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An exstatic Night Club

(Part 1 from 1)

It was Saturday night and I was at happy hour drinking my fourth margarita. I was feeling great so when my buddy suggested we go to this new hot nightclub around midnight I said "Hell yea!" not realizing that I had seven more hours of drinking before we went! I was used to partying hard but by the time we were putting on our "snaking clothes" I was a little wasted, but still ready to party on.

I looked good with my tight pants and halfway unbuttoned shirt, I was a good looking guy or at least I thought so after so many women had told me before this night. I'm 6'4" tall about 225lbs. and I have a swimmer's body and a good tan, enough about me because tonight it was all about the "hot" chicks in this new club!

We got in after waiting in a long line but it was worth it! There were gorgeous women everywhere and not one was what I would call plain looking. Each woman had a hot body with big tits and perfect asses and they were all wearing short, short dresses like it was a uniform that barely reached the bottom of their sweet cheeks. On several occasions I would catch a peep of one when she would twirl on the dance floor and they were either wearing a thong or nothing at all and I could actually see bush!

We got some drinks and stood by the edge of the dance floor just mesmerized by all the hotties and sexual tension all around us. As a tall guy I caught several glimpses down the tops of some heavy chested women and most of them were not wearing bras, so I saw nipples and everything! This was turning me on and my dick was actually getting hard inside my tight pants and was bulging out somewhat so when these hot chicks would squeeze by, (it was real crowded) they would brush the front of my pants with their ass or arm and it felt electric! Some of them turned around and gave me a look like "nice cock" and some kept walking like nothing happened.

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It seemed like everyone was really happy and my buddy told me that most everybody was doing extasy and they called these kinds of clubs "Raves", all I knew was that the more I saw and the more women who brushed by me was taking its toll! I started to get bolder and when a fine ass would come squeezing through the crowd by me, I would push my hips forward and rub my 8" and growing cock against her as she passed by me. This worked for a while but then they cleared the dance floor so that the house dancers could do a little show. Well all the people that were on the dance floor just pushed back along the edges and caused one very hot looking couple to be smushed right into me!

His hand was cupping her perfectly round ass and occasionally he would pull up her skirt to feel her bare ass and she was not wearing panties! It was so crowded that nobody noticed except me and I was getting even more turned on! As he massaged her ass, he slid his finger between her sweet cheeks and I almost came! She was acting as if nothing was happening but I could tell she was getting turned on by the way she parted her legs to allow him access to her snatch. He was fingering her deeply and then he stopped for no apparent reason. She put her head on his shoulder and when he didn't put his hand back there I thought this was my chance and I cupped her ass with my hand and felt its smoothness and rounded shape! She must have thought that my hand was his because she pushed back against my hand and slightly slid her legs apart!

I was freaking and my heart was beating a thousand beats per second as I tried to repeat the motions he had done to her just minutes earlier! I slid my middle finger between her thighs and when I reached her slit she kissed his ear and moaned. She was soaking wet so my finger slipped in easily all the way up to the knuckle! She parted her legs even more to give me better access and I started sliding my finger in and out of her slick cunt and it was fantastic! I was getting crazy sexy so I used my thumb to touch her butthole and I added another finger to her snatch and started sliding them in and out faster and faster! She was breathing harder now and kissing and biting his ear, neither of them aware that someone else was invading her vagina with extreme intensity! I pushed my thumb into her tight butthole and that did it! She started to have an orgasm right there on the dance floor as her knees buckled I held her up by her pussy!

She was trying her best not let the people on either side of her aware that she was orgasming! I withdrew my hand and walked away feeling drunk, hot and spent with sexual energy! I think I may have even come in my pants! As I got a little further away, I looked back and I saw her whispering in her husband's ear and his head swung around and looked right at the guy that was standing in the spot I just vacated. He punched that guy in the face so hard that he fell back out cold! She looked over in my direction because when they had first walked up and stood in front of me she looked at me and gave a friendly smile. I think she figured out that I was the one who had just violated her but because she enjoyed it so much she just smiled at me and winked turning back to pull her husband off that poor innocent man!

I told my buddy about the incident and what I did and he told me that they had arrested that guy! Oh well I can't wait do it again and send some other poor sapp to jail!

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