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Camping Trip Turns Interesting For Brother, Sister And Spouses, Ch 2

(Part 1 from 1)

When we last left Wayne, his sister Jacquee and Becky, Wayne’s wife and Phil, Jacquee’s husband they had just experienced their first taste of wife swapping. What was so different with this experience was the fact that brother and sister were involved.
Jacquee, gently stroking Becky’s asked, "What do you guys think about all of us sleeping together for the night?”
Becky had replied, "Hmmm, that would be nice," Becky, cooed through closed eyes. 
"Great sister in law cause I can't wait to feel your husbands cock in me again," Jacquee smiled

"Yeah well, your husband is about to get his balls fucked off for the night too there missy," Becky kidded Jacquee.
They had been at it for sometime and were somewhat exhausted when Phil said, “I have just the thing for us while we rest up before going at it again.” Phil, leaving the tent, naked went to his car and brought back an ice chest with two big bottles of Champagne. Both girls cooed and said pop those corks and let the party begin. Opening the first bottle the cork ended up in the back of the tent while the second cork hit the top of the tent and bounced between Becky’s thighs. Phil and I looked at each other both eying the second cork and I said, “Phil you were kind enough to bring the bubbly so I will allow you to retrieve the cork in whatever manner you choose.” Without thinking twice Phil kneeled down spreading Becky’s legs and using his tongue retrieved the cork taking some time to tease her pussy lips. Pouring out drinks for each of us we all settled down to relax a bit.

After some light petting Jacquee stood up and kneeled in front of Becky, gently running her fingers through Becky’s hair said, “Have you ever made love to another woman Becky?” Becky responded with a “No, but I have thought, at times what it would feel like.” Jacquee leaned forward kissing Becky on the forehead. Turning her attention to Becky’s breasts Jacquee started kissing her full breasts, taking each nipple in her mouth and sucking it gently before switching to the other. As she continued kissing between Becky's breasts and down to her navel, Jacquee's hands were exploring Becky's lower regions, delighting in the discovery that Becky's pussy was clearly and completely wet. 

Jacquee gently pushed Becky's thighs apart. Her heart pounding, Becky gasped for air as she felt the electric shock of Jacquee's tongue as it swirled around her clit. A wave of orgasm seared through Becky and she cried out in pleasure, the pleasure of a fantasy come true. Jacquee began paying more attention to Becky's pussy by gently running my middle finger from near her ass hole upward to her clit. It didn’t look like Jacquee was pressing hard, but I could see Becky’s reaction as Jacquee’s finger passed over them. 

Becky moaned, "Oh, please rub my pussy, put your fingers in me, suck my clit." 

She was still lying stretched out with her legs nearly together now, and Jacquee could not get to her pussy very well. She moved down between her legs and lifted and spread her legs to give her access to her big, beautiful cunt. Becky’s pussy looked like it was six inches long, with large thick lips and a very pronounced clit. Jacquee spread the lips with her fingers, and then flicked her clit with my tongue. 

Becky’s whole body responded in a big spasm and she groaned loudly, "Oh-h-h, lick it, suck it, eat me, eat my pussy." 

Jacquee opened my mouth as wide as she could over her cunt and sucked. 

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"Oh yeah! Oh! Oh! That's it! Suck it! Put your tongue in! Lick my clit! Yeah! Oh God, that's good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeah! Yeah!" Becky cried. 

Jacquee worked her lips and tongue over, into and around Becky’s very eager pussy and hard clit. It looked like Jacquee could not get her mouth over her vagina and clit both, so Jacquee placed two fingers in her and worked them in, out and around. 

"Ye-a-ah! Yea-a-ah!" Becky repeated each time she thrust upward. 

Becky was humping and twisting so much that it was impossible for Jacquee to lick and suck her pussy so Jacquee gave up doing this. She rubbed Becky’s clit with one hand while placing more fingers of the other in her cunt and working them in and out. She was so wet and loose by now that I wondered if Jacquee could get her whole hand in her. 
I began rubbing my cock as it came to its hardest length and width. I saw Phil out of the corner of my eye as he too was working on his cock. Looking back at Jacquee and Becky I saw that Becky was going completely out of control, bucking and humping upward, trying to force herself onto Jacquee’s hand. "Oh baby," Becky cried, "that's so good, fuck me, and fuck me hard, in and out, in and out. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Becky erupted into a gigantic orgasm, and her cries became incoherent. She began to settle down a little as the orgasmic spasms decreased. 
The girls repositioned themselves to where Becky was leaning in taking Jacquee’s breasts and began to tease them. The sight and sounds of the 2 women cumin was too much for any man to bear. Phil, pulling himself up behind Becky, grabbed her hips and pressed his hard cock into her gaping and willing pussy. Becky's nipples stiffened when she felt the hardness pushing against her and she cried out as she felt Phil slip deep inside her. 

Becky was in heaven. You could tell she loved the feel of a hard cock plunging into her. Each stroke satisfied her sexual desire, but at the same time made her want more. Becky moved down to Jacquee’s pussy loving the fragrance of Jacquee's pussy, the feeling of the wetness there and the pungent taste. It was all she had ever imagined it would be. 

The pleasure deep inside Becky began to grow with each stroke of Phil’s cock. Jacquee's moans excited her beyond belief. As her climax approached, Becky thought she would lose consciousness her pleasure being so intense. Finally, she felt her lover plunge in deeply and his body and cock stiffened as he began to cum. This final pressure put Becky over the edge and she, too, erupted in orgasm, her juices mixing with her lover's cum. 

Collapsing in a pile on top of Jacquee, they all giggled. "Oh my god," said Becky, "I never dreamed sex could be such fun!" and they all laughed again. 

"So this is what it is like to have 2 people at the same time," she thought to herself. Never had her body enjoyed such attention and such pleasure. The next several hours were spent with all of us experimenting with various combinations of lovemaking. Becky watched while I fucked Jacquee and she even leaned in and licked my cock as it went in and out of Jacquee's pussy, getting a taste of both of them, their juices, and her own intermingled with theirs. Becky felt the pleasure of laying back and letting Jacquee please her orally again while her Phil straddled her breasts and offered his cock for her to suck. The feeling of being eaten by a sexy woman and sucking a man's cock at the same time gave Becky some very intense orgasms. 

All these combinations were so very hot and sexy, but Becky's favorite, the one that gave her the deepest, longest, most consuming orgasms, was when Jacquee, Phil and I took turns eating her pussy. First feeling one tongue in her and then quickly followed by another sent shudders through her body. Over and over again she came as the 2 of them licked and fingered her, almost fighting over her. She liked it when she felt them kissing between her legs, one breaking off the kiss and then getting a nice deep lick of her pussy, then kissing again and then the other doing the same. Becky's legs were spread far apart as her 2 lovers licked her at the same time, one sucking her clit, the other probing her lower pussy with their tongue, or pulling on her pussy lips with their teeth. 

After we all had experienced another orgasm we all collapsed made up our sleeping bags where Phil put his arms around Jacquee and they fell into a deep sleep and I taking Becky, kissing her and pulling her close we also entered into a deep sleep.
Might be continued. You be the judge!

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