Breeding Mom

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100% fiction! My name is Jeff and I live in a rural area of Arizona with my 53 year old mom. She breeds wolf hybreds for a living and we have a small inheritance from my dad. Dad died six years ago in a plane crash. Mom had me when she was 37, and told me she thought she was to old to have a baby so her and dad were very happy when I came along. Mom is cute for her age with long brownish gray hair, big boobs and a perfectly round bubble butt. She wears granny glasses that stay slid down to the end of her nose and is very sexy. In the summer when schools out, I help my mom with the breeding and it gets pretty intense sometimes.

We always put muzzels on the dogs that were breeding and sometimes we have to help get them stimulated. Mom always says "you charm the female while I'm gettin the males cock hard". By that, she means that I'm supposed to work my finger in and out of the females pussy while mom rubs the males cock and balls until his cock comes out of its sheath and he starts forming the knot at the base of his cock. Once that happens, I pull my finger out and let the male smell it and he does the rest. We have 3 males and they all have very large cocks. Once they start fucking, the male will hump the female for 4 or 5 minutes until he forces his big round knot into the females pussy and that will trigger his cock to spasm and slowly release his sperm in her.

Since I hit puberty 4 years ago, I get hard everytime we breed the dogs. Hell, anymore I have a perpetual hardon anyway. I manage to jackoff three or 4 times every day and my mom has noticed. She asked me once if I would rather get the male hard because she new from the tent in my pants that the females were making me horny. I tried that but my big cock still got just as hard. Mom told me not to be ashamed because it made her horny too. She said once they start, I go to the restroom and relieve myself and you can to, if you want. After that, I started to notice my moms breathing got harder once the dogs were fucking, and she had a very lusty look on her face when she would look to see if I had a hard on.

Then she would make eye contact with me and rush in the house. After one session, my mom ran in the house to relieve herself so I just went to the restroom in the barn and jacked my big cock off. The reason I know I have a big cock is because in phys. ed, we have to shower together and my cock is bigger than all the other guys. Its at least 9 inches long and very fat and when I cum, I shoot 6 or 7 big ropes of hot cum in all directions. Anyway I was thinking about how horny my mom was getting lately and how she must be in the house finger fucking herself as I jacked my own big cock. I was getting close to cumming when the door opened and I was looking right at my mom. I was so close that I couldn't stop so I just looked at my sweet mom and said "I can't quit mom, I love you" and my big cock erupted and shot its hot gooey load all over the front of moms dress. To my surprise, mom didn't close the door but just stared at my big cock as cum still oozed out of it. Finally she looked at my face and said "that thing has gotten a lot bigger since the last time I saw it" and then she rolled off some toilet paper and wiped the end of my cock and then her dress. She said "from the amount of cum that thing puts out, I'd say you better wear condoms with the girls".

As summer ended and I went back to school, my mom hired the neighbors 18 year old son Jay to help her part time. Mom would say "Jay did this or Jay said that" and I was getting tired of hearing about Jay. I missed spending time with my mom and now I fantisized about her every night. I would picture her masterbating as I jacked off. It seemed like my mom was peeking in on me a lot. She would walk in while I was showering or just come in my room without knocking. About four months after school started back, mom said she was hiring 2 of Jays friends to help with the breeding. I knew there wasn't enough work for my mom and three guys so I got curious. Instead of going to school one day, I hid upstairs in the barn and waited. I could see the breeding area clearly as mom and the three boys came in. There was Jay and a neighborhood boy I knew as Larry and a black guy she called Eric. Jay led a female in and started fingering her as my mom led our biggest male named Keno in and hooked him to the wall. Mom got down on all fours and began rubbing Keno's sheath and his big cock started to protrude. Mom was wearing a dress which was unusual and it was riding up as she jacked Keno's cock.

She called for Eric to come and put a muzzle on Keno and for Larry to put one on the female. After Eric got the muzzle on Keno, he stepped back and watched as my mom jacked the dogs big dick. Eric was watching my moms ass as her dress rode up and the next thing I know my mom layed on her side and began sucking Keno's hard cock. When Eric saw my mom sucking the dogs big dick, he lifted her dress revealing the hairiest pussy I've ever seen. I had no idea my mom was so hairy or horny. Eric began licking my moms wet pussy and soon she was on her back with the dog humping her face. Eric stripped and I knew instantly why he was there. His hard cock, must have been 8 inches long and very thick and he rammed it all the way up my poor old moms wet hairy cunt in one thrust. Mom moaned loudly and started humping her old pussy at him as she sucked away at Keno's cock.

Jay and Larry let the female go and stripped and began to fondle my moms tits and ass. Mom told Eric to lay on his back and she mounted him and told Jay to fuck her ass. As the two guys fucked the hell out of my willing mom, Larry walked around and my sweet old mom started sucking his hard cock. Eric started moaning and pumping my mom really hard and my mom was just moaning on the 2 big cocks stretching her ass and pussy. I heard Eric say "here it cums you old bitch" and I could tell he was emptying his big balls in my horny old mom as Jay said "take mine to you dog lovin old bitch" as he started cumming in my sweatty old moms ass.

When mom heard and felt the two guys cumming in her she started spasming on their hard cocks. I could see her jerking wildly as she came, and she came hard. Jay pulled his sloppy dick out of my moms used ass and Larry laid down next to my mom and told her to climb on top of him and when she did Eric reached over and unhooked Keno's leash. Keno ran around to my moms ass and sniffed it and then mounted her and as she screamed "not the dog, damn you Eric" Keno rammed his big cock all the way in her ass and began fucking her wildly. Mom was really liking it and she was humping back on the big dog cock when Larry yelled "I'm cuming in your old pussy Mrs. Flint" and he flooded my moms pussy just as Keno pushed his huge knot all the way into my poor moms ass. As Keno was hungup inside my mom and his balls were filling her pussy, Larry extracted himself and my mom was screaming at them to leave.

They all left and Keno was getting restless and trying to get loose. My mom was moaning and begging him not to move around but Keno twisted until he was ass to ass with my mom. He was trying to pull loose from my mom but dragging her with him instead. I felt bad for mom so I ran down stairs and held Keno. Mom was saying "thank you baby, please hold him until he's finished cumming in me". I held Keno for 4 or 5 minutes and then he just wiggled loose. Mom rolled onto her back with her legs wide open and her red, sloppy, hairy old pussy on display and just looking exhausted. I said "are you alright mom" and she said "I'm better than alright, I just got the fuck of a life time and as usual, you've got a hardon".

Then she said "well you've watched your slutty old mom fuck 3 guys and a dog, do you think fucking my own sons big cock could make it any worse". I said "I been dreaming about your pussy every night mom so hell yeh I'm gonna fuck you" and I stripped and when my big dick touched my moms slick old cunt it slid right in to the hilt. Mom moaned and said "fuck me baby, fuck your horny old mom" and I did and when I came, I felt my cock slip into her cervix and she exclaimed "oh God that feels so right, taking my own sons cum deep in his mommies womb. After graduation , me and my mom continued breeding, dogs and each other even to this day.

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