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Camping Trip Turns Interesting For Brother, Sister And Spouses

(Part 1 from 3)

I have always had a passion for camping. Every summer my wife, Becky, and I arrange our schedules so we can enjoy at least one week of camping. There is nothing better than to escape from the fast paced hectic routine Becky as an IRS Revenue Specialist and mine as a small business owner share. 

On one occasion my Becky and I were visiting my sister; Jacquee and her husband Phil who lived a couple of hours from our home. It was during our visit we mentioned we were going tent camping next weekend at a beautiful location in Southern Ohio. Both Jacquee’s and Phil’s eyes lit up, saying, “Wow! That sounds like fun.” Becky, asked them if they would like to join us?” Jacquee looked at Phil, Phil looked at Jacquee, and almost in unison reply said, “Oh Yeah!” Jacquee said, “Phil and I were discussing how we were going to do while Phil has a couple of week off from driving his semi.” After discussing what equipment Becky and I had and what Jacquee and Phil needed we set the time where they would meet us at our home.

When Phil and Jacquee arrived Becky was on the phone with her supervisor. He needed her to come into the office to help with a problem concerning a court case she was involved in. Becky explained to her boss that they were leaving shortly on a planned camping trip. Seeing Becky’s eyes roll I knew she would have to go in. Hanging up, Becky said, “I can join you guys tomorrow.” “I will drive down tomorrow afternoon and join you guys for some fun.” 

Phil, Jacquee and I arrived at the camp site and as each of us knew what to do to get camp set up we went about our chores and in the matter of an hour had the basics of our temporary home set up, that’s when disaster struck. Phil, after setting up the stove and the washstand had been digging into his equipment for his tent, a two-man dome tent that is honestly ancient compared to our cutting edge self-erecting six-person dome tent.

His muffled swearing alerted us to something bad and when he emerged from the truck we could see that bad was not the word for it, his tent which had not been stored away correctly after their last camping trip, was so mildewed that its seams had rotted to the point that it was little more than scraps of discolored fabric and though the poles were useable the elastic holding them together had also rotted to the point of non-repair. 

While Phil and I tried to find some way to fix the tent so that I was usable, Jacquee set up my tent. After about an hour Phil and I gave up and the remains of the tent and declared it to be dead and went in the local trash bin. Now it needed to be decided where Phil and Jacquee would sleep. It was immediately obvious that a new tent could not be gotten as the nearest camping store was miles away down country roads that no sane person would take in the dark. So, in the spirit of cooperation I volunteered to let them sleep in my tent. 

So that night after a quick dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs we settled down to sleep. Just as we were all about to enter into a nice, peaceful sleep Phil’s cell phone and pager woke us with a start. It was Phil’s supervisor informing him he needed to come in and drive government contract rig as the regular driver, Neil, the one usually called in for such a replacement, was at the hospital awaiting the birth of their first child. Phil explained he and his wife were camping with his wife’s brother and wife and that he was on his scheduled vacation; and after some grumbling Phil said he’d come in.

After explaining the call to Jacquee, and asking if she wanted to just pack up and go home with him, she said, “No, just go and do what you gotta do and get back so we could at least have a few days of camping.” She also said, “Becky would be arriving during the day tomorrow and it would give us a chance to catch up on events in our lives.” After packing his truck with items he’s needed Phil left leaving a trail of dust. After staying up awhile after Phil left Jacquee and I discusses what we would do in their absence decided we’d just finish setting up the camp and maybe take a nice relaxing hike after we finished. Together entered the tent to complete our disturbed sleep.

Feeling the early morning sun hitting my face and noticing a stir in the tent I squinted my eyes to find Jacquee changing. Not wanting to let her know I was awake I saw Jacquee undressing. It had been years since I had seen Jacquee nude and what I saw brought back some very erotic memories. Jacquee’s breasts were so beautiful the years had indeed been good to her. Feeling a huge hard on coming on I watched her dress into shorts and a shirt, which she tied at waist level. Seeing me move Jacquee, looking down at me, and I know she saw the hard on that was snaking it’s way out of my shorts, smiled and said, “Hey there, looks like I woke you and something else too.” Dressed big brother and I’ll prepare for you one of my famous omelets.”

After a breakfast, and after completing the camp set up Jacquee and left a note for Becky and Phil, packed a small snack and started down this path. High in the trees, a squirrel chatters and leaps from treetop to treetop. Smells of pine trees, flower blossoms, and the sweet scent of honeysuckle filled our senses. Suddenly, the path opens into our clearing. Taking a single step inside the idyllic setting transported us into another dimension, one where enjoyment and pleasure overshadow anything else. Stopping briefly to explore the area we continued our hike.

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About a half hour into the hike Jacquee stumbled on a large root protruding from the ground; acting quickly I caught Jacquee before she fell. Acting quickly I caught her by catching her around her chest accidentally grasping her breasts at the same time, accidentally, of course. Jacquee up righted herself adjusting her clothing turned to me and gave me a thank you kiss meant for the cheek but ending up on my lips. Thinking nothing of the incident Jacquee said, “Oops, sorry.” I responded, “Who am I to complain.” “It’s too bad it wasn’t meant for my lips.” Taking my hand, Jacquee pulled me to her and gave me a ‘meant to be on the lips kiss’ and pushed me away gently taking my hand pulling me down the trail.

As we continued, Jacquee asks, “Wayne, do you mind if I ask you a question?” I answered by saying, “You may ask me anything you want.” “Well, big brother, remember when we were kids, how we used to, well you know, play around with each other?” Instantaneously experiencing a hard on I said, “Wow! You remember those days?” I continued by saying, “You know sis, those thoughts have never left my thoughts.” “And, to be completely honest with you I know this might sound terrible but I have, on many, many occasions picture you in my thoughts as Becky and I make love.” “ I’m sorry if the answer was not what you were expecting but you asked me.” All I heard from Jacquee was a low “Hummmm, nice thought.”

I said, “What did you say.” Jacquee answered by saying, “Oh never mind for now.” And off we went, hand in hand down the trail. After about an hour of casually hiking Jacquee and I came upon the picture perfect swimming hole, the kind you’d see in Mayberry with Opie and his friends casually flopping around. Jacquee, wanting to rest up, selected a nice spot away from the trail, spreading the blanket out over the bed of pine needles we settled down and ate the lunch we had packed, munched on some trail mix and drank bottled water. 

After we finished we both laid down, Jacquee on her back and I on my right side, propping myself up on my elbow, looked down at Jacquee, her eyes closed, soaking in the sun. M<y she was beautiful. As she lay there I saw her breasts moving with each breath she took. Reaching over I kissed Jacquee lightly on her lips and said, Sis, you are beautiful!” Opening her eyes, Jacquee reached up pulled me to her and returned the kiss, saying Thanks!” Turning on her side facing me, we again kissed, soft at first, then with more passion and growing more passionate with each moment. With our tongues finding each other and probing the soft sensitive areas of our mouths we pulled each other closer and closer. The feel of our bodies pressing together and her soft breasts mashing against my chest, and our hips pushing against the pressure of the each other as we had done in our youth brought our passion to greater heights. Lost in the sensual feelings of the kiss, I gently laid her on her back onto the soft bed of pine needles that lay beneath. 

As we continued to kiss my fingers slowly and carefully undid each button of the shirt you are wearing. After the first two are undone, my lips trail down her neck, the scent of her body blending with the other delicious smells of our spot. Finding the swell of her breast, my tongue slips into the crevice between her mounds, exploring the soft sweet skin. Button by button, I uncovered the delights of her body finally taking my teeth and untying the shirt bottoms. A soft bra held the mounds of her breasts, the material pushed upward by the hardening of her nipples. Rising up for a moment, letting my fingers find and undo the front clasp of her bra I slowly pushed the material aside, my palms sliding over her skin, the crinkled and firm flesh of her pink nipples comes into view. The warmth of my palms and fingers slips over them, the friction just enough to cause tiny flashes to flow through her body. Leaning forward, my lips find the firm flesh and pull it into my mouth. My tongue circles each one, leaving a wet trail that is cooled by the gentle breeze making them grow harder and longer. Moving down over her stomach, I kiss each section of skin. 

Fingers fight with the snap of her jeans and once undone, I move between her legs and pull them slowly down over her hips and push them free from her feet. “Oooooh Wayne, should we be doing this?” Tiny cotton bikini panties cover her mound as I can see the wisps of soft pubic hair peeking out from the edge. Leaning forward, I whispered to her, “Do you want me to stop?” “Noooo”, please don stop.” Jacquee. I close my mouth over her love mound through the material, my chin pushing against her mound as my tongue probed, pushing through the soft cotton. The smell of her womanhood drifts into my nostrils causing the need and passion to increase. Pulling the panties aside, my tongue slips inside of her as deeply as I can reach. The salty wetness fills my mouth as I savor in the delicious taste of her juices. I hear her soft moan and look up to see her hands and fingers teasing and tugging her nipples while I continue to explore her with my lips and tongue. 

Lifting her hips a little, I slide her panties off and lean back down to continue my explorations. The glisten of her juices sparkles as a shaft of light through the trees settles on her stomach. Jacquee feels the warmth of the sun on her body as I lick the length of her pussy, terminating the touch at the peak of her slit. I find the tiny shaft of her clit extending from its hood and slowly and very gently suck it into my mouth. My tongue glides across it in tiny touches, the soft suction of my lips providing a constant flow of electricity to flood her body. Pushing a single finger deep inside of her, I press upward and forward seeking the special place that enhances her pleasure. Once located, I push against the spot and continue to suck her. The trembling of her thighs signals the beginning of her orgasm. My finger feels the rhythmic pulsing of her pussy, her moans echo through the clearing as her body explodes in a tremendous flow of feelings. "Oh god, that feels so good - don't stop" Jacquee cried as I continue do everything I could to make her feel good. Slowly her orgasm subsides and I leave the sweet center of her pussy to lay beside you and share a deep kiss - the taste of you on my lips and tongue spreading over her own lips. 

Pushing me over onto my back, she duplicated my initial movements. Her lips tease my tiny nipples to an almost painful state. My prick throbs against the pressure of my jeans until she frees it from its confinement as she slid them off my feet. The head peeks out the top of my briefs, the shaft plainly visible inside the white cotton. Jacquee closes her lips around the shaft and nibble gently, my hips pushing up against her. I feel the touch of her tongue against the massive, circumcised head, sensitive to the touch. Her fingers slide the briefs free and I can feel my balls being cupped in the soft palm of her hand. Her soft gentle caress of my nuts sends shivers through me as she closes her lips completely around the head of my dick. With my tongue exploring the tiny slit in the end, my salty pre-cum slipping into her mouth. My hips start an involuntary movement, forcing my prick to slide in and out of her mouth. With increasing suction, she pulls her head up until only the flared part of my prick stays in her mouth. "My god, that is wonderful" I manage to moan as she slid the length of me deep inside her mouth. Again and again she pull almost free, only the suction of her lips holding me inside her mouth. My hands slid over her body until I pull her around so I can reach the soft wetness of her cunt. Pushing my fingers inside of you, I duplicate her motions - each time my prick slides deep inside of her so do my fingers. Each time she squeeze my balls, I rub her clit with my thumb. Soon I can stand the sensations no longer and warn her of my building climax. The pull of her lips sends me over the brink as my first shot of cum splashes deep in her throat. I pull her head up until only the tip of my prick is in her mouth as she tries and capture all the juices spurting from my prick. A tiny dribble leaks from her lips and runs down over her chin. Hands tangled in her hair, I pull you away from the sensitive head of my prick and up close against me. Again we share a deep kiss, this time I can taste my own juices on her lips. 

Although we both had tremendous orgasm, we are still unfulfilled. Sliding her hips over mine, she move her hips until the head of my still hard dick rests at the entrance to her pussy. Pushing downward, my prick slips effortlessly into the hot wetness of her cunt. The shaft of my prick slides over the swollen shaft of her clit, each inch sending more and more jolts of pleasure through her body. Jacquee's hard nipples capping the softness of her breasts drag over my chest as she propped herself up on her hands. Each movement of her hips makes them glide over my chest - the feeling exquisite for both of us. Our lips join in a non-stop kiss - deep, long slow kisses that are wet with our saliva, and our lips, slippery, as they mash against each other. 

Her movements on my prick felt wonderful. I could stay this way forever. Pulling her close against me, we roll over without losing the contact of our groins. Lying atop you, I push deep inside of you, mashing my pubic bone against hers. The pressure of my hips presses against her clit as we start to move in perfect unison. I lift myself up until only my prick inside of you touches her body. Her hands and arms are over her head, grabbing and holding on to the blanket and grass. Looking down as I thrust against her, I can see her breasts flatten out on her chest and shake with each pounding movement of my hips. My lips move down to lick and tease each nipple in turn, biting each gently as I switch back and forth. 

Our movements increase in speed as we approach a mutual explosion. No words are necessary - only the signals of our bodies. Her gasp and moan coupled with the sucking of her pussy send me over the top and with a strong pulse; my dick explodes deep inside of you. Blast after blast of cum splashed into her pussy, this explosion far more powerful than before. Her pussy clenches so tightly that it is almost impossible to move in and out of her. We grind our hips together, lost completely in the sensations that flood our bodies. It seems to last an eternity, the feelings so intense. Barely able to move, we collapse in each other’s arms, turning on our sides, my prick inside of her, her leg thrown over mine. Soft gentle kisses, sweet whispers, and the slow gentle caresses of our hands we entered a peaceful slumber.

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