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I couldn't take it anymore. I set it up so I could have him with no strings attached and he wouldn't know who I was. He wouldn't see me as a friend but a woman. I got his friends to trick him into playing a game. He was to come to the hotel, let them blindfold him and I would take care of the rest. I watched them bring him in and put the blindfold on and handcuff him to the chair. At first I was nervous but the fact that he couldn't see made me more confident. I dressed with care in a black lingerie outfit with a thong.

I came out and started playing red light special by TLC and began a slow lap dance on him without speaking, for fear he would recognize my voice. I felt his response immediately. All I could think was that I finally had this gorgeous chocolate man with a six pack and body that could make me want him on me in seconds. I finally have my chance. Then he says,"who are you, and what are you doing to me" I put my lips to his neck and moved back and forth so he would understand that I wasn't talking. Then I went in for the kill knowing he couldn't move. I like to torture and I finally get the chance to do it to him of all people. I slid his pants down slowly and ripped his shirt off since he was tied to the chair. Then I decided I wanted a taste of this milk chocolate I was dying to have.

I began licking from his nipples and kept going. He finally got the idea I guess because he started squirming and I finally got to the treasure I wanted. His dick was ready and waiting for me just to have a taste. I licked the tip of it and felt him jerk again. I sucked him deep into my throat and played with his balls. He was screaming loudly now, and bucking out the chair. I was a professional and didn't even know it. I sucked his dick like a pro and kept my mind focused on giving him pleasure. Then I felt the pressure buliding up like he was about to blow and decided I wasn't ready for him too. I stopped sucking and squeezed the head to prevent him from ejaculating. He groaned in frustration. I was surprised he was still hard, I expected to wait a bit but I guess his determination was strong.

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I wanted him to shoot his sperm inside of me. Not to get pregnant of course but to feel it. I stood up and sat in his lap. Then I removed all of my lingerie and rubbed my breast all over his chest. Then I put one up to his mouth and made him suck it. He put them in his mouth like he was thirsty and starving for any milk I could give. I almost lost it right then and there, but no I wanted us to come together since this would maybe our only time. I finally grabbed his dick and placed it at the entrance of my pussy. I rubbed the head of his dick all near the area and allowed my juices to coat his dick before I eased his length into my waiting wet pussy. I wanted this so bad and could finally get it and sat on his dick as if it was the last one I would ever have. He moaned again due to how tight my pussy was.

I began to ride my chocolate horse with everything I had, going up and down and squeezing my muscles on his dick until it sounded like he couldn't take anymore. I stuck my tongue in his month in a move I learned that stimulates the mouth on all levels causing him to squirm and move within my pussy even further. I could feel my orgasm coming on and wanted him to finish with me. I asked if he was well fed and he understood and nodded, so ready he couldn't speak. I immediately tighted my lower muscles and proceeded to milk him for all he was worth.

I wished I could see his eyes roll back into his head with how good this pussy was, but I knew the score. I finally allowed us to reach our peak and he fell right asleep afterward. I licked every drop of cum still on his dick for my personal pleasure and unlocked his handcuffs and knocked him onto the hotel bed because he was heavy. I got my stuff and left. The next day he told me about this amazing woman who put it on him. I smiled a secret smile and allowed him to talk and reminisce about me.

Then I wondered maybe I could be his dominatrix next time.

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