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Camping with Daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I guess I should start with a little information about myself, I am currently 27, and I live in the Bay Area. I can’t say I am a Pamela Anderson, but I am no Bertha either! Growing up my family didn’t have a computer, so when I moved out I decided I should probably get one. Before I found the net, I had really kept to myself. Not to say I didn’t have many friends, but it was more I was scared to really open myself to anyone. One day surfing around I stumbled across this site, and found that I wasn’t totally alone in the world, even if most if not all of the stories here were fictional. I really will not say if the following is true or not, and in the end maybe it doesn’t matter, but it feels great getting what I have held inside for so long out!

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I have always been an outdoor kind of girl, so for my 15th birthday my father took me hiking and fishing (I know it doesn’t sound very girly, but I loved it). When we got to Yosemite we decided to get right to out hike, and find a little camping area away from all the people. We must have gone 5 or 6 miles into the hills, taking out time along the way to take in the sites. When we found a little flat with a small stream, we decided this area would be perfect. While my father set up the tent, I decided I would rinse off in the stream. As I started to change, I wrapped a towel around myself once I was down to my braw and panties… I had changed in front of my father a hundred times before, and I never had any issues with my towel. So I was rather confident as I removed my braw and panties… As I leaned over to pick-up my bikini, my towel slipped right off of me, as I scrambled to pick it up, I saw my father look over… Mostly out of sheer laughter I thought… So, anyway I took a little swim and decided to lay out in the sun. My father had only put his feet in to cool down. As I lay next to him, I asked if he would put some sun block on my legs and back, he agreed as he got up and sat over me, sitting on my legs. I reached back un-doing the clasp of my top as he started to work the sun block into my neck and shoulders. As he worked the block in, he started to give me a little message, I didn’t mind… it felt great… As he worked my back, I could feel his crotch hitting my butt, at first I thought nothing of it.. But as he started to rub my sides, I could feel him poking me… I didn’t really know what was going on… Or even what it was that was poking me… His fingers worked my sides, slipping down to tickle at the sides of my breasts… He then sat on my upper thighs, and lower butt checks, kind of grinding himself as he rubbed my back… I could feel what I now knew was his cock pushing at my butt… I was a little shocked, but so scared to say anything, so I just tried to put it out of my mind… I was relieved when get got off me, and sat down at my feet and started working the sun block into my calves. As he worked the sun block more and more up my legs, he stat between them, slowing inching his way up, as his hands slowly work higher up my thighs…. I could feel his thumbs working my inner thighs, creeping higher and higher. Squirting more block onto the backs of my legs, he pushed his hands all the way up my legs, stopping at my lower checks, his thumbs pressing just to either side of my pussy…. The more he ran his hands up and down my thighs, the farther apart he pushed my legs. His thumbs started to enter the crotch of my panties and he pushed up… At that point I told him I think he covered everything that the sun could get… But he didn’t stop… In fact, and on the next push up, he slipped his hands up the bottom of my bottoms, squeezing my butt cheeks… I jumped and yelled at him, but he pushed me back down… Now I was scared, very scared… I had no idea what had come over him…. In an angry tone, he told me to put my face down, and not to look back at him… I did what he asked, as he got up for a moment. He then returned his hands to my cheeks, pushing his thumbs deep into the crack of my ass… He moved slowly at first, his thumbs creeping lower and lower, finally brushing at the lips of my pussy… I couldn’t help but let out a gasp, my hips shifted to meet his fingers… With as much as I tried to stop myself, I couldn’t. A few moments later, he pulled my bottoms down… Then returning his hands to my cheeks, pulling them apart… I could feel his heavy breath run through my crack, as his tongue darted out, licking my button… With another gasp, he pushed his tongue deeper into my crack, slowly starting to tongue fuck me… I couldn’t help myself; it sent shock waves through me, my body jumping at every push deeper… As I let out soft moans, my fathers tongue slipped lower, ticking my no moist lips… One of his fingers running back and forth over my clit… With all my might I tried to fight the feelings, but my body just want willing to let go… He slowly started pushing his tongue into my hole… My moans grew deeper and stronger… I could feel his fingers running up and down my slit as he pushed his tongue back into my ass… Slowly pushing his middle finger deep into my pussy… As he slowly started to finger me, my body pushed back, my orgasm building inside… I let out a soft cry “oh daddy”…. And then another as his finger started pushing faster and deeper… Sending me over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm, my body let loose, almost convulsing as the waves ran though me…I could hear my juices as he pumped in and out as my orgasm slowed… He then rolled me over onto my back, looking up at him, I could now see he was fully nude, and his cock stood at attention (My father wasn’t overly well hung, about 6.5 inches, good and thick, with a nice full bush)… He leaned down between my legs, taking my clit into his mouth, gently licking at first, moving into rolling my clit between his lips… I could tell I was drenched because when he started to kiss my belly, I could see my juices on my skin… Slowly he worked his way up my body… Finally reaching my nipples… With one hand pinching my right nipples, he began sucking and nibbling on the left… As he lay on top of me, I could feel his cock at my lips, his head resting right at my hole… Working both of my nipples now, I could feel his head start to push in… He was so hot, I had never felt anything like it… He mouth found its way up to my neck, where he started to kiss and suck, pushing his head deeper inside… He took my hands and pulled them above my head, suddenly pushing the full length of his cock all the way in… This time I yelled “Oh daddy”… “mmmmmmmmm daddy”… He thrusts became harder, deeper… Id be a liar if I said it didn’t hurt at first, but it wasn’t all pain, it was mixed with pleasure, and as he kept fucking me, the pain became less, and it was all lust… I pushed my head back and opened my mouth to let out a moan as I could feel the full weight of his body on mine… Suddenly he kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth… I couldn’t help at first feeling disgusted that I was kissing my own father, but then again he was fucking me… So I let myself go… Pushing my tongue back into his mouth… His hands released mine from over my head, allowing me to wrap my arms around his as we kissed… He started to pull his cock almost all the way out, then thrusting it back in causing his balls to slap my ass… My body let go another gushing orgasm as he fucked me, I could feel my juices engulf his cock… My lips grabbing his shaft…. He started telling me how much he loved his little girl, and how he was going to cum deep inside me… My lust for the situation took over, as my hands moved down to his ass, to push him deeper inside of me… whispering in my ear “that’s daddy’s girl, take my cock”…. His thrusts became faster, hard and deep… I could feel it in his kiss he was about to cum… Squeezing his ass as hard as I could…. I pushed him deeper as he shot his load… the warmth filled my pussy as he thrust in and out… The hot jets of cum hitting my inner walls…. Harder he hits as he shoots, cum leaking out running down the crack of my ass as his thrusts slow… Moments later he pulled out, sitting on his knees between my legs… His semi hard cock covered in his own cum and my juices… He reached out and started to play with my lips again, smearing his cum up and down my slit as he moved next to me… His sat next to my head on his knees, leaning over still playing with me… His wet cock swaying inches from my mouth as he sat up again, taking the back of my head and pushing my lips to the head of his cock… “Clean daddy up baby”… As he pinches my nipples, I take the first lick of cum from his head… Planting soft kisses up and down his shaft… I start to suck that little spot just under the head… tickling it with my tongue… “That’s my girl, sucks daddy’s cock”…. Suddenly getting up on top of me, sitting on my chest… Placing the head of his cock in my mouth, forcing down…. His cock pushing my tongue back into my throat as he start to hump… I can feel his head start to grow again, the cum and juices from fucking build up around my lips as I suck and try to keep from gagging… He pulls out for a moment… pulling up to places his sack in my mouth as he stokes himself… His sack gets harder in my mouth; the head of his cock grows purple in color as his shoves it back into my mouth, forcing his head into my throat…. “Ohhh baby, swallow daddy’s cock…. Swallow my cum”… My moans are half pleasure, half reaction to his cock pushing so deep… Moments later his cock explodes, sending he cum straight down my throat… Gagging a little he pulls out, shooting the last few jets of cum onto my lips “ Eat daddy’s cum”… As I licked my lips and his head clean….

After that day, our relationship changed… I really came to enjoy that day… And I really came to enjoy the times we had that followed… We had sex for almost a year before him and my mother split up… Needless to say I was daddy’s little slut… Not so much his feelings, but that’s how I saw it…

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