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At the Glory Hole

(Part 1 from 1)

We have been driving for a while, just you and I. It is still day out, and we have been flirting and playing and are both quite aroused. We have thought of pulling off the side of the road for a quickie, but the road has been too busy and no good spots to stop. As we pull into the next little town, I see a sign for an adult bookstore and arcade, and pull in. You are unsure about this, but your desire is overwhelming at this point as well.

We go into the store and see the racks of dirty books and movies, and at the back of the store a dark door leading to the arcade. As we go through the door you see the sign that says only 1 person allowed by law per room and look at me, but I put my finger to my lips for silence. We go to the back and enter a room, locking the door behind us. I feed some money into the machine and a video starts playing. In the light of the video we see a chair in the room.

I wrap my arms around you and kiss you deeply, and feel you kissing me back. You press yourself against me and feel my cock growing in my jeans. I passionately kiss my way down your body, pausing for long moments here and there to kiss and suckle and feel you respond to me, reading your response to see where I move to next. On my knees, I hike your skirt and pull down your panties and lightly lick your clit.

I push you into the chair and hike your legs over my shoulders so I can bury my face into you. You moan deeply and quiver as I find your g spot with my tongue. I lick my way down to your ass and probe and moisten it with my tongue before returning to your pussy. I moisten my middle finger inside you, then slowly ease it into your ass, only to the first knuckle, and slowly work it there as I bury my tongue deeper and deeper into you. We hear the door to the room next to us close and you try to stifle your moans. I know what you are doing, but I want that guy to hear what a good time you are having so I hungrily go into even more. We hear the sound of his money feeding into his machine and suddenly you catch a new illumination out of the corner of your eye. You suddenly see an 8-inch hole cut into the wall between our booth and his. I am oblivious to this as I focus all my attentions on you and making you cum on my tongue.

As crazy as I am making you with my tongue, you cannot keep your eyes off that hole. You are afraid that you are going to see a face in it watching you at any moment. You see shadows of movement from the light in the next room. You try to muffle your moans and cries but are unable to. You bite at your lower lip. Then to your surprise, you see something at the hole, but it is not an eye or a face. You see an erect cock very near the hole, with a hand stroking it. You look at me wondering what to do, but I am oblivious, knowing nothing but the sweet nectar of your pussy on my tongue. You reach out to the hole and poke two fingers through and stroke the cock next door. This is all the encouragement he needs to poke it through the hole. You look at this amazing disembodied cock that has suddenly entered your room and reach out to stroke it. Stroking that strange cock puts you over the edge and you start cumming all over me.

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I pull my wet face from between your thighs and look up at you, then see your arm extended and your hand wrapped around this cock. My own cock suddenly grows another full inch. You look at me questioningly, and I look back with all the love and lust in my heart I have for you, and I ask you to suck it. You move from the chair and tentatively move closer to the cock and give the head a lick. You feel it twitch and throb in your hand and on your tongue. I move so I can still feel you, touch you, stroke you, and still watch what you are doing. Slowly, you take the full length of the cock into your mouth.

I watch as you hold the cock by its base, as if to keep it from escaping through the hole again. You pull your mouth off it and I see a strand of drool connect the two of you, then you run your tongue around the head before swallowing it again. I crawl under you, between your legs, crunching my head and shoulders against the wall and position my cock under your pussy. You ease yourself down and your pussy swallows my cock as I watch you swallow the cock in the wall again. I start bucking into you furiously and you fuck me like mad as you hungrily attack the cock in the wall. Watching you as I fuck you is too much for me to handle and I pull out of you before I cum, I want to savor this so much. As I watch you sucking the cock in the wall for a few more minutes I start fucking you again. Suddenly you pull your mouth off the cock and jack his cum onto your shoulder and your dress, droplets raining down on me. I fuck you mercilessly. You milk out the last drop, then suck it deep into your mouth again, then spit it out as the size diminishes. It disappears into the wall.

We hear the door close and I grab you by the hips and furiously fuck you. We hear the handle of our door being turned, but it won't open. We hear the door next to us open again and almost immediately another hard cock appears. You just attack this one. I roll out from under you and get behind, grabbing you by the hips again and you scream with a cock in your throat as I bury myself deeply with one hard thrust, pressing your face against the hole in the wall. With my hands on your hips I run you like a locomotive engine, jerking you onto my cock then pushing you onto his. Back and forth you fuck and suck. Just as I am ready to cum I push my thumb into your ass and we cum together, my cock swelling and spewing into you as you pulsate and squeeze around me. I don't know what you've been doing to the cock in the wall, but this time you don't release your lips as it cums, filling your mouth with hot man juice.

Spent, I pull out of you. You drop the cock from your mouth and kiss me deeply. Your mouth is so hot, and I can taste the cum in it. We hold each other for a long moment, holding tightly, kissing deeply. We do not even notice the spent cock leave and a new one take its place. You reach down and stroke it, then whisper into my ear that you want to watch me suck my first cock. I ask if you want me to do this alone, or if you want to feed it to me. You want to feed it to me. As you continue to stroke the cock, I drop to my knees and slowly, deliberately move my mouth to the head. You guide the cock into my mouth. I do as I have watched you do, and lick the head with my tongue before I wrap my lips around the head. You let go of the cock in the wall and reach for mine. You sit and watch as I suck this cock into my mouth, then release it, over and over as you stroke my cock with one hand and stroke your pussy with the other.

My cock throbs and grows hard in your hand again as I bob and suck on the cock longer, harder, faster. One fist is jacking it into my mouth as my tongue dances around it. I feel it pulsing and know what is next. I tell you to come close so I can spray it on you, but you tell me no, you want me to swallow this load. You want to watch it pulse and throb and spew into my mouth, and you ask me to let a little escape from the corners. I feel him cumming and do as you ask. I feel him trying to push further into my mouth as he fills it with cum, but I won't let him…I'm already gagging. The load is more that I expect or can handle and I don't have to let it dribble out; it escapes on its own. As you watch the cum escaping my lips you start cumming all over your fingers and stroke me furiously.

With this cock spent I spit it from my mouth and you come to me for yet another long hungry kiss. We spend another hour in this room playing before we get on the road again, only to grab a motel because we are spent and need sleep before continuing, but sleep does not come easily as we are aroused over and over again at the thoughts and visions that play in our minds of the afternoon's debauchery.

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