Blonde mother gets nailed in bedroom

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

After your ball draining blow-job on Saturday morning, I had a smile on my face all day long. The thought of our next time fucking and sucking was something that never left my mind. To think, I was a 18 year old virgin who lost his cherry to his 39 year old milf mother was beyond my wildest dreams.

After hanging out with some friends during the day, I came home and had thoughts of tasting that pretty blond pussy of yours. I found you in the bedroom putting clothes away wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that clung to your firm full 36C tits. I sneak up behind you and slide my fingers up your crotch and hit the velvet folds of your womanhood. You jump at the touch and turn around quickly with a look of surprise and shock on your face. dont do that!! you yell at me. I say too bad, get used to it. I turn you around, push you against the dresser, and unbutton your shorts while I fondle your tits. I aim my hard young cock at your silky folds and start fucking you fast and hard. You are turning into a cum depository for my seed, and I want to get off as soon as possible before anyone comes home.

I grab your hips and hold on tight as I slam my cock in and out of your dripping pussy. As I rock your world you let out a soft moan and your voice soon starts cracking as your sexual desires build inside you. You forget that youre fucking your son. All you care about is the hard cock slamming into your neglected pussy and the feeling of hot sex filled breathing on your neck. I pull you off the dresser, and push you down on the bed and climb between your legs and start laying my pipe to you. Faster harder and deeper I thrust my cock into your dripping motherly pussy. You start breathing heavy and crying as you look into my eyes. You are torn between your need for sex, and the fact that your 18 year old son is fucking you like a whore. As I continue drilling you deep and hard, I feel the pressure building in my balls. I know it wont be long before I blow my load and feel the toe curling orgasm Ive grown to expect.

Soon I feel your pussy start to tighten and quiver as you start having your second orgasm. You grab my ass and pull me deeper into you as you cry out Oh my god baby. Im cumming. Dont stop, keep fucking me! Your pleading and the sensation of your pussy gripping and squeezing my cock is too much to bear. I plunge my cock as far has I can reach and let loose long thick streams of seed as I feel an electric sensation travel thru my body. I suck on your tits as my cock slowly softens and slides out of your cum filled pussy. As I sit on the bed getting my clothes back on, I see my cum seeping out of you and smile at my handy work.

I say thanks and walk out the bedroom door. As I leave, I pause to say Ill catch you later and well work on door #2 next.

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