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A virgin's first fist

(Part 1 from 1)

Just a few years ago, I experienced my first major sexual experience. Up until I was about 21, I was a virgin, an endangered species at my age, and wasn’t too worried about. Then, a few months before my 22nd birthday, I met this amazing guy. He was perfect for me. We both enjoyed spending many nights just sitting around, playing video games, watching movies and what-not, but we also loved going out for romantic dinners. He was also big into the gift and flower giving.

A few days before my 22nd birthday, we were having an early birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant, just because he knew I was spending my actual birthday out with friends at the clubs.

That night, after a wonderful dinner, complete with a few strong drinks and dessert, we retreated back to my place, feeling very full, though not even close to being tired. When we arrived back to my apartment, I went to the kitchen, poured some wine for the both of us and we moved to the living room and cuddled up on the couch, turning on some soft music. We began with just some mild conversation, and then we slowly began kissing. Finding that things were getting hot, we put the wine on the side table, and began to remove a few layers. “I think I’m ready tonight,” I whispered when we were down to nothing but a few pieces of cloth covering the naughty bits.

We both got up from the couch, not wanting to stain the fabric and moved to my bedroom. We pulled the covers back and we both fell onto the bed, kissing, touching, and learning each other’s bodies. Within a few minutes, we were both completely naked, sweating with how hot we were getting.

Rob, which was his name, began running his hands down my stomach and down to my shaved lips, massaging them softly, causing my breathing to pick up. “Need to get you ready for me,” he told me as he slipped a finger deep into my pussy, thrusting it softly in and out, causing me to shiver in pleasure. After a few moments, he added another finger and began to thrust in a little faster, spreading his fingers slightly, causing me to moan still. “Add another finger,” I said through groans, thrusting into his hand.

Rob smiled and added a third finger and thrusting in hard, rubbing his fingers over my g-spot and rubbing his thumb over my throbbing clit. “You are getting so wet!” Rob exclaimed wriggling his fingers deep inside me. I continue wriggling in pleasure, gasping for breath. “Let’s see how deep you can really get...” I whispered through ragged breaths, reaching into my bedside table drawer and pulling out a small bottle of lube, tossing it over.

Rob raised his eyebrows, and I just smiled. “I’m almost 22; I am no stranger to masturbation...” I said, taking my own hand and rubbing my pussy softly. He just laughed softly and opened the bottle of lube and poured some over his hands, rubbing them together, getting nice and slippery. He then put his hand back to my pussy and put the three fingers back in and began to massage the sides and insides of my pussy slowly. “Yes... that feels amazing! Keep going...”

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He just smiled, pulled his fingers out a little bit and added the fourth finger, finding only a little resistance. He slowly thrust his fingers deep curling his fingers inside me, rubbing all the right spots his thumb rhythmically rubbing my clit. My hips thrust against his hand, my pussy soaking wet, dripping down between my ass checks, getting my asshole wet. Rob, getting pulled into the passion, continued thrusting into my pussy, though he took his other hand and began massaging my asshole, pushing lightly at the entrance.

Feeling that pressure, I began to squirm even more, my moans growing louder. “Yes!” I shouted, spreading my legs wider allowing him better access to everything. With that, he pushed his middle finger deep into my ass, wriggling it around, causing me to gasp out in pure pleasure.

After another few minutes, Rob looked at me and said, “I’m going to try adding my thumb, ok?” I just nodded, not able to speak because of the sheer pleasure that I was experiencing from his hands. He smiled back at me and pulled his hand from my pussy and his finger from my asshole and rubbed more lube over my pussy, making sure that it was really slick and there would be no dry spots.

When he thought that it was enough, he pulled his fingers together and tucked his thumb in and began to slowly push his hand into my pussy. He began thrusting it in and out, his hand reaching its deepest at just before the knuckles. “I don’t think I can get it any deeper,” he told me, twisting his hand a little, trying for a different angle. “Just push a little harder...” I told him, pushing my pelvis down against his hand.

He nodded and continued twisting his wrist, pushing in a little harder. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pressure. When it came a few moments later, I gasped out in both pain and pleasure. I opened my eyes; my breath ragged, I looked down to see his arm ended at the wrist, his own eyes locked on his missing hand. “Fuck yes!” I moaned over and over, feeling myself cumming, having the biggest orgasm I ever had.

We were both still for a few minutes before Rob began to slowly turn his hand and begin to pull his hand from my pussy. When he had it fully removed he clenched and released his hand, stretching it after it had been squeezed so tightly by my inner pussy. “I take it that it felt great?” he asked crawling to straddle my hips, his rock hard 9” cock resting against my stomach, dripping precum.

“That was just amazing...” I told him, reaching down to stroke his cock lightly. “Now, how are we going to fill the rest of the night?” I asked, grinning.

Though the rest of the night was pretty amazing for me, it still doesn’t compare to all the fun we had the nights after. We experimented even more, bought toys and had fun with those, and we also experimented with a bit of anal play with him (He loved it, btw ;-) ).

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