Bro and sis dirty little secret

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Will i should explain who am i first, My name is Josh im 18 years old 5"7 tall they say i have a body design only for romance in bed quite cute also, and my sister shes 18 years old 5"4 tall very cute and pretty she has skin like snow and her long hair that black as a crow she has also the most beautiful breast that i have evr seen quite round,firm and not big just right and i know all boys that would see it would be amazed cuz' its perfect. We live in Manila Philippines.. we live a normal family my father had a nice job our mom is a highschool teacher. But my relationship with my sister was change when on day.....
it was a sunday afternoon we were all going to mass at 6, when its my turn to take a shower i accidentally open the bathroom door and see my beautiful naked sister..she was stun when she saw me.
"Kuya!! (big brother in filipino language)
"Sorry sis" is all icould say...
is it me or i think my sister just look down at my bonner she blush when i saw her angelic face.after that inccident i masterbate at in the bathroom after our supper.after that the four of us sat on the sofa to watch our favorite show...i was only wearing a sando(slaveless shirt) and a boxer and even though i was finish masterbating my 7 inch cock is still alive but its semi errect now, while my sister is only wearing a night gown not very see through and small short, i can almost see her bra nice perfect breast for her age. While watching i noticed that she repetedly look at my croch and i know what she wants to see so i move a little bit just enough to give him a nice look and she blush when she saw how big my bonner is. After watching TV its time for bed so i run uptairs and lying just thinking of my beautiful sister when i heard a voiced outside accros my room, thenoice is from my sister's bedroom and when i peek a little i saw her lying with her eyes close she was folding and kneeding her beautiful breast and moaning softly,with that image i run to my room and masturbate again. all i can think is i must have her....and my wish came true when morning came.

When i woke up in the morning i have already a hardon so i quickly had my breakfast and go to school, im a freshman in our local college school and my sister is a senior in highschool where mom work. and my dad is working in his office hes an enginner and he and mom will caom home at 5 in the afternoon. my sister told mom and dad that they dont have any class today because their P.E. teacher had got an injury and in the afternoon they dont have any class niether. Will that leaves only my sister in our house for the whole day but im a college student i got only class in the morning so at 11 a.m. I came back home and went to my bedroom when i heard a noise in my sister's room i thought she was sick but when i silently open the door i was stun to what i saw she is in her computer watching those porn video in the internet and this time i know what to do i will blackmail her. So sneak into her back and scared the hell out of her...

"Hi sis..."
"Kuya John!!" she shouted.
"what are you watching?" i said..
"no..noth..thing... is all she can say.
"you know mom and dad would be very mad if they knew about this" i said to her.
"pls doont tell mom and dad about what you saw pls dont i beg you.." she beg for me and small drop of tears start to flow from her eyes.
and i know i control the game so i continue to my plan.
"i wont tell anyone if you do me a favor"
"what kind of favor ill do anything just pls dont tell" she beg.
"O.K. sis i wont tell anyone if... you let me fuck you" i smiled devilshly
"What! anything but that pls Kuya" she said angrily
"So i will tell mom and dad when the came back home"
"No pls kuya ill do anything but that" she said
"O.K. Why you dont want me to fuck you?" i said loudly
"Bec..because im still a virgin... and i want my first time to be my husband i dont even let my bf touch me" she explain whiile blushing
"O.K. sis i wont fuck you anymore i respect that but you still do me a favor.."i said
"Yes i know ill do anything..."she said a little bit nervous
"O.K. i wont tell mom and dad...if.. you suck my cock"i said smiling,
"But i dont know how to do it" she said
"dont worry ill teach you" of course i have sex many times before and all girls like to suck my 7 inch cock. But i have a plan so that she would also love our dirty little secret.
"Sis we will both take our clothes off"
"O.K." is all she could say

After we both naked i kiss him on her neck to her chicks and to her lips at first she deny my tongue to enter but i insested until she let me put my tongue in her mouth and i know she is also enjoying it because she is massaging my tongue with hers. After a minute of kissing i got down to her beautiful breast i suck them pinch her nipples that are very errect now and i ask her.
"you like your nipple being suck ha do you sis?"
"ye...yes i just get on with it so that we can finish erlier"
After plating with her breast i thought i could make this one step further so i decided to suck her pussy but when i touch her pubic hair she hold my hand and tell me to i decided to follow my plan before this little piece of heaven would be over.
"O.K. sis its tour turn now,get on your knees" i commanded her
"Wow its b..big.." she said while blushing
"Yeah i know so start sucking it" she started to wrap her hand on my cock and started moving it up and down...and then i told her to suck it before i cum and she did she started with the tip of my cock just licking and kissing and then i grabbed her head and forced her to deep trought me and she did and she start to move her head up and down faster and faster and then i told her that im about to cum and she tried to scape but i told her that i will tell mom and dad if she let me cum in her mouth and she said ok to me while my cock still in her mouth...and she continue to suck it and i noticed that she was liking it she make little moans like ohhh....hhmmmnnn.... and thinking of that make me cum in her ... ohhhhhh.. ahhhh... im coming sisand i let go of her head but she was blushing while showing me in mouth full of her brother's cum.

"Swallow it sis" i said
"wh...athhght" she said full of cum.
"Yes swallow it or ill tell mom and dad"
and to my surprice she swallow it all of it and after that their was silence in the room while we both get dressed, and after that before i leave the room i ask her one question.
"Sis.. what do you think you like to what have done"
" i have to answer that?" she said blushing
"Yes " i told her
"Well.. i tha way you toou..touch and play with my breast"?she said wth her red beautifel face
"Sis do you like sucking my cock?" i ask one more
"ahh...ahhh...Y..Ye..Yes kuya"
"Why?" i ask again
"Because i.. i dont know... i like it it makes me horney and wet thats all.. now pls would you get out of my room pls leave" she said to me half angry. And my mind is full of wonder so i seduced her a little more.
"Sis if you like we can do it again if you dont want me to fuck you we can try anal" i told her
"Just get out you demon!!" she shout angrily.
And i left her in her room and we never talk to each other that day, but our little dirty secret will soon be one step further when our parents decided to have a picnic at our near mountain.

Part 2 will continue....

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