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Black Bred

(Part 2 from 4)

As we drove all sorts of thoughts ran through my head. I knew I was ready but it didn’t dampen the butterflies in my chest. This was all so real now. Katarina saw my reaction and slid a forgiving arm over my shoulder. 
‘Susie called this morning’ she said. ‘She wanted to wish us luck’. I took my wife’s hand and kissed it. The wedding and engagement rings prominent on her finger. This all meant so much to her. I desperately hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed. Chez Louis was not a long drive and having looked up their brochure in advance I knew some of what to expect. Private rooms upstairs and the large, exclusive "gang-bang" suite with two large king size mattresses lined up side by side. A row of lounge chairs for husbands to watch their wives getting fucked by a group of black men. Downstairs was a larger bar and lounge, plus a ballroom dance floor for getting acquainted. For longer, all night encounters a motel suite across the road met requests and held a special relationship with the management.

The place itself looked reasonably quiet as I pulled up in a side road. Neon lights advertising “Chez Louis” glowing in the dark. It wasn’t the classiest part of town but I had expected that. Katarina had teased me the whole way. She drove me crazy suggesting whether she was going to meet her black baby’s daddy that night. There was absolutely no doubt that her unprotected cunt would be on the receiving end of black cock. Our relationship would I had no doubt change the moment we entered. I had a need for her to cuckold me and this place would suit that need. From then on the marriage band on her finger would just be a showpiece and a sign to black studs that they were free to move in. Our vows cast aside as she made free to flirt and offer herself to get what she wanted. Katarina sat cross-legged in the car adjusting her makeup as I waited patiently outside. It was a warm night. Humid as ever. My cock was rock hard from the expectation. Back home Katarina's personality as a fun loving, likeable character didn’t hide the fact many of our friends lusted after her. It had always pleased me that she had never cheated until I had asked her too. Collecting her handbag I escorted her to the front of the club. For the first time I noticed a little anxiety, her hand sliding into mine. Proudly I opened the door and led her in.

We were met by alluring rich red and gold. The thick carpet felt soft underfoot and the reception area was indeed upmarket. A well-dressed middle-aged woman wearing spectacles came from behind a desk and took my coat. Katarina looked around in a way that suggested she was impressed. 
‘Good evening’ the clerk said politely, shaking us both by the hand. ‘Welcome to Chez Louis. Tonight is our weekly interracial event. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need assistance of any kind’. I paid by credit card and was handed the voucher for the motel across the street. ‘If you have any problems at all’ the woman continued, ‘don’t hesitate to ask’. She smiled, welcomed us once more and hoped we would find what we were looking for.
‘I’m sure we will’ I replied.

The main door opened to a large, lush room. Light, romantic music was playing over the speakers and taking Katarina’s arm I walked with her towards a table at the rear, passing couples, singles, black and white. The room itself posed a very high ceiling decorated in gold and red. Paintings and glass chandeliers hung on both adjacent walls and I noticed upstairs were the private rooms were numbered along the landing. In the centre was a staircase that led down to a dance-floor. It was as Susie had suggested, very upmarket. The black men in the place were obvious right away, seated at tables or along the bar. I felt their eyes on us purposefully as we passed by and I let my arm slide tightly, protectively around my wife’s waist. It didn’t make me feel any more secure because I knew full well I’d have to give her up eventually. That is why I was there. I felt quite light headed, looking around the thirty or more people who were already in the club. The sound of faint chatter all around. 

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I followed Katarina to the side table, passing a menacing but incredibly inciting black suitor who followed our every move. He was late forties, composed and formal with a dark suit and open collar. His experienced eyes followed my wife legs as she walked past with close interest. Obviously a bull of integrity his dusky look had my pulse racing and I nodded to him. Then as Katarina took a chair and crossed her long legs he grinned and spread his knees in a manner that suggested he was making room for his cock to harden up. I had to admit they would look good together. We had been there minutes and already they were moving in. Katarina’s hand pressed into mine. I could see she felt a little on show then she had worn a very inviting dress. How could she not expect those black men to enjoy her body? My head throbbed. I needed a drink and went to the bar. 

After smoking a cigarette to settle my nerves I took a Jack Daniel’s for me and Martini for my wife back to the table. Katarina slipped her arm around mine. I was lucky to have her and wished so much that Emma could see her now. I thought of al the times I’d seen her spread for black men in the past. On her knees giving head to a dark length or on all fours being rooted vigorously from behind. My attention turned briefly towards a couple we had seen on our way in. A middle aged couple. The husband wore a brown suit; his hair receding yet his wife was quite pretty, obviously dressed up for her first big night. She was very slim and quite flat chested with short blonde hair and wearing a sweet, blue knee length dress. Her legs where nice and full but she appeared a little uncomfortable. Perhaps eager to make an impression and not do the wrong thing as the black stud beside was giving her a good going over. I could see plainly, even from across the room the horny eagerness in his eyes and manner. A look reflected by the wife’s nervous yet eager signs. I wandered if she was new to this. There was little doubt in the bulls intention of fucking her senseless. 

‘What do you think?’ Katarina asked, resting her hand on mine. I glanced down at her beautiful wedding ring, the diamond flickering in the light.
‘I like it’ I replied truthfully. She nodded, her eyes bright and a mischievous smile on her lips. Several other couples appeared and some singles. Others went straight from the reception and some up to one of the private rooms. I was aware that our table was being watched very closely. Katarina looked gorgeous and there were any number of men waiting to take her off my hands. From a side room a second middle aged white woman in a neat business suit came out carrying a tray. Atop it where slender glasses of champagne and she went to each couple in turn offering a drink. When she approached us she welcomed us again to Chez Louis. Katarina took a glass. 
‘Would you like any assistance pairing up tonight?’ she asked politely. I shook my head thanked her anyway. It was too soon yet. 

Around us the place began to fill up very nicely. Singles and couples, all dressed up in their finest took up seats and began to mingle. As I observed them it was apparent some of the more composed had been to “Chez Louis” before. Perhaps many times. All the husbands knew why they were here. Why else would they attend an interracial swingers night. I like me, they wanted to watch, to introduce our white wives to more deserving black men and hopefully enjoy our women received the fucking they needed. At the bottom of the stairs the dance-floor lights sparkled into life and several parties moved towards the music. The bulls themselves where indeed all ages and as with the guests some held more maturity than others. It all depended what you as a couple wanted. All the time I was sitting with Katarina I was aware of the older, composed male sitting with his back to the wall. There was a confident, expert air about him, stylishly dressed, his skin showing the effects of time spent in the Florida sun. A crisp whiteness to his teeth and curt smile. Maybe he had given up labour for a more appealing lifestyle? 

Katarina certainly enjoyed the attention. She had several black bulls looking at her at a time, enticed by her willingness to dress so provocatively for them. There could have been few women as fine in the club. The older man hadn’t taken his eyes off Katarina for a long time and she too had been looking regularly in his direction. Shifting deliciously and unnervedly beside me as she had him risen to stiff attention. With a sigh I slid my hand down my wife’s smooth thigh. She felt good, warm and firm; perfume hanging in the delicate air around her. I felt she would soon be grateful for his black dick. Then, through the doors, a couple in their 40’s entered the club and took a seat at a table opposite to us. With a style similar to Katarina, the wife wore a short-red skirt and a revealing, loose blouse. Her hair was blonde and she had firm, nice tits, a lovely tan to her skin and incredible legs. I was looking at them with interest when I felt a playful nudge in my ribs. 
‘Have I not got enough for you Hon?’ Katarina whispered playfully in my ear. I smiled and rolled the palm of my hand again down her smooth thigh so that my fingers rolled over the short hem of her dress. That was when I noticed a couple of new, young studs talking and looking regularly in our direction. I felt my cock began to harden up once more. This was perfect and I kissed my wife lightly on the hand. As Katarina sipped her drink and looked around I wandered what was going through her mind. Perhaps she could sense my apprehension. Not just for myself, but her too. 
‘What's the matter’ she teased, her eyes sparkling, ‘Wouldn’t you like one of those young bulls to put a baby in me?’
‘Oh yes!’ I sighed squeezing her thigh. From across the room another male grinned at us with horny intent. 

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