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African Slave Queen

(Part 6 from 6)

He began to fuck; long hard strokes into her twat at the same time Mustafa pulling her head down onto his cock so her lips pressed onto his hairy pelvic base.

Both large dark skinned men reminded her of bears, hairy and wild their fat frames looking out of proportion to her teen like figure. She was a stunning lithe beauty with tits to die for her eyes blue and innocent yet even pumping her at both ends she soon began to bore the men.

“We hear you can take a man’s hand?” Mustafa said gritting his teeth as the woman slurped on his rod. She could only cough and lower her eyes as she blew him.

Ali withdrew his cock pushing his fingers into her pussy hole.

“Yes easily!” He shouted excited by the sensation of her pussy lips slowly swallowing his wrist.

He pushed more twisting his hand. She was taking it!

“The prophets be praised I have never seen such a deep well of delight.”

His hand was buried to the wrist; Rachel’s ass beaded with sweat her head not flinching from the oral servicing she was giving. Both men growled with lust the humiliation of being able to touch her from within delighting them.

Mustafa felt his balls tightening his arousal heightened knowing she hand his friends hand inside her small curvaceous hips.

“Uggggggg! I am near release,” he groaned.

Ali was slowly pumping her yielding hole; the juice around his wrist.

“This white witch could take a cock the size of an Arabian.” He declared.

Mustafa imagined the enormous cock of one of his many white stallion horses. The image of this young American strapped and mounted by one was too much for his control.


He unloaded a torrent of come down her throat Rachel gulping it before it could froth up into her nostrils.


He pulled his cock from her mouth a trail of white hanging from her lips to his sore eye hole, but there was not let up for the woman. Ali continued to fist, harder and harder pulling her away from his friend so Mustafa could reach for the travel chest.

Rachel began to grunt and shake the fisting intense unaware that the other man had now brought out another device.

“Use this,” he panted. And Ali withdrew his hand to hold the pistol grip of a power tool. Where the chuck was they had attached a 6 inch long but 2 and half inch wide dildo. It was orange with knobbles along its length like a fat corn cob.

Rachel looked back over her shoulder.

“Oh God, no don’t pleaseeeuggggggggg!”

Ali thrust the fat can like cock into her hole the ribs pressing hard against her pussy walls. It felt like a hand at its widest but all the way from its tip to exit.

She was panting looking over her shoulder eyes pleading, her tits glistening in sweat.

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“Oh God, oh God oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”


He pulled the trigger the drill beginning to spin the can cock at about 5 revolutions a second.

“Uggggggggggg!” She screamed at the sensation the men drilling her pussy with a hand size ribbed cock.

Mustafa pressed a hand onto her back to hold her in place and using his other hand thrust two fingers into her ass to feel the vibrations running through her body.

“Ohhhhh ugh, ugh please ugggggggggg!” She wailed her teeth chattering her vision blurring as her body vibrated.

Ali was a eager workman twisting and pumping the pistol drill her hole; rim frothing with juice whipped into a lather. Mustafa took over and between them they rolled her onto her back. She lay tits pointing to the ceiling her legs bent her mound raised the drill whirring in her bloated pussy juices spitting in all directions.


Ali straddled her chest his cock waving over her tits. She arched her back in uncomfortable convulsion her tits thrusting up and he cupped them together forming a cleavage like a mountain valley. He rammed his cock between her domes pumping hard and fast his thumbs teasing her sore ringed nipples. His cock head was popping out near her neck like a demented vole the eye weeping any second he’d…


The wads of come pumped onto her neck and chin the man releasing a bountiful load Rachel almost unaware her head flailing, hair whipping teeth gnashing as Mustafa drilled her hole for all it was worth.

“Jezzzzzzzzzzzeieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!” She screamed nails biting the expensive carpet.

He withdrew the spinning cock her pussy left open and exhausted. She felt the stink of come on her face and chest her long fingers touching the spider web of white filth, big globs dripping from her finger tips.


The men were taking a drink one lifting her head to allow her lips to sip a glass of sweet tea. She drank slowly her long lashed eyes looking for any type of kind gesture to make her feel more human. She need not have bothered. Both men made ready for bed the evening growing late. Once they were ready they led her to the bedchamber a draped large bed in the middle of an elegant room.

She took off her shoes bending down stretching her long calves. The men admired her frame lustfully. Their will was strong bit their aging flesh weak; neither looking like he would become erect again.

They escorted her onto the soft bed telling her to lie down. She complied feeling the luxurious sheets under her. She looked forward to a soulful sleep. Then she moaned in resignation. Both men were putting on harnesses around their groins.

Each harness had a long, about 9 inch long black rubber cock. Her eyes widened as she saw Mustafa press a concealed pad and the cock begin to gyrate slowly.

Pleased it was working he turned it off.

Rachel tried to sit up but Ali was already behind her laid on the bed. He pressed her shoulder down making her head sit back on the pillow, Mustafa turning off the light climbing into the bed to face her.

That night she found it difficult to sleep. The men had sandwiched her as she lay Ali sliding his long vibrator up her anus, Mustafa doing the same to her pussy. Once both black banana type vibrators were in her they then lashed their harnesses together around her hips. She was unable to retract either cock the men’s groins pulled snug with her ass and pelvis.

The men had switched on the cocks and Rachel had felt the twisting burrowing ends deep against her cervix and intestine. The men settled down to sleep embracing her, hands caressing her hips and tits till eventually they were snoring.

“If you wriggle and make so much fuss that you wake us,” Ali had warned, “you will spend the night hung by your ankles from the ceiling crossbeam.”

The small blonde reporter lay there still abused even while they slept; her occasional aroused moans and climatic bucking stirring them momentarily from their slumber. Deep into the night the batteries strength began to weaken and Rachel’s s numb body allowed her to drift into a vibrating nightmarish sleep.

As her eyelids closed she knew tonight was the start of the rest of her life.

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