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Balcony lust

(Part 1 from 1)

As they lay by the pool, Louise and Steve agreed that this had been one of their best holidays ever. The weather had been perfect, the hotel was fantastic and their fellow holiday makers had been sociable without invading their personal space.

With mid-afternoon approaching they exchanged glances and smiled. It was time. All holiday they had talked of making love on the balcony, but had been put off by the thought of being seen by fellow holiday makers that they would then have to face over the dinner table. But now it was their last full day they had decided “What the Hell”, and as they packed up their towels and sun cream they both felt a shiver of excited anticipation.

The minute they got into the room they fell into a long hard embrace, kissing feverishly as the prospect of what they were going to do fuelled their desire. Finally they broke off for long enough to walk across the room to the open doorway that lead out onto the balcony. As they embraced once more they could see the sparkling blue sea in one direction and the hotel pool in the other. There were still lots of sunbathers on the beach and by the pool, and any one of them could have looked up to see them.

Barely breaking off from kissing each other they took it in turns to remove their t-shirts, leaving Dave in his swim shorts and Louise in her bikini. Although she had been sunbathing topless all week Louise was now much more aware of her breasts being exposed as Dave unfastened the clasp at the back of her bikini top. As the top fell to the floor he lowered his head and started to kiss and lick at her breasts. She gasped as she felt his teeth nibbling at her erect nipples, then almost as an afterthought she looked down to see if anybody had seen what they were up to.

So far they seemed to have gone unobserved, and Louise gasped again as Steve started to kiss his way down her abs towards her bikini bottoms. As his mouth reached the top of the small patch of material he hooked his fingers into the back of the waistband and started to ease them down over her hips, lightly caressing her buttocks as he did so. Lowering his head slightly further he started to kiss right at the top of her pussy, just above her clit, teasing her with the proximity of his tongue. Her legs were starting to feel weaker, and stepping out of her bottoms she leaned back against the railing that ran along the top of the balcony wall.

Steve’s tongue was now lapping urgently at her clit, and as she pressed herself against his mouth he reached up behind her and gently eased her buttocks apart, running his fingers up and down between them. Louise started to rock her hips back and forwards, and Steve took this as an invitation to insert the tip of one finger into her anus. The rocking of her hips now meant that on the forward movement she pressed harder against his busy tongue, and on each backward movement she felt his finger slide a little further inside her. It didn’t take much more of this attention to bring her to a shuddering climax, and in spite of herself Louise let out a loud moan of orgasmic pleasure.

Opening her eyes in the aftermath of her climax, Louise was horrified to see the woman on the balcony next to theirs openly watching them. When she saw that Louise had seen her the woman simply smiled and said “I hope you don’t mind me watching. You look very sexy together”. It was only when he heard her speak that Steve realised she was there, He looked almost as flustered as Louise as he got to his feet.

Their neighbour introduced herself as Maria, and told them that she was on holiday on her own. She had only come out on her balcony to hang out her bikini to dry, when she had spotted them and stopped to watch. “But I still haven’t hung my bikini up” she laughed “Would you mind if I did it now?”

“Of course not” said Louise. Along with Steve she then watched in amazement as Maria unfastened the top of the bikini she was wearing before hanging it over the balcony rail. Without taking her eyes off Louise’s she then untied the knot at the side of her bottoms and removed them as well. There was no doubt that Maria was a very attractive lady, with her nice slim figure and dark hair and complexion, but Louise was still surprised at the effect that seeing her standing there naked was having on her.

“You like?” asked Marie, receiving dumb nods from both of them by way of reply. “Please do not let me stop you” she said with a wink and a knowing smile.

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Louise needed no further invitation and turned to kiss Steve, running her hands over the bulge in his swim shorts as she did so. As they continued to kiss she repeated Steve’s actions of a few moments earlier, kissing her way down his body as she lowered his shorts. As it escaped from the its confines his cock sprang to attention. Louise started to gently kiss the very tip while playing with his balls. He looked up to see Maria openly playing with herself while watching them both intently. Without thinking about what he was saying he blurted out “Would you like to join us?”

On hearing this offer Louise looked up from what she was doing, and her look of shock and surprise quickly turned into a welcoming smile as she watched Maria climb over the low wall between the balconies. She certainly didn’t appear to be the shy type as she pressed herself against Steve and reached down to wrap her fingers round the base of his shaft. With her other hand she grabbed the back of Louise’s head and guided it towards Steve’s erection, feeding it into her mouth. Louise sucked greedily as Maria guided her head slightly back and forwards. Steve couldn’t believe his luck, and it looked like it was going to improve even further as Maria crouched down beside Louise, without ever taking her hand off his cock. Louise felt Maria’s hot breath on her cheek, and then the feel of her tongue on her lips as she started to lick Steve’s shaft as he continued to slide it in and out of Louise’s mouth.

Louise made no protest as Maria removed Steve’s cock from her mouth and began to suck on it herself. She found the close up view of the expert use of tongue and lips was turning her on even more. It was clearly turning Steve on hugely as well and he started to groan and buck his hips faster as he felt his climax approach. Maria kept sucking and wanking him, and as the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat she pulled her head away and offered his cock back to Louise, still working it vigorously with her hand. His cum shot everywhere, in both of their mouths and over their hands and bodies.

“Oh dear” grinned Maria “You had better sit down while us girls clean this mess up”

Obediently Steve sat on one of the chairs on the balcony, and watched with delighted surprise as Maria raised his wife’s hand to her mouth and started to lick his cum off her fingers. At the same time she offered her own fingers up to Louise who willingly sucked and licked them clean.

Maria wasn’t done yet though, and lowering her head slightly she started to lick Louise’s breasts clean of cum as well. When she had finished she put her hands behind Louise’s head and guided it down to her own breasts. Louise was as surprised as Steve when she started to return the favour. The taste of his cum and the sensation of Maria’s nipples against her tongue felt like nothing she had experienced before, and she kept licking them long after all traces of cum had been cleaned away.

In fact she was so engrossed in orally pleasuring Maria’s breasts that she didn’t notice what was happening until she felt her fingers on her pussy. She had clearly done this before, and had the balance between rubbing her clit and then sliding two fingers inside her down to a fine art. It only took a few minutes of this expert attention before Maria felt Louise’s pussy walls tighten on her fingers as her orgasm started. She came with a shudder, and opened her eyes to see Maria’s smiling face and, still on his seat, Steve playing with his newly renewed erection. She returned his smile, reassured to see that he had enjoyed watching her with Maria.

Standing up she took his hand and led him over to the sun lounger, where she sat him down and took his cock in her hand, slowly wanking it back to full hardness. She shivered with pleasure as she felt Maria’s small breasts brush against her back and her hot breath on the back of her neck. Slowly she felt Maria turning her round so she was facing her with her back to Steve. Maria took her hand and guided it to her pussy. This was completely new territory for Louise, and she put up some token resistance until her fingers came into contact with the wetness of Maria. Suddenly enthusiastic she started to stroke her clit gently but firmly, occasionally sliding her finger down between the lips of her pussy to get more lubrication. As she was doing this Maria took her face in her hands and kissed her on the lips. Strangely this felt like a step too far to Louise, and she failed to return the kiss.

Or at least she failed to return it initially. It didn’t actually take that long for Maria’s gently probing tongue found a way in between her lips, and suddenly she was enjoying the sensation of Maria’s soft sensual lips on hers, responding to the transitions between delicate and passionate. And then she felt a growing sense of self satisfaction as she sensed that she was on the verge of bringing another woman to climax for the first time. Maria now grabbed the back of her head and her kisses became almost desperate in their urgency as Louise’s fingers increased the tempo and the pressure, until she gasped with sheer delight as she came in wave after wave. Eventually the orgasm subsided, and Maria took a step back. For a moment Louise felt very unsure about what had just happened. She had not just overstepped her boundaries, she had leapt across them.

The moment of doubt was short lived however as Maria took her by the hands and guided her backwards towards Steve. When she got within range he took her hips in his hands and guided her down so that she was straddling him, still facing Maria, who now took his cock in her hand and guided it up into Louise’s waiting pussy. She slid slowly down onto it, feeling every inch as he penetrated her. Then she began to rhythmically ride him, rising up until he was nearly out of her then lowering herself back down to enjoy that sensation of being entered again and again.

Looking down she saw that Maria had knelt down between Steve’s legs and was licking at his balls. With deliberate slowness Maria started to lick her way up his shaft until her tongue was flicking between his cock and Louise’s clit. This was way too much stimulation for Louise to take and she groaned loudly as she came again. The violence of her orgasm caused Steve to slip out of her, allowing Maria to grab his cock and wank him vigorously for the few short moments it took for him to come.

His cum landed on her pussy and lower belly, and once more Maria obliged with the cleaning up. Exhausted they all collapsed in a heap, until Maria suggested that a shower might be a good idea, and it was obvious from the look in her eye that she didn’t mean alone. It had been just about the perfect ending to a wonderful holiday.

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