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Allison my friends sister

(Part 1 from 1)

Note:This story is fake. I made it up Its fictional.

It all started when my friend came over to spend the night at my house with his hot sister which had brown hair when my parents where away somewhere. We were all 18 at the time. My friends name was Achilles and his sister was named Allison and my name was Joey. She was so hot. When they where at the front door I could see her hard niples through her nice brown shiry which matched her eye and hair color. Achilles went upstairs to my room and waved me to come over as he was going up the stairs. He said "Hey I know this is the first time you seen my sister. You look like you like her alot. Just to say she dosent have a boyfriend and you are welcome to fuck her." I was suprised at what he said. His sister yelled from down the stairs "Hey lets go to the pool. We brought swimtrunks and stuff." Achilles winked at me and nodded his head. I yelled back "Ok there is a pool down the street that we can walk to." I walked down the stairs with Achilles. Allison said "What where you doing up there Achilles?" "Oh just getting a game that I forgot earlier." he replied holding up GTA which he ACTUALLY forgot the time he came to visit. "ok put in my car." she said.

We left the house and started walking to the pool. Achilles sister was in the front moving her hips seductively side to side. Achilles punched me in the arm. I ran up to her and asked her if I could grab some of the stuff that she was carrying. She agreed and I took all the stuff that she was holding. When I got everything she started running and said "Catch me if you can. hahahaha"
Me and Achilles started to run after her. She stopped at the closed gate. As soon as we caught up she asked me "Do you have a key?" I replied "Lets jump over the fence." She looked nervous at first so I went up to her and said "dont worry it will be fun." So I went first then Achilles and then Allison went last. Achilles was already in the pool by the time Allison got over the fence. I was still helping Allison over the fence. As soon as she was over I jumped into the pool.

I was swimming towards Achilles when I felt somehing grab my foot and dragged me under the water. I looked down and it was Allison. She was laughing and she let me go. As soon as I hit the surface I gasped for breath. She hit the surface about 2 seconds later. I swam towards her and tried to pull her under. To my suprise her shorts came off and I could see her nice shaved pussy. I was starting to get a hard on when I realized what I had done. I started to apoligize and started to say Dont tell your brother please." She went out of the pool and went to the public bathroom inside. I looked at Achilles and shook my head. Achilles mouthed "Its allright. Listen to her."

I went out of the pool and went to the bathroom door. Luckily there was only one toilet inside and a crack in the door. I heard her saying, "Oh Joey please fuck me. I want your big dick" I knew that she was masterbating. I walked back to the pool and told Achilles everthing that I heard. He said "You might have a date." he then winked. Allison walked out of the bathroom and laughed. She then said "Lets go your house Joey."

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At my house I offered if they wanted to take a shower so they said yes. I offered Achilles the downstairs one and offered Allison the upstairs one becuase it was closer to my room. She asked before she got into the bathroom, "Where is your room?" I pointed to my door and she seductivly went into the bathroom and shut the door while staring at me. I looked at Achilles and smiled. I said "please dont interupt." "I see" he replied. He went to his shower and closed the door. I walked to my room and waited for Allison to come in.

She came in a small cheerleader outfit. I was imediatly turned on by it. I said "Let me take a shower." She nodded. As soon as I was done I walked into my room to find her naked on my bed only with her skirt on. I immiediatly took off all my clothes and walked over to her. She went foward and said "I know we only know each other for 5 hours but I already know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Lets make a baby." "Can I get some water first?" I asked. "OK babe" she replied. So I put on my clothes and walked down the stairs to talk to Achilles. I asked him "Did you hear what your sister said?" "yep that she wants to have a baby with you?" he said. "How do you know?" I asked.

"She told me while you where in the shower." he replied. "Is it allright?" I asked. "Yes" he said. "My parents where wondering when they werre going to hve a grandson." "But if you have a baby you MUST spend the rest of your life with her. She is a very delicate girl and loving girl. Please dont ever ever leave her. I want to be your brother-in-law. Are you up to all this?" he said. I said "yes I promise to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever leave here." He laughed and said "Go get her tiger.

I went back to the bed and said "Ok lets make love." We first started by making out then she said "Uhh I want to feel your COCK!" I gave her it and she started sucking. This was the very first time I ever had felt a girl sucking my cock. I squirted all my sperm in her mouth and she swollwed it all without gagging. I took my dick from her mouth and put it on her pussy teasingly. She said "STICK IT IN!" I put my dick inside and I was releived at what I felt. It was soft and wet. Just the way I like things. I started to move back and forth back and forth. I started to hear her pant and say 'Im gonna cum......" but slurring the words. I soon took out my cock and stuck it im her mouth and said "Taste your pussy." She nodded and started to suck on it then she was really sucking. It felt so fucking good. She let go of my dick as soon as I was about to cum. I cummed all over her face. She started to lick it off. I went to her boobs and started to suck on her cold tits which made her purr.

I then changed to missionary position and started to kiss her. She said "I LOVE YOU!!!! II LLLLLOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!" I knew she was gonna cum. She then said "CUUUUMMMMMMMMM RRRIGGHTTT NOWWWWWWWW INSIIIIIIDE MEEEEEE!" At these words we both did at the same time. I felt her pussy contract around my dick. Her nails where digging into my back. After what seemed like forever she finally said "Lets do that again."

We fucked till morning when achilles knocked on the door and said "ok you two lovebirds. Time to get up." We bothe woke up at the same time .I stared at her and kissed her. Achilles asked "Did you have fun?" Me and Allison said "yes" at the same time and laughed. "Well time to eat breakfast" Achilles siad.

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