and me all the family was on the beach house. It was a small house and the boys had to sleep in tents in the back.

It had been a hard Sunday. I was too tired I went to sleep early. I shared a tent with my cousin. We were both 18 at the time and both regular guys.

It was hot I was sleeping with only a sheet over my nude body. I suddenly awake with all the noise the guys were doing while leaving home to the tents to sleep. I lay there not saying anything with my nude body only half covered by the sheet.

My cousin came in, close the door of the tent and started to undress. I could see all without him noticing I was awake. He got all undressed and had a semi erect cock. He look at me and started do play with his cock. He closed the light and lid down in his campaign bed.

I was awake now and could hear my cousin playing with his cock. I lay quietly in my back getting aroused imagining what my cousin was doing 1 meter from me. Soon I had a hard-on but was afraid of playing with it as my cousin would understand I was awake.

After 5 min I heard my cousin moving closer and removing the sheet from my waist. He stopped quiet for 30 seconds and then i could feel his hand searching my cock. This made
my cock to jump harder then ever...

This was strange, very strange. There I was naked with my hard cock up in the air I my cousin hand searching it. I was not gay, my cousin was not gay and we had girlfriends. That was strange. Well, I thought, I am supposed to be sleeping anyhow...

His hand got in touch with my hard cock and stopped for a couple of seconds, he was afraid I could awake. He started to gently caress my cock, from my balls till the head and down back. He did this a couple of time and stopped again.

At the same time I could hear him playing with is cock with his other hand.

He went back to his bed. I was just waiting for him to sleep to be able to play with my cock but...

He came back closer to me and again his hand started to explore my cock, slowly down up, up down...That felt good, very good..

He then grabbed my cock with is and started to slowly jacking it off. I trembled and almost came at his time. He took his hand off my cock and waited. I stayed there pretending to be sleeping.

I felt him closer to me as if he wanted to smell my cock, closer and closer and suddenly 
I felt a warm and wet kiss in the head of my cock.... Shit that was great. But he did not stop there he slowly run his tongue down my cock in to my balls. Stayed in my balls for a moment and went back to the head. He then opened his mouth and started to suck my cock very slowly afraid I could wake.

Man I was in heaven; I wish it could last forever...

As he continued I got closer to cum in his mouth. As he sensed I was ready to come he stopped just caressing the cock slowly.

I could feel that he was ready to go back to his bed but I did not want him to stop. I decided to go for it...

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Still pretending to be sleeping I moved laying my hand over is cock. He did not move, I could feel his heart pumping faster. His cock seems a little bigger then mine. I rubbed a couple of times is cock and stopped just to be sure he would go for it. He stood still and squeezed a bit my cock as saying yes...

I grab his cock and felt it. It was warm, soft, big and desirable. I almost jumped with my mouth to it...

He waited for my next move. I rolled over and laid down in the floor next him, grab his cock and explored his cock and balls. He had not much hair, it was soft, his cock seems big and was hard, very hard with a big head. I got crazy with the big head. 

Mine is almost as big as the rest of the cock but his was much large. I got so aroused that I just opened my mouth a grabbed it with it...

It seems even softer in my mouth. My cousin was still, just amazed how this turned out.

I began sucking his head, just the head seems important to me so arouse I was by it.
I was so concentrated that I did not noticed that my cousin was again playing with my cock. I started to suck more of his cock, every bit I could. My cousin started with a deeper respiration. I knew he would came any minute now, but could not let go his cock, not the head at least. I kept sucking and I felt his head get even bigger as he dropped his load. I swallowed and swallowed his cum. I kept sucking until he got out of my mouth. I was so aroused with his head that I do not remember how his sperm tasted He did not say anything, just went down my cock and started to suck it. In seconds I also exploded in his mouth. It was the best of all times. I could not believe how good it felt.

I lay down for some minutes and went to bed.

I lay in bed thinking of what just happened and after some minutes I was again hard. 

My cousin seems to be sleeping in the floor in his back. I went back to floor next to him and grab his cock again. It seems so small now...

I played with it and it started to grow and grow. Now that was the cock I had just sucked. I used a small flashlight to be able to check it well. The cock was hard with large veins and the head, oh the head was big dark read and purple so tasty...
I did not care if he was or not sleeping and started to suck it again. Now I could suck longer without him cum. I did suck for some minutes until I decided to try something new.

I looked around for my after son lotion and squeezed a fair amount in my hands. I spread
it all over my cousin's cock. It was slippery, and I got up and seat with my ass in this huge head. It hurts a lot and I had to pull out. Now I know I should had prepared my ass, but at the time I just wanted it in my ass. So there I was stroking this wonderful cock and frustrated I could not hold it inside me. But I had to and decided to try again and so I lower myself again in is cock. It hurts again but this time I had it more inside me before it hurts. I decided to go step by step. Insert a bit take out, a bit more and out head suddenly pop inside. It does not heart anymore if I don't try to pull the head out. I can have it up and down as long the head is inside. 

And I did, it was a wonderful feeling. It seems I was always in the edge of coming without touch my cock. Up and down, up and down but I wanted it all the way out and in again. Slowly I took it out and in again, it was better, the second time almost no pain and from there just pleasure.

So I started do go up all the way until only the very top of the head was in and then all the way down, all is cock in. I got it faster and faster, the fastest I could without losing control.

Some minutes later I feel his head getting bigger. That was great and suddenly a big shot inside my ass. For 5 or 6 times every time I pushed him in I got a load of warm sperm. That was too much to me and I just came without ever touching my cock, a long and strong orgasm as I never had...

A couple of minutes later I pulled out I went to sleep. The next day we did not talked about what happened. I still do not know if he was or sleeping when I had it in my ass.

It was the first and last time I tasted a man. Not sure who was caught sleeping if me or my cousin.

I returned home to my girlfriend. Today we passed a sex shop and we bought a dildo with a big head. Now I just have to take my girlfriend on using it on me....Well it's not the same as real cock but the best I can get for now...

Ps: Do you think I should stop writing stories or not??

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