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Berlin and Holly fart on Kirsten Dunst

(Part 1 from 1)

As the camera rolled, the one and only, Kirsten Dunst was rolling around wrapped in duct tape. Her screams were muffled because her mouth was taped shut securely. She had a scared look in her eyes as she rolled off the bed trying to escape somehow as the cameraman taped her quietly.

Previously Kirsten was kidnapped by two women who were masked, in an alley. Kirsten continued to squirm as the door...and out came NAUGHTY HOLLY and BERLIN. These two were famous for their fart videos. They had once fart teamed on a guy but never before a woman. Berlin was excited as she was the first to do anything.

She took her shoes off and carefully placed them on Kirsten's face. "Hi, Kirsten? Surprised, aren't you?" Berlin said in a cute way as Holly laughed. "You're gonna be our fart slave today! Are you excited?" Holly asked. "Nmmf!" Kirsten replied. Berlin lifted her back on the bed and said, "Awww, yes you do!" Holly sat on Kirsten's face first. "Smell my ass, sniff it. I wanna hear you sniffing, hahaha!" she laughed.

Berlin held Kirsten down as Kirsten thrashed, hating the smell of Holly's ass. Holly farted loudly on her face through her jeans. "Ahahahahaha you have no choice but to smell it, you're not going anywhere!" Holly told Kirsten, who thrashed violently. PRRTTTPPT! "Mfff! MMFF!" Berlin just laughed as she held Kirsten's legs down as she thrashed.

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"God, that does stink Holly, I hate it for her!" Holly took her jeans off, then as she took her panties off she said, "Well, if you think that stinks then take a whiff of this!" She held Kirsten's face to her bare ass and PRRRRBTTTTed right in her nose as Kirsten's nostrils flare violently. "My turn! My turn!" Berlin yelled as they got ready to switch places. Berlin wore her polka-dot panties and rested her smelly ass on Kirsten's face.

Now if you know anything about Berlin, you know she can really fart and that most of her slaves are really tortured by her farts. Berlin rubbed her big bubble butt on Kirsten's face. Prrpppt! "Smell that smelly shit. Haha that is gonna stink." Kirsten smelled the rotten egg salad fart and went off. Holly had to sit on her legs as she almost escaped but didn't. Berlin was laughing hard as she let out an uncontrolled PHHOOOTTT.

Kirsten turned her head to the side to try to avoid the funk to a certain exent, but Berlin held her head back to her ass and let out another smelly fumed fart in her face. "Can't escape my ass! hahahaha it's funny to watch you attempt to escape my gas." Berlin teased Kirsten as she laughed with Holly. Kirsten couldn't take this STINK! But what could she do? Berlin took her panties off and bounced her big pretty ass on Kirsten's face. "Mmfff!" Berlin opened her ass cheeks and positioned her hole at Kirsten's nose.

Kirsten knew what was about to happen, so she quickly turned her head to the side. "Holly, quick hold her head!" Holly went over with a clip over her nose and held Kirsten's head in the right position as Kirsten still tried to fight but it was useless. Kirsten's nostrils did not wanna take this fart. Her nose touched Berlin's asshole. "This is gonna be big! It's gonna be huge! Hey, uh, Kirsten? I wouldn't have my nose right there if I were you.. Oh yeah, that's right, you're not going anywhere.

Hope you don't mind if I...PRRRBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTT! The fart went straight to poor Kirsten Dunst's nostrils. Holly and Berlin laughed their asses off at this. The room stunk so bad, the cameraman turned the cam off and left. "Alright Berlin, it's time for the finishing touch." Holly said. "You got it!" Each of them took fat duct tape and taped Kirsten's already bondaged body secure to the bed, enough so she could only move her head. But that came to an end when they taped her forehead tight to the bed. They both squatted their asses close to Kirsten's nose on each side.

"Alright Holly, I've got the right nostril, you've got the left!" Berlin exclaimed. The got ready to fire as Kirsten cried because she knew this would be bad....PPPPPPPPPPPRRRRBBBT! PRRRBBBT! Both fart odors mixed in Kirsten's nose as she passed. The last thing she heard was both women laughing out loud. What an embarrassing story she could tell on Letterman.

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