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A special visit to an Adult Store

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I had been in a few "adult" shops a few times during my life (I'm 50)--you know the kind I mean, where they sell sex toys, porn mags & novels, etc.--but I had no way of knowing what was in store for me the last time I went into the local place.

It was between 12 noon and 1 PM when I decided to visit the store for a session in the adult video arcade downstairs in the shop. My wife had not had much of a sex drive for the last few years, so I had begun to slip into this place from time to time for some "relief". The place had a variety of employees, ranging from an older gentleman (I believe the owner), a younger guy (maybe 30) and a couple of ladies--one rather short, with a nice round figure, probably in her mid 20s. The other was a little taller and thinner and probably about the same age. They all knew me by name from my having become a more frequent visitor over the past couple of years.

The men always were friendly enough, but the older guy always seemed to be a bit of a hustler, always trying to get me to go after the more expensive "toys" in the shop. I understand he wants to make a living, but I always felt like he was trying a con of some sort.

The shorter woman (Kay) was always helpful whenever I would ask about various items in the store, and always had a quick wink and a smile whenever I would ask for change for the arcade.

The taller girl, Heidi, was usually reading a book of some sort (occasionally an adult novel) when I came in if the place wasn't too busy. She was also pleasant to talk with, though she had a tendancy to usually be dressed in sweats, which did nothing to flatter her figure.

Anyway, back to my story--When I entered the shop, Heidi was the only one there, reading a magazine behind the counter. She called out my name, smiling, and let me know if there was anything she could help me with. I said "thanks, just looking" and wandered around the store for a bit. I usually did this before going downstairs just to see how busy the place was.

After a few minutes of leafing through a couple racks of adult DVDs, I wandered back to the register and asked Heidi for some change for the machines downstairs. She hopped up and took my $20 and gave me my change, and said, "You've got the place to yourself down have fun!" With that, she smiled, winked, and went back to her stool and magazine.

I said, "I'll try", and grinned back at her, then headed down the stairs.

There were 9 booths downstairs-two sets of three set next door to each other with deadbolt doors, a stool, arcade machine, and walls with holes at the right height to stick your cock through if the person next door and you were of a mind to share your time. The booth itself was just large enough for two people to fit.

The third set of three booths were identical to the other two, but one of these had no cock hole, for somebody wanting more privacy. I had used the "glory hole" booths before, and managed to see a couple of couples fucking in the next booth, but I opted this time for the solo booth, just figuring on watching some porn and doing a quick jack-off session.

I had just settled down on the stool, gotten my first couple bucks in the machine and started stroking to some girl-girl action when I heard footsteps outside my door. I thought nothing of it, just figuring that somebody new had entered the store since I had come down. Then came a soft knock at the door.

"Mark--it's Heidi."

"Ummm...just a sec," I managed. It was unlike anybody from the store to interrupt somebody's arcade time unless there was a serious issue (harrassment, emergency, etc.).

I got my pants back up and zipped, then turned around and opened the door.

Heidi stood there in the dark hallway and looked up at me (I'm 6'6", btw).

"I--um--well...would you like some company?" she asked.

I was completely taken aback. This was certainly a first for me. I had been propostioned in the "glory hole" booths a time or two by other guys offering to stroke or suck my cock (not really my thing), but I had never seen an employee down here except to get into the storeroom.

"Umm...what did you have in mind?" I asked. "Who's minding the store upstairs?"

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"I put out a "Back in 30" sign on the door." It was hard to tell in the dark hall, but I think she was blushing. "I just thought we could have some fun. I know you're married and all--so am I--but I also know why you come into the've told me. I promise I won't say anything to anybody."

I thought for a moment and finally said, "What the hell! Ok...I don't know how far I am willing to go, though...I've never done anything like this."

"That's ok--me neither."

I slipped back into the booth and she followed me inside. She pushed me to the stool, telling me to sit, since my height made it a bit awkward for me to stand straight up.

I sat, and she moved to stand between my spread legs. She looked at the screen, which was still playing the girl-on-girl, and made a comment on my choice of porn material.

"Well, what can I say," I said. "I love to watch naked women, and the girl/girl action get's me more tits for the money."

She laughed and said she understood. Then she leaned forward and kissed me. I responded, putting my arms around her and pulling her to me. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but my hands dropped to cup her ass through her sweatpants. She moaned softly and slipped her tongue in between my lips, lightly flicking my own.

We broke the kiss after several seconds and I looked at her. She met my gaze and must have read my mind, because she then pulled off her sweatshirt, revealing a delicate lace bra covering her breasts. I'm not much on rating sizes of women's breasts, but I would guess that these were between a B and C cup. As she dropped the shirt to the floor, I again cupped her ass and pulled her toward me, kissing her tits through the bra. She seemed to be enjoying it, and she reached down to touch my cock through my pants.

Somehow I managed to get my pants pulled down in the confined space and let her play with my now naked cock. She petted and stroked it, switching from one extreme of lightly touching it to a full-fledged jerking action. As she became more engrossed in her "playing", I pulled her bra off over her head, fully revealing her gorgeous tits. With her leaning over to stroke me, they shook invitingly in front of my face, and it wasn't long before I was sucking away on one while playing with the other. She was obviously enjoying this, judging from her panting in my ear.

After a few minutes of this, I decided to take it further, and slipped my fingers into the waistband of her sweatpants. She looked quickly into my eyes and, after a moment, nodded her agreement. I pulled them down, taking her panties down with them. She now stood naked before me, her pants around her ankles. I slipped one hand around to her ass again, gently placing my middle finger to her asshole. I then took my other hand and began to pet her neatly trimmed pussy. There was very little pubic hair to impede me from sliding my other middle finger along her moist slit, and I began to finger-fuck her.

She was riding my finger rather strongly, still stroking my hard cock, when I decided I didn't give a damn any more. I turned her around to face the screen (by now it had gone back into preview mode) and pulled her back toward me, towards my lap.

"Do you mind?" I whispered into her ear, rubbing my cock up against her cunt from behind.

"No!" she breathed. "I don't mind...put it in...please!!"

I pulled her down onto my cock, feeling it slide into her warm, wet cunt. She gasped at the sensation, and then began to ride it, bouncing up and down on my lap. I reached around and grabbed a tit in each hand, massaging them fiercly as she grabbed the top of the video console. I finally managed to stand up and push the stool aside, and went for position to bury my cock completely into her. We fucked like that for several minutes before I told her I was going to cum.

"Yes!", she cried. "Yes! Fuck me! Cum in me...I'm cumming too!"

Her back arched with an orgasm, and I plowed my cock as deep as it would go and let loose my load into her hot pussy. She continued to ride it, milking me for every drop.

When we finished, we both collapsed back onto the stool, breathing heavily. She grabbed her clothes and slid them on while I worked on getting my pants back up. She kissed me again, said "Thanks," and slipped out the door.

By the time I was back upstairs, the front door was open again, and Heidi was just coming out of the bathroom (presumably from cleaning up). We shared a wink and smile as another customer entered the shop, an attractive redheaded woman, who also winked at me as I took the last couple of steps up from the arcade level.

"Have 'fun' down there?" she suggestively inquired.

"You have no idea," I said, and walked out the door.

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