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After school sex

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 It was a typical day. We all usually have lunch together. Misty looked at me.

"Hey could you come over this afternoon and cut our grass for us?"

"I guess. What happened to the lawn service?"

"Momma fired them. They cut her flowers down and blowed grass in our pool."

"Oh that sucks! I'll get right on it after school."

"Thanks the weed police have been on mommas ass about it." After school I went home and changed in to some shorts and a tee shirt. I loaded my lawnmower up and went to Misty's house. Misty worked at the Food Land grocery store until ten o'clock tonight. Her mom worked usually until five or six. The yard was on a hill. With dark green St. Augistene grass. I mowed the yard at a right angle. It looked good when I finished. So I mowed it again at the other direction. Giving it that baseball field look. Like you see on Tv. As I went toward the back yard Misty's mom pulled in to the carport in her Lincoln Town car.

"Oh its so beautiful!" She said

"You shouldn't have done this. I was going to cut the grass tomorrow." She takes her billfold out to pay me.

"Oh no Mrs.Jones! You don't have to do that."

"Yes I do. You worked so hard. And call me Debe. Not Mrs.Jones. "

"It's on me. Don't worry about it." She then took a pack of cigarettes from her purse and offered me one. I took it and she lit it for me then lit hers. She sat on a picnic table next to the driveway admiring her yard. I was then admiring her sexy body. At the time she was in her mid 40's With long red hair, green eyes. Like Misty she is short with big tits. Dressed in a purple blouse, black skirt. with black high heels. Her legs spread her feet resting on the bench. Her skirt rose up her thighs exposing her stocking tops.

And of course she caught me looking. She smiled a flirtatious smile as she looked at my cock bulging against my jogging shorts.

"You know the back yard can wait. You mind keeping me company until Misty comes home."

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"No not at at all."

"Good lets go inside and have a beer." She drops her cigarette and hops off the table and leads me in to her house. My eyes were focused on her sexy legs as she walked.

"Have a seat." She said I sat on the couch in the den. Watching her in the kitchen as she got two Bud Lights from the refrigerator. first time I ever seen her dressed up. I stroked my erect cock through my shorts. She come in to the den and sat beside me handing me the beer. After a few drinks she laid back and put her legs across my lap.

"I know you like my legs."

"Yes ma'mm. You have sexy legs." I begin to massage them. I gently pull her high heels off and massage her feet.

"That feels so good. It's been a long time since a man has touched me like this." She presses her foot to my hard cock. She rolls off the couch. On her knees between my legs I watch her as she gets busy removing my shoes and socks. I lift my arse up allowing her to pull my shorts off. I go ahead and take my shirt off. Sitting naked before her. She strokes my cock gently.

"I've wanted this cock ever since I watched you fuck Misty and Shirley that day." She then took me in to her mouth working my 8 inch cock in and out. She put her fingers in to her mouth lubing them with her spit. She then slips them in to my ass and fingers me while she sucks. It wasn't long I filled her mouth with a hot load of cum. She then gets in my lap and kisses me pressing my cum in to my mouth with her tongue.

"Its your turn stud." I unbutton her blouse and get her tits out from under her bra and suck her hard, erect nipples. I sample each one several times. I move my hands to her thighs. massaging them above her stocking tops. My wife Misty loves this. Her thighs are so sensitive. Apparently her mom is just like her. I touch her panties. They are soaked. I find the snap and zipper to her skirt and quickly strip it from her. A big wet stain is on her light purple panties. I rip them from her body and dive in eating her hairy wet pussy out.

Finding her clit. I gently suck it with constant pressure while I saw 4 fingers in and out of her pussy. She tosses her head back holding her big tits. She clamps her thighs around my head as she comes.

"Oh that was awesome!" She cries out. She finishes shedding her blouse and bra. And takes my hand leading me to her bed room.

"Fuck me doggy style! Like you do Misty." I mount her and pound away at her pussy. And just like her daughters room I can watch her big tits swing back and forth in the mirror. I slap her fat ass for more punishment. I fill her hot pussy full of cum. I roll off and relaxed. She takes over not even giving my cock a chance to go soft. Putting it right back in to her mouth sucking and holding my balls.

After a few minutes she climbs up on me and rides me until we both climax in a mutual orgasm. She collapsed on my chest and fell asleep. About an hour later She awoke sat up on the edge of the bed. Took her thigh high stockings off and put a pink night gown on. She let me sleep until 9:30 or so.

"Hey wake up. Misty will be home soon." I get up and get dressed and sit at the kitchen table. She begins to cook diner. About 10:15 The loud sound of Misty's Mustang rumbles up the driveway. She comes in and we kiss. She gives me a strange look tasting the taste of sex in my mouth. She walks over to the den noticing her moms high heels, skirt, blouse and bra scattered over the room.

Her torn panties on the coffee table. Her mom is bent over getting something out of a cabinet. Her gown rides up exposing her used and abused pussy. Misty sticks two fingers deep in to her moms cunt She pulls them out and sucks them clean. She then gives me the look knowing exactly what me and her mom have been doing.

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