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Boys Will Be Boys

(Part 1 from 1)

Dave, Steve and I were like the three musketeers growing up. If there was one of us, there was usually all three. Occasionally when one of us had chores or such, the other two were up to no good. I'm not sure how old I was, but the teen years brought on some changes. Dave and Steve had older brothers, Jason and Mark, that we idolized. We thought they were so cool. They of course thought we were pest. Well, one day when they asked us to be in there club, we jumped at the chance. They said they we would get together the following day. Dave, Steve and I were in Steve's pool (which we did almost everyday in the summer) when the older two got in the pool. They said it was time for a small initiation before entry into the club. We didn't care we just wanted to be cool. They said one at a time and we had to draw numbers to see who went first. They said being first could be good or it could be bad. The order ended up being Steve, Dave and then me. I was nervous, maybe excited. Then they told us what we had to do. At the same time, Jason and Mark pulled down there trunks to reveal their big dicks (they seemed big to us because ours were still small and underdeveloped.) They said each of us had to lick their balls 3 times. Lick their shaft 5 times, from top to bottom. Finally, we had to put their cocks in our mouths for 30 seconds. I instinctively said "no." After some teasing and such, I gave in. Steve was first. I watched as he took Jason's balls into his mouth. Then lick and suck his dick. I felt a funny stirring in my loins. My little dick was getting hard. He then did Mark and finally was done. Here was the kicker. Now that he was done, he joined Jason and Mark in the club and would now have his balls and dick licked. Dave went ahead and did his duty to Jason, Mark and now Steve. Now I had to do all four of them. I'm not sure why, but I took great pleasure in doing all of them, holding their cocks in my mouth longer than the 30 seconds required. This changed my life forever.

The next couple of years were adventurous and fun. We never did that to the older boys ever again, but we did start having fun with each other. Instead of spending so much time together, we spent alot more time as just a pair. Steve and I spent the most time together, but Dave and I spent time together as well. To this day I never know if Dave and Steve spent time together. It started out usually spending the night together. We'd sleep in the same bed and somehow my hand would end up on Steve's dick. Usually I would lay it beside him and he would roll over on it. That was the signal. I would not spend much time that way. I would usually "act" like I was adjusting in my sleep and I would eventually move down so my face was right in front of cock. As I would do this, Steve would act like he was adjusting, but he would be taking his now hard cock out of his shorts. Usually he would make the move and push his cock against my lips and I would happily take it into my mouth. He would then return the favor. This scenario replayed itself many times. Then one night when we were 12 or 13, I had Steve's dick in my mouth for longer than usual and I felt his dick spasm and a strange something in my mouth. At first I thought it was pee only to realize later it was cum. Realizing our orgasms and how good they felt it would have Steve and I or Dave and I spending more time together.

The next couple of years I noticed lots of changes. Pubic hair. Our dicks were getting bigger. I remember when I could get Steve and Dave's cocks all the way in my mouth and they could get mine in theirs. But as time when on, the less of the cocks would fit. Steve and I grew at about the same pace, eventually getting to about 7 inches. Dave however, really grew. He ended up about 8.5 inches and big around. Though Steve and I sucked each other more, I really enjoyed have Dave's big cock between my lips. Not only that, he could really suck a dick. I always came faster with Dave sucking me than Steve.

Things would continue to change. I found myself wanting to suck more than be sucked. Usually we would suck each other off, but it got to the point I just wanted to suck them off, then I would go home and jack off. Sometimes if I wasn't in the mood (teenage boys are always in the mood), I would have them suck my dick a little just to get me going, but then it was all me. Sucking, licking, jacking what ever. I would get into my dad's porn collection and watch only the blow job scenes. I would try different techniques and different positions. I would get on my knees, on my back, sitting down, what ever. My dream was suck off both Steve and Dave at the same time. We didn't do that yet, but we did have other fun.

We were in my parent's basement watching a porn movie. I was extremely horny this day wanting, needing a dick in my mouth. We watched a scene with 2 girls and 1guy. The guy had a pretty big dick and was getting it sucked by both girls at the same time. One would suck his dick, while the other sucked his balls. Then their mouths met around the guys cock. He eventually blew the biggest load I had ever seen on their faces, one of them taking most of it. We were all talking about how great it would be to have two mouths on our dicks at once. If I wasn't hard enough from the movie, I almost came in my shorts thinking about the possibilities. Dave suggested we have a contest. He said we should measure our dicks and whoever had the biggest, the other two had to blow the winner. Dave of course knew he was probably the biggest. I knew he was the biggest because I had both Dave and Steve's dicks in my mouth. I was all for it acting like I didn't know. I just didn't know if Steve knew. Steve agreed, but suggested the other two should not be left out. The two losers should at least get blow jobs from one person. We all agreed. We decided that two people would compare and the third person be the judge. Then the winner would take on the third person and the person losing first would judge. Steve and I whipped out our cocks. Dave judged and said Steve was the winner, but barely. With Steve with his dick in his hand, Dave whipped out his monster. It was no contest.

So with Dave the winner, that left Steve and I to suck him off. But we had to decide who was going to suck off Steve and I. I had already done it in my head and knew if I sucked off Steve, then I would be the only one to suck two cocks with chance of getting two loads of cum. So that left Dave to suck me off. We had to decide who was going first. Steve said we make it like a porn movie. He suggested I lay down on the couch with my head hanging over the side as he stuck his dick in my mouth. Dave would then kneel beside the couch and suck me off. Without hesitation, we all stripped the rest of the way down. I laid on the couch as Steve had suggested and he quickly has cock in my mouth, which I eagerly started sucking. It wasn't long before I felt Dave's mouth on my cock. It was an awkward position for me and was not doing a very good job sucking Steve. He sensed this and slowly started moving his hips in and out. His cock going further into my mouth with each thrust. Before I knew it, his entire cock was in my mouth. In the mean time, Dave was alternating sucking me and jacking me off. I was so excited about Steve dicks being all the way in my mouth it only took me a few minutes before I unloaded a big cum onto Dave's hand. Steve was starting to pick up speed. Basically treating my mouth like a pussy. Fucking my mouth for all it's worth. I could feel his balls slapping me in the face. After a few more minutes the familiar feel of his balls tightening, Steve shoved his cock as far into my throat as possible unleashing at least 4-5 huge spurts of cum. He almost fainted. "That was the best blow job I have ever gotten. I've never cum so much in my life," Steve said. I was happy to oblige.

Now it Dave's turn. All the excitement had his cock dripping with precum. He sat on the edge of the couch as we kneeled before him. Almost as if were kneeling before his King Cock. I didn't waste any time getting his monster between my lips. Up and down, up and down I would go. As I did this Steve took Dave's balls into his mouth. We did this for a few minutes, then we each took a side. Licking each side of his cock then sucking each side. His cock was big enough I could take the mushroom head into my mouth as Steve licked the base. Dave was heaven. He suggested that Steve jack the monster dick as I was sucking it. Dave asked me to lay on the floor. I did gladly. He stuck his dick in my mouth as Steve continued jacking it. Before long, Dave said, "I goin' cum, open your mouth." I did as I was told. Steve was jerking Dave's monster cock fast now. Then the cum storm happened. I opened my mouth and the first two spurts hit my tongue, but the next 5 spurts landed in different spots on my face. Dave was in kind of daze as he rubbed his dick all over my face, smearing the cum around. He then told me to open my mouth one last time so I could clean the cum off his cock.

This was just one adventure. We had many more. I will share them with you later.

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