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Mrs. Johnson decided, she wanted Kyle more than she loved her husband.

She felt a little sorry for her husband but she didn’t really think it was anything. He and her had been growing apart ever since the day they got married and she had a sneaking suspicion that he had been cheating on her for a while now.

The phone rang and on the third ring her husband picked up the phone. Kyle slid his dick into her ass and she let out a shriek as he filled her with his throbbing rod. “Hey Honey, we need to talk.” Kyle heard mumbles on the other end of the line. “I think its over between us.” the mumbles over the phone became furious, “What I'm saying is that I want a divorce!”

Kyle started to slowly ream her ass. She moaned and over the phone Kyle heard confused and angry shouts. “Yea, there is another man, and he is definitely more of a man than you ever where. I know that you were cheating on me so you can just admit it! Ha! I was right. Well guess what! He is getting to do what you always wanted to do! Now why don’t you listen while he reams my ass hole like you never could!”

She dropped the phone and turned it onto speaker. Mrs. Johnson became louder and louder as Kyle forced his dick further and further into her ass with each thrust of his hips. Her husband yelled through the phone and was drowned out by the sounds of her pleasure filled screams. Kyle finally came, filling her ass hole with his hot load. He slid his dick out of her ass and watched his cum flow from her ass down over her pussy.

Mrs. Johnson slid a finger into her twat forcing some of Kyle's hot cum into it. Kyle lay on the bed next to a limp Mrs. Johnson. He panted heavily and she rolled over laying her head on his firm chest. He was very muscular, and as she ended the call she wondered why he had never shone himself off. She ran her finger across his abs and felt his heart beat.

“Thank you Kyle.” Mrs. Johnson's voice was soft and fairly weak but she smiled.

“You know I don’t even know your first name.”

“Shawna.” Kyle liked her name. It was original and it somehow fit her nicely.

Kyle looked over her body. She lay on her side, one breast hidden against Kyle’s side the other perky and in the open. Her waist was skinny and her hips were wide and smooth. Her legs were perfectly soft and her tan skin bore no tan lines.

“Shawna, I want you to stay with me.”

“Okay Kyle, may I ask you a question?”

“Yes you may.”

“Umm,” She bit her lip and her hand slid in between her legs, “Will you pound my pussy like there is no tomorrow. I’ve been waiting since the day you showed me your cock, and I don’t know how much longer I can stand to be without it.”

Kyle smiled and got onto his knees. He was rock hard again and Shawna lay on her back spreading her legs as far apart as comfortably possible. She patiently waited for Kyle to penetrate her. Kyle grabbed her by her thighs and her ass and pulled her toward him. He rubbed his cock across her twat and on her clit. He slipped his dick into Shawna and she howled in pleasure.

Her back arched as his massive cock slid further into her tight sex. She clawed at the sheets and moaned loudly as he started to slowly fuck her. She pinched and tweaked her nipples as he pounded her faster and faster. The bed creaked and slammed against the wall, and the lamp on the bed stand rocked precariously back and forth.

Shawna couldn’t remember a time when sex had been this good, but she loved it. She started to move back and forth meeting his powerful thrusts with ones of her own. After an hour of pure ecstasy Kyle finally came filling her slit with his hot load.

He continued to fuck her for about five minutes until she came again. As Kyle pulled out of her she lay, totally whipped on the bed. The exhaustion was so complete that she could hardly move, but she never felt better. Shawna felt the cum flow out of her twat, over her asshole and onto the sheets. Kyle lay next to her his body glistening with sweat and his muscles throbbing.

She felt her sex begging for more, but lay panting her chest rising and falling heavily. Mrs. Johnson's breasts bobbed up and down, and Kyle grabbed them. He played with them and sucked her nipples gently. She moaned but couldn’t do much else.

Kyle got up and set his cock into Shawna's cleavage. Pressing her breasts together he fucked her tits. Shawna wanted nothing more than to lay there and be his play thing, but she leaned forward like a good little slave and sucked the tip of his cock eagerly each time it was thrust from between her breasts. He came after a good twenty minutes covering her face in his white sticky load.

She lay there still panting heavily, numb to anything but the pleasure he had given her. When Kyle saw how completely he had exhausted her, he grabbed a towel and gently whipped her face clean of his cum. Shawna smiled up at him and he smiled back. Kyle grabbed his blanket off of the foot of the bed and lifted it over her. He crawled under the covers and lay next to her.

“Good night Shawna.” Kyle said. He closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly. Shawna lay awake for a while longer until her phone rang about an hour later, at 12:07. It was a text from her friend Andrea Palmer and read:

“Cant wait for lunch tomorrow. It seems like I haven't talked to you in forever. Hope you didn't forget.”

Shawna thought to her self, “Shit!” She had totally forgotten about her plans for the following day. She had gotten so caught up in her feelings for Kyle it had slipped her mind. After another hour of trying to figure out this dilemma she finally passed out.

In the morning she woke to the smell of fresh eggs and bacon. She walked out to see a naked Kyle cooking. She went to sit at the table then remembered her manners, “May I sit master?”

“Yes you may.” Kyle finished cooking and sat down across from Shawna. They ate in silence, and when they finished the meal, Shawna got dressed and left, making sure Kyle knew all that was happening.

She arrived at her lunch with Andrea. Andrea was very pretty and Shawna had always had feelings for her that she couldn’t explain. Andrea had short black hair and C cup breasts, just bigger than Shawna's. Her ass was definitely better than Shawna's and perfectly round and firm. She wore black slacks and a blue low cut shirt.

They ate and talked for a while then Andrea said, “You seem different, Happier, What is it your hiding from me?”

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