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Asha - My beautiful black maid

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Hi, my name is Ozzy and I wud like to narrate you my true story my encounter with my maidservant. Her name was Asha. She was black and very sexy. She had started working at my house, in Mumbai, and I was very fortunate that my folks were not in Mumbai but at their native place. Asha was married and had a child. From the day Asha joined I used to watch her move and my cock used to get a hard on. I always loved black women; somehow I got a hard on whenever I saw black girls. Asha was just 24 years of age. This I came to know when I spoke to her and asked Asha about her age and family. Asha laughed while telling her age and said though she was married her husband, as usual, was a drunkard and would beat her many times. I started sympathizing with her and Asha slowly got friendlier with me. She used to call me Sir, I told her not to call me Sir but Ozzy. Asha again said Ozzy Sir. 

One day in the morning Asha came and I was watching TV in the hall. Then suddenly I got up and went to the bedroom and guess what I could not see where Asha, my maidservant was. I heard the bathroom shower on and checked the bathroom door, which was locked. Asha had quietly gone to have a bath. Asha had brought a sling bag with her and then I realized that she had brought her towel. I was getting a hard on thinking of Asha having a bath.

I slowly got the courage and knocked at the bathroom door. Asha first shut the shower and remained quiet. I called out “Asha, open the bathroom door”. Then slowly I heard the door latch being opened and I entered in the bathroom. Asha had pulled up her red petticoat and covered her sexy black body. Her hair was all wet. I got in the bathroom and told Asha to remove her petticoat. I was wearing a towel and my cock was throbbing and hard and my towel had become a tent with my cock being erect. I pulled Asha close to me and slowly pulled her red wet petticoat down. Asha slowly gave way and then I removed my towel. Asha’s eyes popped up seeing my cock. My cock was pinkish, I used to shave and hence my cock was bald. Asha told me later that she had never seen such a beautiful bald pinkish cock.

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Both Asha and myself were nude and I started the shower. Asha was only wearing her mangalsutra and I told Asha to apply some soap to me. She took the Lux soap and started applying on my chest. Asha was looking gorgeous. Her small breasts were dangling in front of me. I bent down and started sucking her black nipple. Asha moaned. Then she continued applying soap on my thighs. Asha was glaring at my cock. She was just a few inches away from my hard cock. Asha did not apply soap on my cock but continued to apply soap on my feet. I told Asha to apply soap on my cock. She said ‘No…. ‘” Then I asked Asha to suck my cock. Asha said that she had never sucked a cock, her husband only used to drink and fuck her. I told Asha it would taste nice. Then I told her to wait for a minute, I ran nude to the kitchen and removed a honey bottle. I brought the honey to the bathroom and poured some honey on my cock. I now told Asha to take my honeyed cock in her mouth. She started smiling and told me Ozzy, your cock looks so beautiful. Slowly she opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth. First she just resisted but then I held her head and pushed my cock into Asha’s black mouth. She started moaning. Asha now started liking the sweet honey mixed with my cock flavor. Her Saliva was making my cock go mad. Then I told Asha to suck my balls. She moved below and took the balls in her mouth. 

Now I told Asha to stand up and I started applying soap on my maid’s beautiful black body. I slowly fondled her breast, rubbing soap on each breast. Next I rubbed soap on her back, went down to her black arse. Then I told her to spread her legs apart and I cud see her breathing heavily. I kept the soap in the tray and put my mouth inside her hairy cunt. She was moaning. I lay down on the bathroom floor and guided Asha above me. I spread her thighs and I started licking her cunt. Asha kept ejaculating and I loved the sweet taste of her black hairy cunt. Then I asked Asha to suck my throbbing cock. Asha slowly lay on top of me and we did a 69, with the shower still running. Asha slowly put her wet black mouth and with her dark pink tongue started licking and sucking my cock. Oh God, Asha had really learnt fast. In the meantime I was eating her pussy, I slid my tongue in and out of her hot black cunt. I pulled her thighs downwards so I had her butt hole near me and I slid my tongue and licked her arse hole. Asha was screaming with joy and kept telling me “”sir, your cock is so pink and fat”. I told Asha to lick my arse hole. I lifted both my legs up and Asha ran her tongue inside my arse hole. Boy God it was really fantastic. 

Now I could not wait any longer. I lifted Asha to my bedroom floor, spread a towel on the floor and made her to lie down and slowly spread her thighs. Her cunt was glistening with her cum and I slowly slid my pink bald cock inside her black cunt. Oh it was heaven. Asha started trembling as she again ejaculated. I kissed her pushing my tongue inside her mouth. She was holding me tight. My cock was going in and out of Asha’s black cunt. My balls were banging against her cunt. I then started sucking her breast, one at a time, first the left and then the right black breast. She was screaming and saying, “Ozzy Sir, Your pink fat cock looks so beautiful. Sir please fuck me harder”. I asked Asha whether my cock was bigger and fatter then her drunken husband. She was moaning and said yes. 

I then told Asha to turn around and fucked her doggy style. She had never done this position before. Asha’s black buttocks were just too much. I first slid my cock between her buttocks, up and down. Asha moaned and said “ Sir, Ozzy, please shove your cock inside my cunt”. I said moaning….” Shoving, shoving”. I spread her thighs and shoved my hard cock inside her and slowly fucked her doggy style. I put some saliva on my finger and shoved my finger inside her arse. Asha ejaculated and slowly put two fingers in her anus hole while I was fucking her. Now I removed my hard cock from her wet cunt and slowly pushed my cock inside Asha’s tight black arsehole. Her arsehole opened like butter and she was screaming with delight. It was so beautiful. My pink cock slid inside her tight black arse hole. Asha kept ejaculating and I could not hold any longer. I removed my hard cock from her arse and told her to suck my cock. Asha turned around and took my cock inside her mouth. I kept moving in and out, moaning that ‘Asha, now I shall be cuming into your hot black mouth……...” . I ejaculated inside Asha’s black mouth. Her tongue kept licking my cum. Then we had a nice bath and Asha said she had to go to the other houses to do her work. I gave Asha some cash. Asha was happy and in fact till my folks came back, which was after 20 days Asha used to give me a bath coming to the bathroom nude and used to end up fucking her. I shall never forget Asha as now she has gone to another place but I have fond memories of her. Asha, my beautiful black maid.
In case any women, especially the black ones, married mature women, ayahs, maid servants, nuns, nurses, waitress, air-hostess or she-males (I am eagerly waiting to fuck one) wants to have my bald and beautiful cock can contact me.

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