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Camping Trip

(Part 1 from 1)

 Kara, Amy, Tom, and Leo went on a camping trip. Kara was 19 years old long blonde hair blue eyes and about 5 4 tall. amy was the same age, but with brown curly hair blue eyes and about 5 5 tall. Tom was 20 5 9 tall dirty blonde hair and a six pack. All the girls loved tom. Leo was 5 8 short dark hair brown eyes and verry skinny.

None of the girls didnt really liked leo. On the way to the cottege Kara was sitting on the right side of Tom, and Amy was sitting on the left side of TOm. Both of the girls wee in hot sluty out fits. Tom was taping them with a video camera. "Oh da,m you girls are fine how about you give me a kiss?" Said tom in a honry voice. "No Tom but I'll flash you." Kara said. Then Kara lifted up her shirt for a couple of mintues. "Damn Kara you have nice breat." Said Tom.

"Yeah you do there bigger then mine." SIad Amy in a jelouse voice. "Hey how about you two gourges girls play with my dick?" Said Leo. The girls were very excited. They shock there heads yes. "Kara started kissing Leo. Then amy started kissing Leo. The girls took his pants off and started sucking his dick. Leo was making hrony noices. "Damn Leo you are the luckest guy in the world." Said Tom. And hour later they arrived at the coutage. "Omg its beatiful." Said Amy in axcitment.

They unpack there stuff and went skinny dipping in the lake.

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Later that night there were all in the living room wacthing the video of the girls sucking Leo's dick. "Hey girls sit on my lap and make out with each other." Said Leo. Both the girls never kissed anthor girl before. It was new to them. They wanted to experiment. So the sat on Leo's lap and mad out. It was getting hot and heavy. They took off there shirts. Kara started sucking Amy'ts. While Amy rbbed kara's leg.

The next day Kara went out to go get a tan. "Hey Leo im gonna stip naked to get a tan cna you put this lotion on me?" Said Kara. "Uhh no i cant I got to go." Said Leo. Kara was skocked. So she took off her clothes and laied down her belly. "Hey sexy girl I'll rub on you." Said amy. "Kara winked and smiled and said ok make it hot. Amy started rubbing the lotion her back, She went down a little until she got to her ass.

Amy grabed Kara ass. Spanked it and rubed it for a couple of mintues. "OMg you are so good Amy now do my front side and this time make it really hot." Said Amy. Amy Rbubbed her tits for mintues. She went down to her pussed and fingerd her. "OMG Amy that feels so good. DOnt stop." Said Kara. Kara took amys clothes off and stated kissing each other. "Kara licked amy's pussy. Tom was in the bushes filming the whole thing. But they didnt know it.

After that the girls wnet back to the cotege. They wanted to watch some movies. "They found the vdeo of kara and amy having sex. "Oh tiom he was tapping us!" Said amy. "This makes me so hot." Siad Kara.

Theres girls laid down and started masterbating. Threw all sping break Kara and amy made lesbain sex vidoes and they still masterbate to that.

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