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It was in the afternoon and my wife was at work while Im stuck at home out a job for now waiting to get back on my feet for that perfect opportunity to get my job back. So suddenly I get very horny! So I invite a black friend of mine over and yes I'm a white guy.

Skinny and healthy, then after calling my black friend and asking if he'd like to come over and just hang out sense I was bored and very horny for black dick. Oh yeah I forgot to tell u I'm secretly gay I like to fuck black guys behind my wife's back, I love it.

So my black friend agreed to come over and "hang out" so after about 30 minutes I heard a knock on my door. I got up to open the door and sure enough stood at the door my sexy black friend with his huge strong black muscles. He was so sexy I got a boner just looking at him!

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I invited him in then we sat down and I made some cake and I heard the ding in the oven so as I bent over to take out the chocolate cake I teased my sexy black friend, because at the time I had put on short daisy dukes and no shirt, he smiled with pleasure as he watched my tight white boy ass bend over taking out the cake so as I started cutting the Cake I asked so how big you want your slice of cake?

Then he said I'll show you and suddenly I felt his big black hand squeeze my white guy ass it turned me on so bad! Then I turned around with a big grin my friend was completely butt naked his big black muscles and his huge 8 inch rock hard cock.

He smiled and said well come on then. So I let him strip me naked, my white ass shining in the light coming from the windows. Then the black friend goes now suck my dick like a good fag, so instantly I got on my knees and shoved his big black dick in my mouth I deep throated him for a full 5 minutes before he squirted load after load into my mouth and down my throat I loved it!

Then I got up and leaned over the couch and his big juicy black cock went straight up my ass it felt so good. He nailed my white butt so hard the couch broke onto the floor. But he didn't stop he kept thrusting harder and harder until he released his load in me over and over it was delicious.

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