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Best night ever

My name is Josh. I’m 18 years old and my girlfriend was Ashley. We have been going out for over a year. We were crazy about each other. We weren’t virgins we had lost it to each other a few months ago. My parents have an extra apartment in the city. I used to have a spare key to it. Whenever Ashley and I wanted to make out and stuff we used to o there. It’s a 2 bed room apartment not really any furniture just 1 bed in each of the rooms.

Recently Ashley’s closes friend, Simone had been dumped by her boyfriend. I knew that Simone was having a tough time. She was really depressed because her boyfriend used her just to get laid. He dumped the day after their 1st time.

Since that day Simone hasn’t trusted any guy. It’s been around 4 months since they broke up. A lot of guys are after her but she doesn’t want to hook up with any of them. Ashley used to tell me their conversations. As of late all Simone used to tell Ashley was that she wanted sex badly.

I offered to set her up with one of my friends. Ashley told that she’ll come up with a better idea.

It was finally Saturday and I was lad to reach the weekend. Ashley and I were going to stay at the spare apartment that night. Ashley was meeting me there by 10:00pm. Ashley had promised me a surprised.

I was excited because I love surprises. I waited in the bedroom and was undoing my clothes. I had stripped into my black boxers. I left the door open and waited for Ashley.
2 minutes later I hear someone coming. As the door is pushed open I see Ashley in white sleeveless top and tight blue jeans. She is 5foot 3inches, long black curly hair, nice tan and measuring 34c-24-36. She was really hot. After her I see Simone enter the room. I was embarrassed because I was in my boxers. I pulled the covers on me. I could tell she was a bit embarrassed as well. She was a bit dressed up. She was in a black mini skirt and black tube. She is 5foot 6inches, straight brown hair, and fair skinned and measuring 32c-24-34. She was also looking hot.

Josh: Hey Ash…
Ashley: Hey
Josh: Hi Sim (slightly embarrassed)
Simone: Hi… Sorry
Ashley: Sim is the surprise… She wasn’t to join us tonight… I hope that’s ok?
Josh: Ya… its fine (bit stunned)
Ashley: Are you ok with this?
Josh: Ya…
Ashley: Sim, don’t feel shy. It’s going to be great.
Simone: I know… (Now smiling at me)

I got up from under the sheets and gave Ashley a kiss.

Simone: You guys are really cute.
Ashley: I know (with a big smile)

Ashley then looks at me and kisses me. I lifted her of the ground while we kissed. Simone was looking on. I started taking of Ashley’s top. I was feeling up her awesome body. We both stopped to take a look at Simone. She was enjoying her self as she started taking off her own clothes. I stripped Ashley down into only her panties. While I took my boxers off. Simone and Ashley were whispering things to each other as I stood fully naked in front of them. Simone was only in her panties as well.

Josh: What u girls giggling about?
Ash: Sim was just telling me that her ex-boyfriends cock was only 4inches… She is scared that yours is going to hurt her. (I was 7inches)
Josh: I’m not even hard yet! Don’t worry Sim I’ll be careful
Sim: Umm… can you fuck ash 1st
Josh: It’s your choice
Ash: Josh… Fuck me now…

I turned around and Ash jumped on me and started kissing me heavily. I put her on the bed and got on top off her. I undid her panties as we kissed. Sim was getting watching us intently. I moved my fingers up and down her body. From her ass to her tits. I started positioning my self as I got my erection. She could feel it hit against her thigh.

Ash: Stick it in now… I want you to fuck me hard
Josh: yeah baby… (I started inserting my cock into her already wet pussy)
Ash: Oh… yes! Oh my god that’s nice and big… fuck me harder… umm… yeah! Faster baby… fuck me…
Josh: ah… yeah… oh ASH! (I started picking up the speed)
Josh: AAHHHH… I don’t have a condom!!!
Ash: Cum on my tits please!!!

I removed my cock over her breasts. My cum flew on her chest and face. Sim got on top of Ash and licked my cum off her breasts.

Sim looked at me with horny eyes. I could tell she wanted to be fucked badly. A few seconds later she came towards me and kissed me. She pushed me on to my back as we kissed. My penis began to grow again. My hands ran through her body. I started to lick her nipples and toyed with her pussy. I could feel her getting wet.

Sim: Oh Josh!! Stick it in me!!

I then lowered her on to my hard cock. I slowly entered her tight, soaking wet pussy.
She started to moan. Ash was getting a bit jealous. So she came closer to us and sat her pussy over my face. I had my tongue inside Ash and my cock inside Sim.

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Sim: Oh my god!! That’s so big! Oh Josh deeper!! Ash


I felt Ash was going to cum soon. I could feel the cum on my tongue. While Sim was riding my dick I squeezed her tits. They both were moaning with pleasure. They both were close to climaxing and so was I. My body was twitching.

Sim: OHHH JOSH!!! I’m going to cum. AHHH… YESSSS!!! FUCKKK

Ash: AHHH… YEAH!!! OH YESSS even I’m going to cum!!!

I picked up the pace both with my tongue and my hips. Their moans kept getting louder and louder. Both girls were screaming my name in joy. I loved every second of it. Ash was the first of the two to cum. As she climaxed she rolled down onto her back.
Sim screamed my name one last time as she climaxed and squirted all over my cock. I quickly took her off my cock as I was going to cum any second. I then stood on top of Ash who stuck my cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head just a few times and I blew my load into her mouth. I moaned loudly and screamed out Ashley’s name.

Josh: Oh baby that was awesome

Ash: Yeah!!... But can you do one more thing for me?

Josh: Yeah, Anything.

Ash: (Whispering to me with a seductive voice) Can you fuck me in my ass

Josh: YES!!

Sim was looking at us clueless of what was going to happen. Ash moved towards her started sucking on her pussy. Sim was lying down on the bed and Ash was licking her wet pussy. I got extremely turned by looking at this. I had a full hard erection. I moved towards them and kissed Ashley’s back. Se continued licking Sim’s tight pussy. Sim was moaning away. I slapped her ass cheeks and she then spread her legs giving me access into her ass. I positioned my self and slowly entered my cock into her small asshole. It was hurting her as she moaned loudly ‘Ahhh fuck… oh yeah josh… fuck me’. I stared to thrust slowly. Her moans continued. She begged me to go faster. I decided to then pick up the pace I fucked her ass harder and faster. As I did her moans became louder and louder. She was still licking Sim’s pussy who also began to moan loudly as she was going to climax again.

Sim: Ahhhh… YESSSS… Oh ASH!!!! I’m going to CCCUMM!!

Sim soon climaxed and squirted on Ash’s face. Sim’s moaning stopped soon. While Ash and I started to moan louder as I was fucking her ass as hard as I could. She was screaming my name and begging not to stop. I got more turned on and fucked her even faster. She screamed louder than ever. Sim was sitting down in front of us and looking at us. She was getting turned on as I fucked Ashley harder and harder. She stuck her finger in her own ass. I was going to cum again but still I dint slow down. I started spanking her nice hard ass.



I was going to cum and our moans became even louder as I was fucking her from behind. I climaxed and blew my load inside.

All 3 of us were lying down on the bed exhausted. We all agreed to do this more often. Sim thanked us for the most amazing night ever as we all fell asleep.

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