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Blackmail Sister

(Part 3 from 3)

I had only one night left before I had to go back home for work. I wanted to make this extra special for Megan so I came up with another devious plan. I asked Todd if he had ever been drunk before to which he replied, “I’ve had a few drinks before Uncle David but I have never been really drunk before.” “I think we should have a party tonight, just the three of us. We’ll get dressed up and have a fancy dinner, then tie one on, what do you think Megan?” “It’s about time we celebrated together,” said Megan with obvious excitement in her voice. “Well, let’s get to the grocery store, clean the house, clean ourselves up and start this party!” I was just as excited as Megan. She winked at me as Todd and I headed out the door.

Megan looked so happy at dinner, she had a permanent smile on her face. She kept looking at the two of us all dressed up, celebrating the moment. Megan was a vision of beauty. She was wearing a simple black low cut dress that hugged her body and showed off her large breasts. She wore black stocking, black heels and her long black hair was tied up off her shoulders. I caught Todd a few times checking out her ass, which looked perfect. “I was kind of thinking of moving back this way. I talked to old man Meager today and he showed some interest in selling his store to me. What would you guys think of having me around more often?” Megan and Todd both sounded delighted to have me close by. I thought Megan was actually going to start crying. “Well, I’ve made up my mind. I’m moving back.” We sat around the table all night, drank and talked about all the things we could do together, like a real family. Time passed quickly and we were all getting pretty hammered, especially Todd. I caught Megan on the way back from the bathroom and told her we better get things started before Todd passes out.

“Let’s all go into the living room and relax.” I said. “I’ll get us another drink and we can watch some TV together.” I picked up the remote and started flicking around. “Hey, Todd, have you ever ordered the porno movies off the dish before?” The kid blushed and said that he had. He said he never lasted very long because he would get too horny and have to go wack off. We all had a big laugh and I suggested that we watch one now. Todd looked at his mother and she nodded to say it was OK. Todd agreed but warned that he may have to leave the room to wack off. We all laughed again and sat down together on the same couch, which was a tight squeeze. Megan sat in the middle with a man on each side of her. The movie started and it got quiet real quick. Todd’s eyes were glazed over as he watched a woman get it from two guys. “It must be pretty hard for a woman to take on two guys.” Said Todd with a slur in his voice. “I don’t know.” Said Megan, “I could probably handle it pretty well.” Todd looked at his Mom and smiled. “I guess you would have to be comfortable enough with all the people involved for that to happen, right Megan?” I explained. 

I noticed Todd put his hand on his mother’s lap and Megan put her hand on my lap.

Megan began to rub each of her men’s crouches at the same time. Both Todd and I were already rock hard. Todd looked at his mother and as if to ask her what she was doing and he saw her other hand rubbing my dick. Todd’s mouth feel open and Megan looked deep into his eyes and said, “It’s alright son, we have all become so close. It just feels right. This will be a family secret and none of us will ever tell anyone about this. Understood?” Todd held her gaze for a second, smiled, and then nodded. With that out of the way, Megan stood up in front of the television. She lifted her dress over her head and showed of her sexy outfit. Black high heels, black stockings, black garter belt, black panties and a black bra made her the most attractive woman either of us had seen in our lives. “Let me see both of your cocks.” She asked. Both Todd and I pulled down our zippers and produced two very stiff cocks. Megan began to sway and run her hands all over her body. I started to pull on my swelled cock and Todd did the same. Megan began to entice us by moving closer and slipping her finger under her panties. She brought her foot up on the arm of the couch, bringing her musty smell closer to my face. She asked me to remove her shoe and asked Todd to move beside me. Once the shoe was off, she placed her silk covered foot onto my cock. Her stocking glided easily over the length of my shaft. Todd looked on with his mouth hanging open. Megan pulled her wet finger out of her snatch and placed it in her son’s mouth. Todd sucked on his mother’s finger like a hungry cub. Megan moved her foot to her son’s cock and I reached out to touch my sister’s sweet ass. I slide my hand under her panties and searched for her asshole. I pushed my finger into it and felt her squirm with excitement. 

“I want the two of you to stand up and take all your clothes off.” Demanded Megan. Without hesitation Todd and I pulled every stitch of clothing off. Megan swung us around and sat on the couch. She reached out, put a cock in each hand and pulled us toward her. First she put Todd’s cock in her mouth. I watched as she sucked away on her son’s prick. Megan moved back and forth between each cock becoming more excited as each cock popped into her mouth. She then pulled us together and our cocks were touching as she attempted to stuff both in her mouth at the same time. I don’t know if it was the wonderful view I had or the feeling of Todd’s cock against mine but I felt like I was about to explode. Megan’s mouth stretched as far as it could and she took as much in as she could. Todd began to shake uncontrollably and proceeded to shoot his load all over Megan’s beautiful face. I quickly grabbed my prick and jerked myself into a frenzy as Megan tried to clean off her son’s prick. I exploded all over the side of my sister’s face and she turned her head to catch the rest. Her face was completely covered as she squeezed my prick to get some more. Todd dropped to the floor and he pushed his mother’s panties to the side and slid his tongue into her. Megan was moaning as she worked my cock to get it hard again. I reached down her back and released her massive tits from her lacy bra. Her tits feel out and I reached down and started to squeeze her nipples. I played with both her tits as Todd hungrily ate his mother’s cunt. 

I pulled Megan up into a standing position and moved behind her. Todd pulled her panties down and sent his tongue back into her wet hole. I started to grind my cock between her ass checks and steadied myself by latching on to Megan’s breasts. Megan grabbed her son’s head and drove it harder into her cunt. Cum oozed out of my prick to help it slide against her ass. “I’m going to cum boys!!” she yelled. I dropped to my knees, spread her ass checks and stuck my tongue into her asshole. The two men of her life worked her hard to bring her to an earth shattering orgasm. She screamed out loud as her juices ran down her stockings.

Megan pushed her son onto his back, feel on top of him and put his cock into her mouth. I was standing over top of her and her ass was waving into the air. I knelt down and inserted my prick into her soaked cunt. Megan lifted her head, grunted and put Todd’s cock back into her mouth. With my hands firmly planted on her ass, I began to pump my cock into her. Megan grunted again as I enforced a heavy thrust into her cunt. It pushed her son’s cock out of her mouth and shot her up Todd’s body. Todd reached down, cupped her breasts and started to pump his cock between them. Megan was breathing so heavy. “Do you feel good Sis? What do you want now? What can we do for you?” I asked. “Take your cock out of me.” She said. She crawled up Todd, reached under her and inserted her son’s cock into her cunt. For a split second I felt jealous until Megan yelled at me. “Put in it my ass David!”

Megan steadied her son as I began to slowly insert my fat cock into her waiting ass. Megan arched up with her mouth open, trying to accommodate the both of us. Her tits hung above Todd’s mouth and he popped a nipple into his mouth. With both of us completely lodged into Megan’s ass and cunt she began to speak, “Now slowly on the count of three, start pumping me. I will tell you when you can go faster.” I could feel Todd’s cock inside her, as I’m sure he could feel mine. We slowly pumped in unison and Megan struggled to keep it all together. She was shaking with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Todd and I were at her will. Her face looked strained and contorted. “A little faster.” Was all she said. Todd and I picked up the pace and Megan seemed to accept it well. “What are the chances of having to two of you cum in me at the same time? I want you both to go for it now and don’t stop until you both cum in me.” There were no words spoken by Todd or I and I was amazed Megan could speak at all with two eight-inch cocks buried deep inside her. We both began to pump like mad men into this beautiful woman. 

Megan’s head dropped and all that came out of her mouth was one steady “aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Her voice wavered from each thrust into her and I wondered how much of this she could actually take. Megan’s body was bouncing all over the place. Her tits were swaying, and her two men were grunting like a bunch of cavemen. It felt like we were going to break her in half we were thrusting so hard. We all matched our rhythms and began to rock at a furious pace. Todd was the first to hold his prick into her and blow his load. I could feel the spurts and that just sent me over the top as I began to dump my load into my sister’s ass. Megan was shaking with what appeared to be another orgasm. We lay there like a family sandwich as we all tried to collect ourselves after this incredible experience. One by one, we pulled our messy cocks out of Megan and looked at each other in silence. Megan was covered in sweat and cum and was a vision of beauty to me. Todd looked absolutely spent and ready to pass out. I on the other was the happiest man on the planet. Finally my dreams had come true. I was actually satisfied for the first time in my life.

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