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Came Home Early

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was the spring of my senior year of high school. Unknown to my mom, school for seniors was turned out 2 hours earlier than normal. With nothing to do, I went home. We lived in a blue collar neighborhood; mine was one of the few Moms who did not work.

Although I was 18, she was a mere 33 and looked younger. dad was abusive and a trucker; so he was gone most of the time. His truck was parked out front; I knew he was due to leave for an extended route; and as I approached the door, I could hear both grunting and soft sobbing. I entered quietly; went to my room; and realized he was grabbing a piece before hitting the road. I was quiet so they would not know I was home; and yet excited as I heard the sounds of his cock slamming into her.

It was arousing, to say the least, as I could not help but hear the fucking session going on in the room next to mine. Without thinking, I pulled my cock out and began stroking it.

It was a warm day; and without much effort, I was naked with my cock in hand and stroking it softly. It felt so good to feel the jism work up and down the shaft as I built to an orgasm and then let it subisde without release.

Shortly, he shot his wad and I could hear him tell her he would be away for at least two weeks. How little I knew how our lives would change during that time.

He didn't even look to see if I was home; but grabbed his bag; hit the door and I could hear his truck fire up and pull away. I could also hear her soft sobs continuing. For some reason, I knew this time I must comfort her. 

While the sobbing was lower it continued. I must have made some noice because she called out, Tom is that you. Yes I responded and asked if she was alright. She asked me to come to her room and rub her back explaining that she had pulled some muscles.

I quickly pulled on some gym shorts and scurried down the hall. I knocked and entered to find her laying on her belly with a sheet covering only her ass. Her glasses were off and she was laying with her head face down on the pillow. My back is killing me she said. Please get some oil and massage my shoulders and back.

My cock was still hard and my balls bloated as I went to the bathroom for the oil. I returned with a towel and the oil; kneeled next to her shoulders and applied some oil. My cock was jutting out against the material as I worked the oil into her tense muscles and slowly massaged her shoulders.

She began murmuring and almost pussing and told me how wonderful it all felt. Without thinking, I straddled her back and began working down. My cock was still hard and I didn't even notice it popped out the leg opening of the shorts. I had worked to the small of her back and was uncertain whether to stop when she asked me to move the sheet aside and massage her butt.

When I did, I noticed the red marks on her butt cheeks and knew why she had been crying. I massaged the oil more softly and she told me how good it felt. I suppose she felt the need to say something and she told me my Father had punished her for some untold failure.

I moved down and between her legs and was working the oil into both butt cheeks. as I massaged each, her legs spread and I could not help but see her pussy and the thick mound of hair which extended all the way to her asshole. In my earnestness to please her, my thumbs were raking across her asshole and it was actually puckering and she was moaning with obvious pleasure. That feels so good she said and she asked for more.

With that encouragement, my thumb began massaging the asshole and in no time was riding all the way to the hilt inside. It was more than I could handle and I was kneeling and began jerking my cock with my free hand. She was arching her back and humping my thumb while I was stroking my cock. It was amazing and yet not intimidating. I let go of my cock and it flopped down on her ass; she had to know what it was; and she was wiggling and thrashing that ass all over my thumb.

She began pushing herself up on her knees and she said, Lover I need to be fucked. She was on those knees and that pussy was glistening wet as I moved into position. I pulled my shorts aside and could fell the pressure in my balls from all the unreleased jerking I had done. Wiggling that ass more, she pleaded for my cock.

I had moved into position and pulled my thumb from her asshole as I grabbed both asscheeks and spread them fully to expose her pussy. I placed my cockhead at the hole and it slid right in like a hot knife into butter. Man her pussy was sopping wet and she began to quiver as I slowly began to pump my cock in an out. It went to the hilt and I could feel my pubes hitting her thick bush. I'd had some older pussy before; but nothing like this.

She was rocking on my cock and I knew I would blow my load shortly just from all the jerking I had done. I was plowing her good now and told her I needed to pull out before I shot my load; I had not put a rubber on. She begged me to unload in her and with that I began to shoot. I must have unleashed 8 or 9 good spasms of cum as she began to spurt off as well.

Despite shooting, my cock was still hard and I held her in place to allow my cock to mellow in the rapture of her sated pussy now filled with her jism as well as my Father's spunk and mine.

I collapsed on the bed next to her; and she moved up to place her head on my chest. WOW, she said; I have been fucked and now I know what a real man can do. That was sensational Baby.

I asked if she was okay. She responded she was now and would be from now on.

This story is a true accounting. The ages were altered slightly to enhance the enjoyment of our readers. I was 18 at the time and home for the summer before my freshman year of college. This relationship increased in intensity and continued throughout my college years. I am confident an unwanted pregnancy was avoided thanks to the attention given this writer at home and on week-ends.

If you enjoyed this, I will post further.

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