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Big Brother Joins In

(Part 3 from 3)

I could tell Camille was an expert cocksucker. She could take Dadís entire length all the way down her throat, pulling him out again to swirl her tongue around the crimson head. His whole cock shimmered with her spit, and when it popped out from her mouth, long strings of saliva and pre-cum stretched between his shaft and her pouty lips. It looked like great fun, and I couldnít wait until Camille sucked me off too.

Apparently, I wasnít doing too badly in the pussy sucking department either. The volume of her moaning increased, even with her mouth stuffed full of our fatherís meat. Her thighs clutched at my ears, and her pelvis was writhing around as I lapped steadily at her love button. My sisterís tasty juices were running freely over my lips and down my chin. In a moment of inspiration, I took my index finger, and found her flexing back hole. Using the lubricants from her snatch, I slowly eased the digit into her butthole. Dadís cock slipped out of her mouth as she began to loudly vocalize the orgasm I had brought on.

ďThatís it Son! Suck your sisterís juicy cunt. Make her cum. Make her cum good!Ē

After Camille came down from her climax, she redoubled her efforts on Dadís cock. She slurped noisily on his tool, using her hand to caress the shaft on the out-stroke from her mouth. Dadís face contorted in such a way that I knew he was about to cum.

ďDo you want to watch me cum on your sisterís face?Ē Dad asked.

ďOh yeah, do it Dad!Ē

He pulled his wet dick out form Camilleís lips, and began to jack off. My sister opened her mouth, extending her tongue right under the pulsing crown. His fist flew over his shaft. Camilleís voice shook with obvious lust as she begged our father to shoot his load into her mouth.

Dad let out a gasp, and a thick string of semen blasted across my sisterís lips. Another jet arched directly into her open mouth. The last few volleys coated her wagging tongue with thick puddles of warm jism. Camille swallowed it all, licking her lips happily of her fatherís milky seed.

My sister didnít even come up for air. She looked at me, her bedroom eyes glazed over in lust, ďNow itís your turn big brother. Iím going to make you cum in my mouth just like Daddy.Ē 

She pushed me down on my back. My cock hadnít felt the warmth of my sisterís hand since she fingered me in my room. Now she turned her full concentration on it. She knelt beside me, and began to fondle the turgid flesh of my full erection. Rubbing the head over her cheeks, she pressed its heat into her face, and tapped it playful on her tongue. I could feel her warm breath on my sensitive skin. She rolled the shaft until it met with her warm soft lips. Iím still amazed I didnít cum on her face right then and there, it felt so good.

As my sister teased my cock with her lips, Dad couldnít help but notice her shapely ass wiggling in his face. He winked at me as he got behind his daughter.

ďNow itís my turn to sample this delectable pussy.Ē 

Camille finally let the length of my entire shaft glide down her throat. Her lips formed a tight seal, and her cheeks drew in as she applied suction. Inside her mouth, meanwhile, her tongue was swiping at the sensitive head. As Dad ate out her slit from behind, my sister moaned straight into my meat, adding a nice little vibration touch to the blow job. Soon, my sister fell into a rhythm. I marveled at the spectacular sight of my tool slipping in and out of her pretty face. She pulled my meat free from her lips and smiled up at me. 

ďGod, your dick tastes so good Stevie. Just like Daddyís!Ē

To emphasize the point, she stuck her tongue out and ran one slobbery lick up from the base of my cock, to the head, where she ran it around in circles as if I were a popsicle. Then she sucked me straight back down her velvet throat. Dad laughed into Camilleís pussy when he saw my eyes roll back into my head in ecstasy.

He gave her a playful slap on the butt, ďThatís my good girl. Suck your brother off. You love sucking your brotherís big cock, donít you? I can tell you love it, baby girl.Ē

Urged on by Dadís teasing, Camille began to blow me with added enthusiasm. Her hand stroked the shaft in time with her lips. She let my wet dick pop out of her mouth to turn and look at Dad.

ďfuck me daddy

Dad clutched at the front of her thighs, and sank his shaft deep into his daughterís pussy. He started to fuck her with strong deliberate strokes. His pounding into her from behind now set the pace. Camilleís body rocked back and forth, and the motion was enough to send my dick sliding in and out of her open mouth. The sight of my sister taking both Dadís cock and mine at the same time sent me over the top. My body started shaking, and I could feel myself take in a deep breath.

ďIím cumming, Camille!Ē

She let my dick escape her throat, and she jacked me off into her open mouth.

ďIím cumming... Iím... uhhhh!Ē

The force of my ejection was stunning. A huge wad of semen splattered my sisterís face. Jet after jet pulsed out from my dick in the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Camilleís mouth, lips, chin, and cheeks were slathered with my warm, white cum. She loved it. She wiped her face off with her hands, and then licked her fingers clean. Then she sucked my tool back into her mouth to nurse off the last drops, and ensure that I maintained an erection. Thatís when Dad suggested we trade places, ďHer pussy is even better than her mouth, Son!Ē

With Camille still on her hands and knees on the bed, I took my position behind her. Dad wagged his dick in front of her smiling face. She started to blow our father again while I gazed at her amazing backside. Her shapely ass was in the air, sloping gracefully down to her arched back. Both her wet bare pussy and her clenching anus seemed to beg for my attention. I remembered what Camille had said about letting me fuck her ass if I wanted to, and I surely did. But as I still had never been inside a womanís vagina, I thought that was a good place to start. While she slurped on Dadís member, I took my own and probed around her fleshy petals, marveling at the soft wet warmth. She started to push her butt towards me, and I knew she was hot to have me inside her. I gave a little push. She was so well lubricated that my dick eased into her gash with very little resistance. Regardless of the ease, her cunt was wonderfully snug. The moist walls gripped at my cock, surrounding my flesh with a pleasure I had never known. I took my sisterís hips in hand, and started to fuck her.

Dad and I double-teamed her for a while. She bucked and writhed, moaning out loud with delight. My first fuck was better than I had dreamed, it would be, and it was only an added pleasure that it was with my own sister while she was sucking off our father.

Camille looked up at Dad, his dick brushing against her cheek, and then she looked back at me.

ďI want to be fucked by both of you at the same time,Ē she murmured with desire.

Dad smiled at me, ďSon, youíve tried out two holes so far. You have to take the honor of fucking your sisterís asshole. Iíll take the pussy.Ē

He laid out on his back, and Camille straddled his hips. Reaching behind her, she grabbed his cock, and guided it into her drooling snatch. Riding him a bit to get her groove, she paused to gaze back at me.

ďIím ready Steve. Put it in my ass.Ē

I did as she asked. Although my dick was already slippery with Camilleís, I spat in my hand, and smeared the saliva around my tumid flesh to ensure a smooth entry. I zeroed in on her winking brown eye, putting the head right up to the wrinkled aperture. I applied pressure, and slowly began to sink my rod into her butt. The resistance was a bit greater than I had felt with her cunt, but slowly I squeezed my way inside her bowels. Her asshole was on fire, and the muscles constricted around my shaft, milking me for pleasure. It was awesome.

The action was a little awkward at first, but the three of us found our pace. Soon Dad and I were double drilling my sister with a determined fervor. She bounced in his lap, and tossed her blond hair around as she squealed in lust.

ďStick that family meat in me! Fuck my holes good!Ē

I broke a sweat, pounding into Camilleís ass with everything I had. I could actually feel Dadís cock through the thin membrane that separated her ass from her cunt. We both played with my sisterís tits as we fucked her like crazy. She was gushing quim and dirty talk, begging us to fuck her. She shook with one orgasm after another. I loved fucking my sisterís ass. It was hot enough to bring me right back to edge of climax for the second time that night. I couldnít hold out any longer, and I could tell Dad was ready to blow as well.

My cock twitched deep inside my sisterís anus, and then, I started to squirt my load. I groaned as my orgasm washed over me, just as intense as the last. With my head swimming, I filled Camilleís quivering poop chute with my sticky seed.

Dad and Camille were right behind me. A grunt escaped Dadís throat, and his body jerked. I could almost feel the creamy liquid of his cum as he blasted into his daughterís tight pussy. We stayed in that position for a while, content and happy, savoring our delicious foray into three-way incest.

We spent the rest of my vacation fucking. I knew that Camille was Dadís girl, and I didnít want to intrude too much into their usual arrangement, but Dad and my sister insisted that I join them most every night. They both said it was a great turn on for them to have me there. Believe me, it was impossible to say no.

Now that Iím back in school, I found out that my Dad and sister were right. After a summer of hot family sex, I had much more confidence around girls. As a result, Iíve been laid quite a few times. Iíve got a steady girlfriend now, and Iím really into her. The sex with her is awesome. Weíre in the process of figuring out what we both want to do for the up coming summer vacation. Iím trying to test the waters and see if I can somehow get my girlfriend to come to my house, and introduce her to my very loving family.

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