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Blackmail Sex

My name is Koomal, I am 20 yrs old, one of my deepest desire was to have sex with my aunt (wife of my father’s brother) neelima, she is about 10 yrs elder to me. I had been working for a while and had shifted out of my family house to a rented place far from neelima’s place. I used to visit their place usually on holidays and meet them and sometimes dine along with them. They had one daughter about 6 yrs and I used to often play with her during my visit to their house, Neelima became more friendly to me and we started talking to each other more about ourselves such as our likes and dislikes. In my conversations with her I disclosed to her my fantasies of a female fitting her description without implying her. As time went by she appeared more fitting my views and I presented myself to her matching her views.

After a few months I had bought a PC and had it connected to the Internet. I downloaded quite a bit of porno stuff from the net, then I pasted neelima’s face (which I had got scanned from her album photo) over some good nude bodies.

One day I thought of playing a harmless prank over neelima. I got one of this photo with her face pasted over a nude body resembling her proportional stats,I took a professional laser print from a dtp source and snail mail addressed it to her with the day, time and phone no mentioned at the back hoping to see her reaction. She did call me that day, she never knew the phone no was mine as I had not told anyone my tel no, as whenever I would be home I was always on the net blocking all incoming calls. She spoke to me very harshly and said how I had managed to get her photograph and demanded I return the negative. Little did she knew I had so many original photos of her. I told her to meet to discuss the possible return of the negatives. She agreed and came by to my place not knowing still the culprit was me.

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When I opened the door she was shocked to see me. She was very aggressive and asked me to return the original and was very insistent about it, now she probably knew my fantasies were real. Initially I wanted at this point to show her all her doctored photos on my pc and see her reaction. Maybe she could have passed it off as a young person’s desire maybe not. If it was passed off by her I would have placed myself more closer to her and if she would have taken critical of it I would have lost her altogether, which was a risk I was playing with this prank.

Since she was very adamant on the return of the negatives I modified my original prank and asked her to spend half a day with me, she asked me time to think over, she said she will call the next day and give me the reply and she left. She called the next day and said she was willing for my condition and not to inform anyone or use her photo for any wrong purpose, she confirmed the return of her photo.

The following day I had bunked and stayed back expecting her, she came about 10:00 am , I thanked her for coming, she proclaimed that she can spend time with me till 12:30 am and will leave instantly with the photo negatives original et all, I agreed.

We were in the bedroom and I had in advance arranged for a video camera, which I had camouflaged near the bed for committing the act on tape. Not weary of this, she stood facing me in front of the bed. I asked her to disrobe her sari which she did after a bit of delay. I asked her to show me her boobs, she opened her blouse and bra exposing her firm boobs with thick light brown nipples. I pulled her with her hand in front of me and clenched her with my legs around her legs and started sucking her nipples. She co-operated with me very naturally. Then I spread her legs apart and put my hands under her ghagra fingering her pussy. She was getting hot by this time. I pulled her ghagra up and licked her pussy with my tongue. I removed my garments and exposed my hungry cock to her. We had prior to this never shared a fantasy for the opposite sex in such a way but now our sexual fantasies were coming to pass. I disrobed her ghagra, she stood naked in front of me, legs stretched and I continued to lick her pussy till she was hot and started licking my cork. She showed a lot of maturity as a woman and I let her drive me further to ecstasy. By her prolific sucking my cork had grown a thick long 6-˝ inch, she sat over my cock, forcing it into her pussy and I laid back over the bed. She was gyrating, moving up and down giving us a lot of pleasure, i held her waist and followed her movements, she was smooth. I gradually laid her down with a huge pillow below her arse so her bottom was higher than the rest of her body, I forced the thick head of my cock into her pussy. She purred and encouraged me to drive her harder and I banged the senses out of her fucking her till I reached the peak of my orgasm and cum into her. We relaxed a bit in silence thereafter, it was about 12:15 am and she asked me for the negatives. I switched the pc on and showed her only the photo copy that I had blackmailed her with and deleted the same. Satisfied that I could no longer play with her with so called original photos she made here exit telling me to stay away from her and not to ever see her again.

Well little did she know I now had our act of sex on videotape in my possession…?

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