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Caught Stroking Again

(Part 1 from 1)

Here is new fantasy of mine with the new neighbors! Read one of my previous stories to get my description. My new neighbors are both a turn on to me! She is about 25 5'7 brown hair down past her shoulders, about 145, with at least a C cup. And her legs are amazing! He is probably 25 about 5'9 brown short hair and slim but nicely built...He never wears a shirt so he is very tan! One day I was getting a little excited so I got a porn out popped it in and closed all my doors. I quickly got naked and started watching the porn not touching my 6" smooth shaven cock to build the anticipation. As one of the girls in the movie was working an 8" cock, mine quickly got stiff.

I slowly started stroking my cock and was getting into it when I realized I forgot to shut my blinds!!! I looked over and noticed it was too late. My male neighbor was looking in with a big grin on his face and a very noticable bulge in his pants! If he wasnt upset I wasnt going to stop! I looked back to see him to realize he had departed, I was a little disappointed but continued to stroke thinking about him watching me. As I got back into my stroke my front door flew open....It was his wife!!! I was very surprised but it was obvious her husband told her what was going on! As soon as she was in the door she pulled off her tank top and exposed her beautiful large but perky breast. She then pulled down her tight cotton shorts and showed me she wasnt wearing underwear! I was just sitting on the couch in shock when she walked over and placed one leg on the couch next to me and started rubbing her clean shaven pussy in my face teasing me! I leaned forward to taste it and she pulled back not letting me get to her pussy. I sighed in disappointment, then excitment as she dropped to her knees and quickly took my smooth balls in her mouth! She then started to lick up my shaft when her husband walked in and took off his clothes exposing his smooth, cut 7" cock and sat down on the couch next to me and started watching. His wife said to him "Hi honey, is this view better then the one outside?"..."This is way better!". She then grabbed his semi stiff cock with her left hand and started to swallow my cock with excitment!

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Her husband was soon unsatisfied being in her left hand and neeled on the couch closer to me to get closer to her mouth, with one cock in her left hand and one in her right she started taking turns with our cocks. I soon got on my knees, which made our cocks pointing at eachother, so I could get a better view. With our cocks soaked in her saliva she looked up with a grin on her face and pulled our cocks tightly until our heads touched! My cock had never felt another mans, but i moaned in excitment as I felt his warm cock head covered in saliva and precum touch mine. She also moaned in excitment and pulled us closer until we were so close our balls were touching and our shafts were standing together (his head a little past mine). An amazing feeling went through my body as she stroked our cocks together! I was still amazed at what was going on when I felt his balls start tightening up against mine and cum started oozing out his pulsating cock. I started to moan when she let go of my cock, looked at me and said "Not yet!" She then started cleaning the cum off his cock. Watching her lick and swallow his cum was amazing. After he was cleaned up she wispered in his ear and he sat on the end of the couch. She then grabbed my hand stood me up and she sat down with her legs spread. She grabbed my head and started frenching me forcing me to taste her husbands juice. She then asked me to eat her out. I quickly started licking up her juices when she moaned "Lick lower!"

As my tounge darted to her tight pucker hole. She was moaning very load and then stopped me and said "I have to have both of you!" She quickly went over to her husband and sat on his cock, once he was all the way in she bent over a little exposing her other hole to me! She rubbed her had accross her ass and took a finger and placed it in her ass. She then told me to come over and she grabbed my cock and placed it at her hole and slowly pusshed my cock in, I slowly slid all the way in as I felt his balls beneth mine. She was moaning loud as he started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy, tightened by my cock in her ass. With the feeling of his cock rubbing mine between the thin layer of skin I couldnt move. I could feel her ass start flexing as she began to cum and I unloaded everything I had. Everything seemed to slowed down and we all sat on the couch next to eachother with her in the middle. His cock still very stiff he stood up and started licking all of the juices off of her, including my cum out of her hole! My cock was soon getting hard again watching this.

Then he stopped and said, "I want more of your cum!" She smiled at him as he grabbed my cock and quickly took it in his mouth. She started fingering her pussy and came quickly as he was sucking my cock. He then stopped and moved down to my balls. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling when I felt his tounge enter my ass! I started moaning in pleasure, then he took my cock back in his mouth just in time to take my load. She stood up quickly dressed and walked out the door. After slowly sucking my cock dry he looked up and asked if it was good. I was speachless and excited to take a nap after all the excitment! I thought it was all over until she walked in with a double headed dildo and said "We have to fulfill one more of my fantasies before you guys are done!" She then layed on the floor and was putting on a nice show for us. As both of our cocks stiffened she started to cum! She then told her husband to lay on the floor. She told him "This wont be anything new for you baby!" As she slowly pressed the dildo, covered in her juices, into his ass!

He started moaning then she got on the other end and and slid closer to him inserting the other end in her pussy, she again quickly came! Then she slowly pulled it out of her and look at me and said "Your turn!" I went and took her position as she helped me get the dildo in my ass! It was amazing to see his hard cock in front of me with a dildo in both of our asses! We both enjoyed the dildo for 5 min or so when she took his cock in her mouth unitl he came! She then helped him get the dildo out of his ass. She then climbed on my cock and reached behined and was moving the dildo in and out of my ass. She then kissed me and I tasted his cum again. With too much to handle at once I started to cum in her pussy! She then placed her pussy on my face so I could taste my own cum. Without a word they both left, and I fell asleep!

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