Beth’s erotic adventures

(Part 3 from 11)
Chapter three: Doggy fun
It was late morning when Beth awoke, as she took a shower she thought of the events of the previous night. She was shocked at how she’d let her lust drive away any common sense, however the sexual side of her mind pointed out that she’d happily do it all again and even more. In the bedroom she quickly made the bed before pulling on a short silk robe and heading downstairs. On her way down she checked her son and daughter’s rooms to see if they were about.
There was a note from her husband on the kitchen table.

I’ve been called into the office, should be back this evening, kids are going out, so the house is all yours.
See you later



Going shopping, back this afternoon.

Love you lots

Spending the day with Helen, we’re going to the beach. Back tonight.


Beth looked into the back garden, the hot sun glinted on the sparkling water of the pool, quickly she fixed herself a snack, grabbed the sun lotion and headed outside. The back garden and pool were private, tall hedges and a fence kept the eyes of prying neighbours away, especially near the house.
Sitting on the patio Beth ate her snack, when Troy wandered out she shared it with him, sitting in the sun she slipped her robe off and started to run lotion into her naked body. As her hands moved over her breasts she tweaked her nipples feeling them respond to her touch. By the time she had covered herself in sun lotion her nipples were like bullets and her pussy was wet with her arousal. She lay back allowing the sun to bathe her body in its hot rays.
Sitting beside his mistress Troy became aware of the smell of her aroused pussy, as his own body responded to the sent he moved closer.
At the touch of Troy’s nose Beth allowed her legs to fall apart, the first swipe of his tongue sent shivers through her body, the second made her groan in pleasure.

“Ooh that’s it lick mommy’s pussy with your long wet tongue”

Beth slowly played with her breasts as Troy’s tongue lapped and drilled at her now dripping crotch. Reaching down she held the dog’s snout against her pussy as her hips jerked with every swipe and thrust of it’s tongue. In no time at all the probing tongue had driven her pussy to shattering orgasm, her body shook with pleasure Beth pulled the dog from her pussy.

“Oooo what a good boy you are Troy, but mommy want’s Troy’s doggy cock now”

Beth sat there for a moment, before quickly grabbing some towels, she dropped a pile on the floor, before kneeling on them and presenting her backside to the horny dog. She quickly draped another towel over herself as Troy mounted her. Reaching back she guided the doggy cock to her waiting pussy. As it slid into her she pushed back until she felt Troy’s fury haunches press against her arse. As Troy fucked her in quick energetic strokes she savoured the feel of a pussy filled with cock. Once again she felt the base of Troy’s cock swell, as the ball pushed into her cunt she orgasmed, the world seeming to fade as her body shook to its release. Moments later she came again as Troy pumped her full of doggy cum.
Leaning forward she waited for Troy’s cock to slide free, as it did she was stopped from moving by al low growl. Looking behind her she saw a Great Dane moving towards her, the strange dog evidently thought it was his turn at the bitch in heat. Thoughts of trying to get away from the strange dog evaporated when she caught site of the erect cock between it’s legs. It had to be at least 12 inches long, as it quivered and dripped with precum.
As the Great Dane mounted her Beth grabbed the large phallus and moved to her willing pussy. Beth fought a scream as the cock pushed deep into her in one quick thrust, stretching her pussy wide. The pain rapidly subsided to be replaced by pleasure, soon she was moving back and forth to meet the dog’s thrusts. The pain returned when the dog’s knot pushed into her pussy, stretching her wide. Soon even that turned to pleasure as she orgasmed on the dog cock buried in her cunt.

“O fuck yes, cuming cuming cuuummmmmiiiinnnnnnggg”

Beth cried in pleasure of release,

“O yes fuck me, fuck me hard, cum for me boy fill my cunt with your hot doggy spunk, o fuck yes yes yes yeeeeessssssssss”

A second orgasm followed, as the dog cock in her pussy seemed to swell even more before scalding cum flooded into her womb.
She crouched there under the strange dog as she waited for his knot to shrink so he could pull free. Unbeknown to Beth she’d had an audience for her dog fuck session, Lisa stood in the kitchen just inside the door, she’d arrived home in time to watch her mother being fucked by first Troy and now the strange dog. She slid her fingers from her still palpitating pussy, feeling her girl cum running down her thighs. Licking her fingers clean she quickly stripped the remainder of her clothes off and headed outside towards her mother, who was still tied with the Great Dane.

“Hi Mom”

Beth raised her head to find her daughter standing naked before her; Lisa’s body was flushed with sexual arousal, her pussy literally dripping with juices. The Great Dane seemed to be in no hurry to withdraw from her cunt, in fact when she moved the dog cock seemed to swell inside her. She watched in silence as Lisa crouched down beside her to look at the cock buried in her pussy. As she turned her head she felt the Great Dane start to thrust into her again, the sensation firing her own sexual arousal.
Lisa wanted to watch her mom get fucked by the dog, but her pussy was crying out for some attention of its own. She slipped under her mom’s kneeling body, stopping to kiss her hanging breasts before moving lower. Looking up at her mom’s cunt she could now watch the large dog cock fuck deep into her mom’s pussy. The position also offered her mom the delightful chance of sucking Lisa’s pussy. She slowly licked the juices that were dripping from her mom’s pussy tasting the salty dog cum mixed with pussy juice. She moaned in pleasure as she felt Beth’s tongue lap at her own dripping cunt, before sticking her tongue out and running it along the dog cock as it appeared coated in jism and cum.
Beth lapped at her daughter’s pussy, savouring the clean taste of her nectar. She pulled apart the girl’s pussy lips, spearing her tongue into her daughter’s cunt like a tiny cock. Suddenly her tongue was joined by that of Troy’s, who smelling another pussy had come to investigate. Pulling up she offered full access to the dog, watching Troy lap and lick her daughter’s cunt she slid her hand over the dog’s body. Slipping it under him she fondled his swelling cock, feeling it push free of its sheath.
Lifting her head Beth moaned in pleasure as she felt the dog cock swell inside her,

“I’m cuming, mommy’s cuming O fuck yes aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Beth orgasmed as she felt the cock pump a second load of hot cum into her womb, while beneath her Lisa thrashed and moaned to her own orgasm as Troy’s tongue lapped at her spasming cunt.
It took a few minutes for the Great Dane’s cock to shrink enough to allow him to pull free of Beth’s pussy. When he did it released a vast amount of cum that ran down her thighs and onto Lisa’s face below. Turning round Beth looked at her daughter, bending down she kissed her and licked the splashed cum from her.

“I love you baby”

“I love you too mummy”

Sitting up Lisa pushed Troy’s mouth from her pussy,

“Do you think he’ll fuck me?” asked Lisa

“Do you want him to”

“Ooo yes please”

“Let’s go inside then,” standing she helped her daughter to her feet, “come on Troy”

As mother and daughter headed for the house with Troy following the Great Dane lay by the pool licking at his well fucked cock.

Beth led her daughter into the house and up to her bedroom.

“OK baby, before we go any further I need to know if you’re a virgin”


“Are you sure you want Troy to take it”

“I just want to be fucked mom”

“OK, it might hurt at first”

Lisa lay down on the edge of the bed, then Beth moved Troy between her daughter’s parted legs, as he caught the sent of her aroused pussy he moved his head to smell it, soon he was once more licking at the teenager’s honey pot. Beth knelt beside the dog; slowly she slid her hand underneath him and wrapped her fingers around his rapidly growing cock.
The taste of Lisa’s pussy and Beth’s hand job soon had Troy’s cock fully erect, Beth pulled Troy from her daughter and lifted him so his front paws were on the bed. Then she guided his erect cock to her daughter’s wet and willing pussy.

“OK baby, here it comes, just relax”

Lisa moaned in anticipation as Troy stood over her, she felt his cock-head brush against her labia, before her mom guided it to her waiting cunt. She looked up and watched her mom trying to control Troy, but when his cock-head sank into the velvety opening of her pussy he thrust quickly forward burying the entire length in her cunt. She screamed in pain as the doggy cock ripped away her virginity in one quick thrust. As Troy pounded into her the pain slowly faded and changed as her body responding to the rutting dog. As her pleasure increased she wrapped her legs around the dog’s back drawing him deep into her. Her hips were now thrusting up to meet each of Troy’s forward jabs, her breath panting in her lungs.

“O mummy I’m cuming mommy I’m cuming”

Beth watched her daughter writhe beneath the dog as she orgasmed, her screams of pleasure filling the bedroom. Scream’s and moans that increased as Troy’s knot pushed into her and moments later he flooded her pussy with his cum. Lisa lay cradled in her mom’s arms as they waited for Troy to pull free, finally after a few minutes he did, leaving Lisa with a strange empty feeling.
Beth quickly moved between her daughter’s thighs licking and sucking the liquid that ran freely from her pussy. The salty taste of doggy cum filled her mouth, she felt Lisa pull at her legs and lifted one to allow her to slip beneath her and gain access to her pussy.
Mother and daughter licked and sucked at each other’s cunt’s, both enjoying the flavour of each other’s pussy juice, the situation seeming to be enhanced by the fact that both of them were drinking dog cum. They drove each other to orgasm before pulling apart to fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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