Bob's mom in the hotel room after Pearl Jam Concert

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Today we finally get to go to a Pearl Jam concert. My friend Bob got some tickets for his birthday and he got to take Sam and me. His dad was supposed to go with us. We found out today that he couldnít go because he got called away to an emergency. Bobís dad is a surgeon. Bobís mom said she would take us there because she didnít want us to drive the 4 hours to Kansas City by ourselves. She didnít think it was safe for seniors in high school to drive that far alone. I didnít mind this too much. Bobís mom is really cool and she is as big of a milf as you can get. Sheís about 37 but still looks 28. She has a great body. She can be a big flirt too, which we donít mind at all. 

At 4:00, we set off for KC. Linda, Bobís mom was driving the Explorer, Bob in the passenger seat and Sam and I in the back. We were talking about school and stuff and then Linda asked us how our girl situation was. We all kind of got quiet for a minute because we felt weird talking to Bobís mom about girls. She assured us we were supposed to treat her like one of the guys so we started to talk a little more. We talked about who we thought was hot and that kind of stuff and then she shocked us all. She asked if any of us had had sex. We didnít know what to say until Bob said, ďMom you know weíre all still virgins. Iíve told you that before.Ē Sam and I were shocked that he talked about that to his mom because neither of us did. Then she asked if weíd done anything with a girl. I talked about how I had done oral sex with two girls and Sam with one. Bob had never done much more than kiss a girl. We got off of this subject when we pulled up to our hotel. We went into the room to get ready for the concert.

In the room, there was only one bed when we were supposed to have two. They told us they ran out of rooms so we were supposed to make it work. Bob went into the bathroom to change and Linda said we needed to hurry or we were going to be late. So to save time she started to undress right in front of Sam and I. We were shocked and then she said, ďWhat like you havenít seen a girl in her bra and panties before?Ē She then told us to change now cause it would take too long to wait for Bob to get out of the bathroom. So we did and went to the concert. 

At the concert we were all surprised when Linda came back to us with 4 beers in her hands. She handed one out to all of us and kept one for herself. She got us 8 each throughout the concert. We were all pretty drunk when we got back to the hotel. Linda asked us what our favorite part of the concert was. Bob said it was when the girl in front of us took her shirt off. Sam thought it was when a topless girl was body surfing and he got to feel her up. Linda said it was when a boy our age asked to see her boobs. We were all shocked when she showed him. We all got to see which was cool. Then they asked me what my favorite part was. I said it was when Linda got pushed into me and I grabbed her boobs. Bob was pissed and Sam thought it was the coolest thing heíd ever heard in his life. Linda just laughed. She calmed Bob down and then asked why I liked that better then touching a girlís naked boobs. I told her because I thought she was so hot. Sam agreed. Bob didnít want to hear it anymore. He went down to the pool by himself. 

I was about to get up to go after him but Linda told me to stay and just let him cool off. We drank a couple more beers and she asked why we found a 37-year-old lady was so attractive. We told her the whole milf philosophy and she just laughed at us. I asked her if we could see her in her bra and panties again. She laughed and said sure and took her shirt and pants off. She was wearing red lace bra and a black thong. She had great tits. They were 38 C and her ass was absolutely perfect. She twirled for us so we could see her whole body. I was as hard as Iíve ever been in my life and I was guessing that Sam was too. She asked if we wanted to see more and we, of course, agreed. She took off her bra and then her panties. To my surprise and great pleasure, she was absolutely bald. She shaved her entire pussy and that is the biggest turn on in the world. Not to mention the fact that she wore Lucky perfume. She twirled again and as her back was to me I stood up and when she turned around I planted a kiss right on her lips. She accepted the kiss right away and we were in a tongue war. As we were making out, Sam stood up and took his clothes off and started to feel up Linda. She ripped my shirt off and then went down to my pants. She was down on her knees and she took my jeans and underwear off in one swipe. Sam slipped underneath Linda and started to eat her out. She went right down on my cock and sucked it like a vacuum cleaner. 

She put the enter thing in her mouth. It was the greatest feeling ever. Sam got up and stood next to me and then she switched from one cock to the other. Sam and I both lifted her up and put her on the bed. I took my position right in between her legs. I went right in and loved every second of it. Sam was playing with her tits while she sucked him off some more. I was pumping away until I exploded inside her. I came like I had never done it before. When I was done Sam wanted his turn. He positioned himself between her legs and started pumping away. He was railing her hard and she was screaming as loud as she was at the concert. I kept her quiet by putting my cock, which was now hard again, in her mouth. Sam and I seemed to cum at the same time. I filled her mouth and Sam added his contribution to what I left deep in her pussy. He and I both collapsed on top of Linda. 

We were all exhausted and then we heard the door close. Bob was standing in the doorway. Linda asked him how long he was there and he said he watched the whole thing. He was sitting outside the door and never really left. He didnít seem too upset though. He was calm and just staring at his motherís naked body and his two best friends lying on top of her. He surprised us all when he told us to move because he wanted his turn. He ripped all of his clothes off and was already hard. He didnít give his mother a chance to object and he was already inside her. He was pumping away and soon came deep inside her just as we did. We ended up drinking and nailing Linda all night long and then again when we got home. Sam and I were hoping we could get Sarah, Bobís 19-year-old sister to join us next time she came home from college.

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