Between A Man And His Woman

(Part 1 from 1)

I had been hitch hiking through South Africa and was feeling worn out on a 
scorching summer day. Car after car drove past me when suddenly a large 
Mercedes stopped. I eagerly climbed in to the cool, luxurious interior.

The driver introduced himself and his wife. Anton was a large ox of a man 
while his wife, Tanya, was a petite and pretty blonde. Both were very 
friendly and asked about my travels. When they asked where I planned to 
sleep that night I told them I would be booking in to a backpackers hostel. 
They wouldn't hear of it and insisted I come and stay on their farm. I told 
myself I could do with a good meal and a comfortable bed so I agreed.

It was late afternoon when we reached their large farmhouse. There was a 
pool set in the front lawn and it looked most inviting. Anton invited me to 
join them for a swim after I had freshened up. I changed into my trunks and 
went out to the poolside. I found an ice cold beer waiting for me; it was 
most refreshing. Suddenly Anton stood up and stepped out of his shorts. 
Somewhat embarrassed I looked away from the sight of the pale flesh of his 
solid arse. He turned briefly to face me and I noticed he had a long, thin 
cock. Tanya saw the look on my face. 'I hope you don't mind,' she said 'but 
we're miles from the nearest neighbors.'

With that she too stood up and shucked the pretty sun dress she had been 
wearing. She wasn't wearing any panties and my eyes travelled rapidly from 
her pert little breasts to her golden curls. Her delicate limbs were 
sun-tanned a golden brown. I could feel my cock start to lurch in my shorts 
as I crossed my legs. 'Won't you join us?' she asked sweetly. I was trapped. 
Turning my back to her I removed my shorts. My cock was pointing north by 
this stage.

I heard a soft splash as she entered the water. I made a quick dash and 
dived in too, hoping that they would not see my state of arousal. However, 
my hope was in vain. 'That's quite an impressive woody you have there.' 
Anton said. I was somewhat surprised by him saying this and yet it helped to 
break the ice. 'I'm sorry,' I replied 'I've been on the road a long time.'

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'I guessed as much. So relax and let us take care of you.' Anton told me. A 
huge grin crossed my mouth. I had always had the desire to make it with a 
man but had never had the guts to try before. Now this charming couple were 
promising to take care of my every need.

'Come over here.' Tanya said, opening her arms to me. I didn't need a second 
invite. Her mouth was warm on mine, her fingers like delicate butterflies 
fluttering against my back. And then I felt the warmth of Anton's chest 
against me and his urgency nudging between my butt cheeks. I laughed out 
loud, unable to believe that I was actually doing this. 'What?' he asked. 
'I've dreamt of doing this for such a long time.' I replied. 'We both wanted 
you the moment we saw you you.' he told me. I couldn't remember when last I 
felt so good about myself.

We climbed out of the pool and lay down on a large blanket that Anton had 
fetched from the house. Tanya lay back with her legs wide open. I could see 
into her moist pinkness. Anton positioned himself on his knees before her 
and began giving her a juicy tongue bath. Her ecstatic moans told me that he 
was doing a good job. She reached out a hand and rubbed it gently up the 
inside of my thigh, sending shivers through me. Precum was leaking out of me 
and Anton reached over and rubbed it into my cockhead with his thumb. I felt 
only moments away from exploding. As if he sensed this he got up and invited 
me to enter Tanya.

I entered her gently, delighting in the warmth and wetness of her. A look of 
bliss crossed her face as her pussy engulfed my cock. A part of me wanted to 
furiously pound into her but somehow I sensed she enjoyed a gentle 
screwing. I wondered where Anton was when suddenly his large hands parted my 
cheeks and his hot tongue kissed my virgin arsehole. Man! Now I knew what 
all the fuss was about. I could not believe how good it felt. Deeper and 
deeper his tongue probed into me, forcing me deeper into his wife. I opened 
my legs wide to give full access. When he started to fondle my balls I had 
to really concentrate; I was that close to popping my cork.
'Do you like that?' Tanya asked me.
'I love it!' I told her.
'He's very good, isn't he.' she said.
'Yes... yes...' I sighed.
And then I felt him nudging my arsehole. I knew I was ready so I gently 
pushed back onto him. His cock was slick with precum and easily slipped into 
me. It felt a little uncomfortable at first but then it began to ease. Ever 
so gently he worked his length into me.

I closed my eyes, lost in the sensation of being the filling in the 
sandwich. Every single nerve in my body seemed to be aflame. He was soon 
sunk to the nuts and giving me the screwing I had always wanted. His 
movements were working me into Tanya. All I had to concentrate on was 
keeping his weight off of her. Soon her moaning increased in intensity. I 
felt my cock swell inside. I tensed my body, trying to hold off my orgasm, 
but it was a losing battle.

I could feel it building up, seemingly from the soles of my feet. With each 
second it was getting closer. My clenching butt was milking Anton and I 
could hear his rough breathing in my ear. I was holding out, holding out, 
and then... I just blew. It was so intense I could feel it in my closed 
eyelids. I was vaguely aware of both Anton and Tanya getting off around me. 
And then we collapsed in a heap and fell asleep in the still warm evening.

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