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Blackmailed my mom

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I came home from my friends house one day and the basement door was open so I went in that way.  As soon as I opened the door into the house I could hear the activity in the living room.  I could hear mom moaning and a younger mans voice saying all kinds of filthy things.  he called my mom a whore and said you love young cock in your ass dont you. my mom said yes moaning. i walked to the living room i watched in the doorway as he pounded my mom in the ass really hard. mom was fully naked with her legs over his shoulders. the young guy had his pants around his ankles and a shirt on. he was deep in my moms ass as she moaned. i got so hard seeing my hot mom naked being fucked in her ass from a guy my age. She took on a whole new look in my eyes sexually. mom has a pretty deacent body. shes 5'5 145lbs brunette blue eyes and still perky 34b tits with big nipples and a natural hairy pussy.

After I had stood there and watched for a few minutes I finally cleared my throat to get her attention. Instantly he stopped and pulled his cock out my moms ass wile she tried to cover up. mom grabbed her bathrobe off of the couch and put it on as he pulled up his pants. he left as i looked at my mom in shock. i asked What the fuck are you doing mom why you cheating on dad. mom just looked at the wall eyes wide open and said please dont tell your dad. i told mom i wont tell dad but she had to do something for me and she couldnt say no. she asked what that was and i told her seeing how you like young guys you shouldnt have a problem with what i want. mom looked at me and said we cant have sex. i grabbed the phone and she begged me not to call my dad. i looked at my mom and said i wont tell dad if you let me fuck you. She had real tears forming in her eyes as she looked at me.

 I stepped forward closing the distance between us.  I grabbed the tie to her bathrobe and pulled it loose, flinging her robe open. she dint say anything to me she just cried as i took her robe off. mom knew thats the only way my dad wont find out. i pulled my pants down letting my cock hang in front of moms face. i grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. she started stroking it crying looking at me.  I reached out and cupped a tit in my hand telling her to suck my cock. I most certainly will not im your mother your lucky im stroking your cock she said. i then told her you will do what i want or i will tell dad and other peaple that you jerked me off. mom cried as she started licking the tip of my cock. i watched mom lick from the tip down the shaft of my cock to my balls. she licked back up to the tip and took my cock in her mouth. mom started taking my cock deep in her throat till her lips touched my balls. mom sucked my cock for a few minutes as i told her how good it felt asking if she liked her sons cock deep in her throat.  mom looked at me crying still as i laid her on her back on the couch. i looked at her body and smiled her perky tits were really hard. i spreaded her legs and looked at her hairy pussy

as i got in between her legs i put my cock in her hand. mom started stroking it as i told her to put it in her pussy. mom guided my cock in her as it slid in her she moaned and closed her eyes. i started kissing her neck to her tits as i pumped slowly. once i got to moms big nipples i started licking and sucking on them. she moaned and kept her eyes closed as her pussy got wetter. i started pumping faster and harder mom kept moaning but they were louder. i called mom a whore and asked if she likes being fucked by her own son. mom said yes moaning telling me to fuck mommy keep going just like that. after a few more minutes i told her i was gonna cum deep inside her. mom just pulled me tight and i held my cock as deep as it would go in her and let my big load of cum go. i stuck my tounge in my moms mouth and kissed her as i spurted my cum deeply in her. i pulled my semi hard cock out watching my cum drip out of my moms hairy pussy

i sat on the couch and mom got up and got on her knees in front of me. mom then licked our juices off my cock i watched smiling after a while i started to cum and mom swallowed it all. mom sat next to me and asked if this is gonna stay a secret i told her yes. i asked why she was fucking a guy my age she told me she had met him at work and he was cute. i called her a naughty slut asking how my young cock felt. she smiled and licked her lips asking for more. dad came home so we got dressed before he came inside.  mom made dinner and we ate after that dad watched tv and i took a nap. dad went to bed and mom came into my room.

mom pulled my cock out and started sucking it as i slept. once she started deep throating my cock i woke up. i stopped her and got her to undress and she got on top guiding my cock in her. mom was so wet her pussy was dripping cum rolled off her pussy hair. we fucked for a few hours till i cummed deep inside her wet pussy. after we were done she sucked our juices off my semi hard cock. i told her it was the best night ever that i loved my slutty mommy.

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