Asian sex slave : Part One

(Part 1 from 1)

Lara, a 19-year old, was walking home, was ambushed by two men who gagged her, bindded her with rope, and threw her into a box, which they carried off.

As Lara was in the box, a million thoughts ran through her head. Who are those people? What do they want? Do they want to rape me?  "Yes", her brain replied to her last guestion. After all, she was tiny for her age, at just 5"4.

She had breasts that were twice the size of an orange. Her breasts looked even bigger due to her thin, frail build. The only clothes she had were: A low-cut bra, a tiny t-shiet that bearly covered her bra, a miniskirt that bearly covered her sweet ass.

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She wore nothing else. No socks, no shoes, nothing else. To top it of, she never had sex, neither oral, anal, nor did. She was the prefect target for a rape. She also knew that noone will notice that she was gone. She ran away from her home in Bangkok when she was girl. 

She somehow got the money to fly to and live in London. She had no friends, unless you count the countless offers by lovers with she ignored. She had been fired from her job a few days ago, and she had nothing to eat all day. Then she heard a voice. "Here is a present for you, boss", a male voice.

She was wondering what the man was talking about, but when another man spoke, she nearly fainted form the shock. "In this box is a asain bitch. She was plainly begging to be fucked. She has huge breasts considering her size and she is also small and weak.

A prefect sex slave. Now how much are you going to pay for her". Lara was horrified. These men were going to sell her to a man that would no douth rape her and they were disscusing this just as casually as if they were selling a hoover. She knew that she was going to be a sex slave.

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