Brother sister and sister

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There's Laura, tall, flat and toned stomach, long sexy legs, tanned body, 36C cup and 18 years old. Then there's the forever horny, semi-built, 16 year old, 8 inch, tanned bro known as JC. Last but not least, the youngest little sister at age 15, standing at 5'5, tanned, sexy legs, flat stomach, and 36B cup Kyra. The three siblings left home alone...BORED! What else were they to do in an empty house, all together? Laura sat herself on the big, leather couch in the living room, she flipped the power button on the remote. Kyra walked in, semi awake from her nap, she plopped herself next to her sister. Laura looked down beside her and saw Kyra she smiled and put her arm around her little sister's waist, Kyra was still tired and barely noticed.
"Have a nice nap?"

Kyra nodded and leaned against her sister, Laura felt Kyra's legs brush by hers, she started getting wet. Laura was bisexual but she's always had fantasies about her little sister, she wondered if Kyra felt the same way.
"Kyra...I'm sure you can be comfortable telling me about your sexuality... like if you're straight or not."
Kyra looked up at her sister in confusion,
"Why would you wanna know that? What's with the sudden questioning?"
Laura shrugged,
"I think we should bond more. The more bonding the better!"
That's when JC walked into the living room,
"Hah...depends on what you mean by bonding. Hey Kyra, you're still a virgin right?"
Laura started waving arm motions at JC to shut him up,
"Shuddup you idiot. Why would you pop a question like that?"
Kyra looked at her two older siblings, 
"Okay you guys are freaking me out. I'm gonna go take a shower."
Kyra stood and left, JC sat down beside Laura,
"I wanna be her first. I didn't get to be your first."
Laura looked at JC and scoffed,
"Well you need to slow down. Just because we did it before doesn't mean we have to drag Kyra into it."
"I saw the way you looked at her, you wanna do her."
Laura shrugged,
"So what if I do?"
"If you getta do her then so do I."
"That's different, you could get her pregnant. We just got lucky."
"Fine...I'll wear a condom before I enter her."
Laura thought this over,
"Fine. We'll wait in her room."
With that JC and Laura ran up the stairs, sitting themselves in Kyra's room. Kyra had a queen sized bed, so it wouldn't be hard to move around. Kyra quickly showered and with a towel wrapped around her body she dripped water into her room.
"You're getting the carpet wet."
Laura said as Kyra walked into the room. Kyra looked at Laura then JC,
"Okay what are you guys doing in my room?"
JC said, Kyra looked at him in a confused way,
"What are you talking about?!"
JC stood up,
"I'll be right back."
and he closed the door behind him, Laura came over and took the towel from Kyra's hands.
"Lemme help you. You don't you?"

Kyra shook her head, not knowing what to do. Her sister was very attractive, she was brunette, green eyed, and lustious. Kyra had always been bi curious, but only towards her sister, she allowed Laura to take the towel from her hands. Laura went behind Kyra and slowly unwrapped the towel from Kyra's body, she started on Kyra's shoulders, she slowly dried that area, kissing her sister's neck. Kyra involuntarily let a gasp escape, 
"You like that?"
Laura whispered into her ear, nibbling on her earlobe. Kyra's head fell back a little, Laura kissed Kyra on the cheek and moved down. When Laura reached Kyra's tight little ass, she placed gentle kisses all over each cheek, Kyra moaned gently. Laura went down to Kyra's legs and dried them, kissing down every section where she had just dried. Laura crawled seductively in front of Kyra and told her to spread her legs for her. Kyra obeyed, and Laura kissed up, alternating, Kyra's inner thighs. Kyra was in ecstacy already,
"If you like that...wait till JC comes back."
Laura smiled, Kyra's eyes popped open, 

No answer, Laura had moved up to Kyra's stomach, kissing her way up, she started to find Kyra's clit with her right hand and when she did she rubbed gently in tiny circles. Kyra's knees almost went limp, Laura pushed her sister gently onto her back on her bed. Laura rubbed faster and harder, Kyra moaned, not caring anymore,
"Ooooh Laura, please don't stop!"
Laura took Kyra's nipple into her mouth and licked it as she pushed a finger into Kyra, Kyra was tight and could barely even handle one,
JC had come in now and smiled, Laura turned to face him,
"You wanna do it now or..."
"No no...I'm gonna enjoy the show first."

JC said smiling, he took of his pants and boxers, he was getting hard just by seeing Kyra's naked body. He started to rub his cock, slowly, waiting for Laura to continue. Laura nodded and inserted her second finger,
Laura slid her fingers in and out slowly but pushed in deeper each thrust, Kyra was crying in pain but suddenly she was moaning in pleasure. Laura went back to sucking Kyra's nipples, she bit down every now and then, making sure Kyra was hurting a little. Kyra was practically begging for more when Laura started speeding up the pace,
"Little sis likes that huh?"

With that Laura thrusted in a third finger and Kyra was screaming,
Laura went faster and faster, JC matching each and everyone of her thrusts on his cock, he was so close to cumming. Laura forced in a fourth finger, Kyra was practically screaming at the top of her lungs,
Laura felt Kyra nearing her first orgasm ever, Laura stopped and pulled her fingers out, licking them clean. JC and Kyra both stared at her,
Both of them yelled, Laura smiled, she went down and spread Kyra's legs, she started sucking on Kyra's clit, Kyra moaned, she was close again,
"Please don't stop this time, OOOOH YEAH RIGHT THERE."

Laura immediately plunged her tongue deep into Kyra's hole and tongue fucked her, Kyra was bucking and pushing her pelvis forward with every thrust Laura's tongue made. JC followed her rythm and came, squirting his cum everywhere. He fell limp and sighed,
"Can't wait till you two are done." 

JC murmured and closed his eyes,
Kyra arched her back and was getting closer, Laura pinched Kyra's nipples and waited a few seconds, and flipped Kyra's clit with her tongue, triggering Kyra's exploding orgasm. Laura didn't stop, she made sure Kyra's juices went into her mouth, she sucked hard on Kyra's smooth pussy and nearly brought Kyra to a second orgasm. Laura pulled Kyra up and frenched her sister passionately,
"Your turn."

Kyra took her time, she started to help Laura strip herself down. Kyra unhooked her sister's bra with little difficulty as she kissed her, JC had recovered and was hard again, he came over and took off Laura's jeans, he ripped her panties off.
"HEY! You're giving me twenty bucks for those!"

JC shrugged,
"Okay okay, geez."
Kyra was already on top of Laura now, their naked, shaved cunts pressed against each other, moving at the same rythm. Laura was moaning in pleasure already, Kyra was sucking each of her breasts expertly, she swirled her tongue around and nibbled on them. 
"MMMM Kyra baby, that's good...OHHH!"
As Kyra moved her kisses down Laura toned stomach, JC positioned himself on top of Laura's face, 
"Alright big sister, can ya give me a blowjob?"

Laura shrugged, and JC pushed the head into Laura's mouth. Laura sucked on his head for a little while then took more into her mouth, JC didn't rush her, she might bite down on him. Laura took in another inch, and another until she felt the head touch the back of her throat, JC moaned feeling it,
"Yeah, yeah ooooooh yeah!"
Kyra was doing exactly what her sister did, she inserted one finger, and when she found it easy to slide in, she pushed in another and another, until it was hard to. Kyra was up to four fingers when Laura started to moan more,
Laura had all 8 inches down her throat when Kyra decided to push her whole fist in, Laura yelled, but it was muffled by JC's huge cock. Laura tried not to bite down, JC closed his eyes, waiting for it but she didn't bite, he felt her starting to suck harder and faster, he felt her tongue probe around his shaft. JC's head rolled back in ecstacy just as Laura did, Laura let JC's cock out of her mouth and she started to stroke it. JC was lying beside Laura now, Laura reached over and stroked his cock, faster and faster until he almost came, he stopped her. He got up and put his cock back in her mouth,
"Don't gag sis."

JC said and he stroked his cock hard and faster until he came into his sister's mouth,
Laura came right after that when Kyra started sucking her pussy, Kyra licked faster and let her tongue probe Laura's pink pussy. Kyra started tongue fucking her sister, Kyra went as fast and hard as she could. 

Laura came and Kyra ate her up, not letting a single drop escape. She cleaned her hand and her sister's pussy, Kyra was getting wet again from all her sister's moaning. Laura nodded to JC and JC went over and positioned himself near Kyra's tight pussy. Laura lie on top of Kyra, not letting her see JC. Laura kissed Kyra and rubbed Kyra's tits with her palms, caressing each one and squeezing gently. Kyra closed her eyes, loving the feeling,
"Ooooooh...mmm...uhhh ahhh..."

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