Cabin Fevers

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Okay, so I was lost in the woods. I shouldn't have been talked into going on that hiking trip with the rest of the frat brothers. I mean, its not like they wanted me to be with them anyways. I'm 125 pounds, I'm brown skinned, I am lanky, I am not your typical frat boy. Seriously, I have know idea why I had to go for this trip. I'm lost, they ditched me, and I'm going to freeze to death! All these thoughts raced through my head as I worried about what was to become of me. I sat by the rocks under a big pine tree and watched as nature seemed to be so peaceful. I guess I fell asleep, because when I was awoken by some big guy.

"Hello, son, you look like you're lost and don't belong here."

"Um...yea, my name is Kyle, I'm soooo lost, I don't know what to do!" I eyed him up and down and noticed he was a big, muscular man, scruffy face, bright blue eyes, dirty brown long hair, and boots that were the size of my arms. He was huge!

"Well, you're about a days walk to the next town, you can stay with me tonight if you want." He took me by the arm, not even caring if I was to say no. We walked for about 10 minutes, no talking at all. I was too afraid to say anything to this guy. He was still holding on to my arm, as if he was taking me hostage or something!

We finally arrived to the cabin, and it was magnificent. Such a beautiful piece of woodwork, I was awestruck. "I built it with my own two hands," said the woodsman.

"By the way, what is your name?" I asked.

"You can call me Mike. I've lived here for about 20 years." He looked pretty young, not THAT old. "I'm pretty happy here by myself, but I often miss company." That explained his taking me hostage!

When we walked in, it was very cold. Colder than it was outside. "Um, Mike, why is it so cold?"

"We don't have heating here. Let me put on the fire. You can go into the next room and take a hot bath to heat your body temperature up."

I followed his advice and went into the next room, which happened to be his bedroom. There were no doors in this house at all. I guess he couldn't make hinges or doornobs from wood. I admit, it was awkward getting undressed knowing that some stranger was in the other room and could walk in at any moment.

But, I needed heat, so I turned on the faucet of the bathtub, which was located right next to his bed. The toilet and sink were next to his dresser and coat hanger. When the bathtub filled with steaming water, I slowly submerged myself into it. I was relaxing and almost falling asleep when he walked in. "Hey, Kyle, mind if I join you?"


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"I said, do you mind if I join you?"

"Well, I guess you could, both of us will not fit, though."

"Oh, yes we will, you'll see."

He started to undress. He had the hairest chest I have ever seen. His pecs were huge! His biceps, the size of watermelons! I was awestruck again! he started pulling off his jeans. His legs were just as hairy and just as thick. And then, there it was...his underwear came off and I saw his cock! Oh boy, was it thick, hairy, big, and hung. Oh boy! His ass was just as hairy and very, very round.

"You alright?"

"Um... yea... just zoning out."

He submerged himself into the tub, his feet came right next to my head, my head being in between. His cock and ass was right on top of my chest. Half of his body couldn't even fit underwater. He lathered himself up, washed himself clean and walked out of the tub. "Follow me."

I walked out too, but there was no towel, I used my hands to cup my rising dick.

When I entered the next room, he was on the floor, on all fours. His asshole was facing me. It didn't take any second to think. I ran towards him. Kissed his dick, licked his asshole, wanked my dick, and entered him. I pounded my tiny dick into him and fucked him hard.

Then, it was my turn, only, this time it would be a fat hard cock in my tiny little virgin asshole. It hurt, but felt so good. I grunted loudly, Mike pounded his dick into me as hard and as rythmically as possible. I felt a hot jet stream of gooey liquid surround my asshole and I could only feel my flushed face and hot body.

"Okay, heres the deal, you can either leave tomorrow and never see me again, or live with me forever and fuck hard every day!!!! It's your call."

It didn't take me a second to think, "I'll fuck hard every day!"

It's been about 18 years now, fucking is still hard and the passion is still genuine. It's pretty exciting, and full of feverish love!

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