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Bus travel....

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I am a medical student and 23 years old.I study in pune city but was back home for vacation in mumbai.I had a girlfriend but i didnt lose my virginity to her.She always stopped me at the point of no return.But this time my luck was about to change.My friends made a plan to stay in goa for new year for fun,they were from pune so they left from there,whereas i had leave from mumbai alone.I could only book a ticket on 31st night,i thought nothing worse could happen to me as i slept in my sleepers couch all alone on magic night whereas every soul on earth was enjoying.but everything changed when i saw a sexy 32 year old lady with a baby in her arms climbing the bus.Her husband led her to her couch which was placed parallel right, next to me,he was a complete turn down.But smile returned when i saw him waving bye bye to that hot woman.

Later i learned her name was Mrs.urvashi patel.she wore a sexy black saree,which revealed her sexy curved waist and the velvet blouse of hers perfectly outlined her soft 39 inch boobs.At the thought of her ass made my cock beat like a heart.Bus began for goa.Air blowing in made curtains flap.i just use to catch every possible glimpse of her in lying down position. And when she moved on her right side to feed her baby i saw most beautiful sight of her sexy curves.As soon as i pulled my cock out to shag,bus came to halt for 25 min break for dinner.We all got down. i went and had a ice-cream Mrs.patel came to me and asked whether i knew where ladies toilet was? i was ofcourse kind enough to show her the way and even hold her baby while she finished the call.We began slowly in our Intro i learnt from her that her husband was a 41 year old businessman in surat and stayed away from home for business.she was visiting her cousin for a week in goa.

She seemed impressed by my profession and showed complete faith in me.

She got more comfortable with me as we roamed along the food plaza for a while. Bus honked and so we ran back.

As soon as bus started i sat besides urvashi's couch we spoke as she unhooked her blouse to feed her baby.her boob were almost bursting out.she was getting increasingly uneasy as her baby was filled and didnt wanted to carry on sucking those magnificent mass of flesh.she asked me about the pain she felt. i said only solution to that was her husband sucked her boobs and emptied her milk.she said but that wasnt possible there.I said "look Mrs.patel i am a medical student and can relive you from this agony by sucking your milk out".she narrowed her eyes and asked me to leave at that second itself.I had completely fucked up my slightest chance of fucking her by speaking of it so soon. I went back to my couch and laid on my chest n my face buried deep in the pillow.I was ashamed.I was about to fall as sleep when a sweet voice woke me up.Urvashi had come to me leaving her baby in her couch. she asked for my help while she spoke she unhooked her blouse and showed me her sexy lumps.i was jolted completely as she tucked the curtain in the side of the bed.she requested me to suck her nipples and drink her sweet milk.i was so turned on and was desperate to slide my cock between those soft warm boobs of her.

She then led my hands to her soft boobs and slightly pressed her boobs against my felt like heaven.i took the lead from there i removed her blouse completely,asked her to lay on her back. I slept by her side and then put my arms around her curved waist line and began licking her nipples.I had strict instructions from her to not go beyond sucking her.and that too because i was a medical student and only that remedy seemed possible that time.I nodded yes while holding her nipples in my teeth and strongly gripping her waist.she then slowly began to moan and played her fingers through my hair.I slid my hands along the smooth surface and caught her gluteas maximus with strength.I climbed on to her.she began to feel my prick.Urvashi was moving like a snake as i sucked her sweet milk.Then i filled my mouth with her milk and forced it into her mouth.We smooched.i pushed my tongue into hers.I started thrusting my back against her.she then caught hold off my back.and allowed me to bite her lips.As the bus moved her boobs moved that seemed so sexy that all i wanted was to hold those breasts forever.

That was it.I pulled my shirt off.we began the game of love.We smooched and kissed.i marked my teeth allover her boobs, neck, shoulders, waist everywhere.she didnot mind at that moment.Then i pulled my jeans down.Showed her my cock.She was in trance to hold my warm hardened penis in cold breeze.I pulled her entire saree off and tore her panties.we both were completely naked in that half empty bus.i then slid my warm hard cock into her pussy.That was wet.As i was a virgin that worked out pussy helped me to slide in carefully.she moaned,that made me even more hornier.with synchronised motion with the bus i began fucking this beautiful cheating wife in the bus in the presence of her baby child.i pushed inside her harder and harder.While fucking she brought me closer and bit my shoulder.I fucked her harder as a revenge she gripped the mattress and pulled it together.i felt sudden rush of juices pushing there way out,i couldnt control anymore i too came in side my hot sex machine.i emptied all my semen into her vagina and part of it over her belly.ahhhhhhhhhh! we took a deep breath together and had no more strength as we slept in that position for an hour or so.after a sudden break we woke up from paradise, i was not in my senses at all and all i wanted was to get that again hardened cock of mine into her vagina oncemore,but she was more concious about the situation and somehow pulled herself together. she then got up collected her saree somehow swiftly went into her cabin and changed to dress.I also got dressed up slowly.I slept again When i got up the bus was in goa already.

Urvashi and i got down,i was holding her baby.we went to the taxi stand. She didnt want me to part from me so she asked me to accompany her for a while in the cab.there i slid my hand inside her dress and hold her waist tightly then her cell rang she answered the call in such a manner that made my day,she said" ya didi i will be coming at your place but only tomorrow after visiting a friend of mine." she then called her hubby she said that she had arrived in goa and accidently met her childhood freind and would be atsyinf with her for that night.She looked at me and asked me for a good hotel.

I ordered the cab driver to take us to a good hotel booked the room in my name.Then there i fucked hot bombshell Mrs.urvashi patel from all possible angles and positions.she made my new year a really happy one.The next day she asked me about the contraceptive pills. i smooched her and asked her a little favour,that too please deliver my child if possible because that would complete my sexual fantasy.she caught hold of my cock And she said yessssss..

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