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Casey and me

(Part 1 from 1)

After a couple months of not talking, me and my friend Casey started talking again. Casey is a gorgeous girl. She is tall, thin, and has the best tits ever. The other day I called Casey and invited her to see a movie with me. During the movie we were discussing sex. We have had some of the same partners. So I bluntly said "we should do it, and videotape it". 

The next day Casey invited me and another guy to her house. When i got there they were sitting on the couch talking. So i sat on her lap and looked her deep in the eyes. We had a strong connection, because we both knew exactly what we wanted. She kissed me very gently on the lips, and then very passionately. Karl(the guy) had pulled his huge 10" cock out of his pants and began to stroke it. I went over to him and knelt down. 

Casey ran and grabbed the video camera. I started to caress his throbbing cock with my lips, kissing it, and licking it. Then I took as much of it in my mouth as I could. By then Casey had set up the camera and knelt down behind me, softly touching her tongue to my wet pussy. Moans and heavy breathing filled the air, and soon we all came in one big climax. Karl pulled Casey away and whispered something in her ear, and she ran upstairs, but came back down with a big red dildo in her hands. Karl bent me over the couch and put some lube on my ass. While he was pounding away at my pussy, he gently put the dildo in my ass, an inch at a time. The feeling of both my holes being filled at once made me cum in just seconds, but Karl showed no signs of stopping. All I could do was lick Casey's hot little pussy, which was shaven clean. I could not believe what was happening to me. I was in ecstasy

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All of the sudden the tables were turned, i was using the dildo to fuck Casey's pussy from behind, while she was sucking Karl's cock. After she came, we just layed in each others arms, periodically kissing, and sucking nipples. 

We heard a noise and all of the sudden the front door opened, and Karl's friend Ben came in. He looked at us in shock for a moment, but then he started to take his pants off, revealing the huge black dick he had. We had the biggest orgy ever. There were tits, asses, pussies, cocks, dildos, tongues and lips everywhere. After 2 hours of this we collapsed onto each other. Later that night we all watched the video, and were so amazed at all of the ways we fucked each other that day. But it was time for the boys to go, and me and Casey went to bed. We layed in her bed naked and held each other, kissing and rubbing each others bodies.

That night we had the most amazing lesbian affair. I must have had 20 orgasms, and given the same amount. Today me and Casey and Karl and Ben are going to get some more friends to join our little escapades. 

More about those later.

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