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Barchelor Party

(Part 1 from 1)
     It was my bachelor party and my friends had of course hired a stripper. I had
been to several strip clubs and while I loved watching the half naked girls dance, I
really wasn't all that excited about having a stripper at the party. I began to change
my mind, however, when Kitti moved all the other guys back out of her way and
put a chair in the middle of the room, inviting me to become the center of attention
with her. She had her red dress pulled up and no panties on, so I could see
her pussy, and her tits were hanging out the top of her dress. 

          She straddled me and put her tits right in my face as she danced. The girls
at the bars had done this before and I knew I should control myself and keep my mouth
off her nipples, as much as I wanted to wrap my lips around them. She was 
grinding her naked pussy against my crotch and I got brave enough to try touching
her legs, just above her knees. When she didn't back away I began caressing her
thighs and raising her dress to see if she was going to let me go any further. 

     Just then she turned around and pulled her dress up for me, exposing her
ass and backing up towards me. When she reached me, she bent over spreading
her legs apart to show me her pussy and her asshole. I figured I'd get slapped, but
I reached out and grabbed her ass on either side pulling her cheeks apart slightly
for a better look. To my surprise, not only did she not hit me, but she encouraged
my groping by reaching back and guiding my hands over her ass and across her
pussy. I could feel my dick swelling inside my jeans as she allowed me to stroke
her pussy, leaning over further and moaning softly. 

       The next thing I knew  she was on her knees in front of me stroking my
hardness through my clothes and asking me if I wanted her to suck my cock.
I thought of my fiancé momentarily, then smiled at Kitti and asked her if she'd
like to suck it. I got my answer when she unbuttoned my jeans and worked 
them down my legs, over my shoes, and tossed them on the floor behind her.

          The party had left the room by now, and I could hear them in the kitchen
laughing and drinking beer. Kitti wasted no time and quickly took my cock
all the way down, gently squeezing the muscles at the back of her 
throat around me as she sucked her way up and down faster than I had ever
seen a girl suck a dick. Her tits brushed the inside of my thighs as she worked
her lips and her tongue around my balls and back to my dick, sucking harder
and harder and moving faster and faster. 

     Sometimes she would gently scrape her teeth along my cock as she
moved up and down. To my astonishment, this was not painful at all, but actually
made me want to cum each time she did it. I leaned over a little so that I could
reach her tits and began fondling first one and then the other. Feeling her nipples
swell in my fingers and hearing her moan softly as she bobbed up and down made
me lose control and I tried to pull back to keep from cuming in her face. She 
grabbed my hips when I did this though, and jerked me back towards her, opening
her mouth and sticking out her tongue to catch the hot cum as it squirted in her face,
and dripped down her throat. I think I'll have one more bachelor party before I 
actually get married....but this time, Kitti will be the only guest.
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