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Becoming neighbors wife

(Part 1 from 1)

My name is Jesica. Yes, I was sex hungry and greedy about having sex like animals. I got married to an marine engineer . He was working in a remote places away from me and he was not with me always. I was born and brought in small village. I am good looking, with an sexy figure even since my college days. My husband, Mr.Jason, is a slim person with bony body he was not fulling my sexneeds in bed.He gets exhausted very fastly and makes me feel like a hungry animal every night.

After few years, we came on transfer near my village which is developed into a big city and we hired a house in a corner of the city. The city was very good, but my husband could not take me out as he did not know many places here. I always wanted to go for long rides, but he never took me to new places every time he used to have some office work. Gradually we were unhappy in house. I could no more have sex with such a person. I was hungry. There was a neighbor staying on our top floor, who was also my husbandís friend and colleague. His name was Nelson. He was married , but his wife was not so loved by him in bed as she was thin as stick and had a ugly body. I used to make fun of her boobs when ever we chatted, But she used to tease me for my foot ball sized boobs and a big body type.

Once Nelsons wife had to go to her home town to attend the marriage of her cousin. She went and Mr. Nelson was alone in the house. Nelson had requested my husband to send him some meals in night.He had agreed. First night my husband took the some meals to his house. Next day in the morning he came to our house for breakfast. I had to go to my mothers house that day i It was around far, and I asked my husband to take me there but he was busy with office work .Then Mr.Nelson told that he will drop me there so my husband agreed. Nelson told me to be ready by lunch and i was ready. Cunningly I decided not to wear deep neck dress which made me more sexy.

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Nelson came and we left in his bike. While going I sat bit far off from him. We reached the place and i met my mother and father my work was overthere. Then we went to a restaurant for some snacks, and coffee. In the restaurant I leaned often Cunningly forward, giving a good show of my cleavages my white cloth was transparent to clearly show the nipple towards Nelson. He was now staring at them.Then we travelled for two hour to home.

This time I sat close to him and told him that I am feeling scared and I huged him around his waist and pressing my breasts on his back firmly and holding him even tighter. There was fire in his head I could notice his bulge was growing in his pants and we reached our house late and we went home. When I reached the house it was locked my husband had left to nearby city and he would be back after a week. I showed it to Nelson and asked him to come here for dinner . He went to his house. Then I took bath in hot water. I wore a sleeveless, nylon lingerie, which much transparent. As I was not wearing any under garments, there was nothing for imagination.

Mr. Nelson came for dinner. After dinner,I sat in front of him on the sofa. My breasts were fully visible. He then told me good night and I huged him tightly and offered my mouth for a long kiss. We reached our bed room. I and Nelson became complete naked he started kissing again and again. I slid my hand and held his cock which was enormous in size in my hand. As I took his cock in my mouth fully. I held his balls in my hands. His hands were squeezing my breast hardly. He bit my nipples in his mouth while playing his hands on my bare back and ass. I was wet and wanted him in me. 
I slid on to his long, fat cock It went like a knife in me as i was wet. I was now jumping on him my breasts were up and down. I climaxed again and again throwing huge cum on the sheets. We changed our positions. As he came on me and fucked me heavyly, I was screaming with pleasure, and ultimate happiness. He had huge penis and had strength for almost an hour. Then he exploded deep inside me for a long time, filling me completely with his hot scum. He was small now. I bent my head and took him it my mouth. Within no time, he grew to in size. This time he fucked me for long time making me cry in happiness and pain for first time.

Even after my husband returned we were fucking with out any ones knowledge almost every week and this is not known to his wife and my husband even after i had Nelsons child and name her kelly .

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