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A police officer's treat

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The job of being a police officer can be fun, boring, dangerous, and a million other things, but people usually wouldn't consider it erotic. But that is different for Officer Bill Toreno. Whenever he pulls over a good-looking girl (or guy), they almost always attempt to get him in their pants. Tonight he finally made the stop that he'd been waiting for.

At around 8:30 PM, I was patrolling through a quiet neighborhood and noticed a car pulling out of a driveway. One of the taillights was out, so I turned my lights on and pulled it over. I turned my flashlight and got out of my car and walked over to the other car's door.

"Hello, may I see your license and registration, please?" I asked.

Her eyes were glistening at my electric blue eyes as she asked "Yes officer, what did I do?"

"Well," I said, "Your left taillight is out." As she handed me her license, I quickly glanced at her medium-big sized breasts and got a little hard in my tight uniform pants. I then recognized the name on the license as Alice Griffith, as my daughter's best friend. I had always fantasized about sleeping with her, especially when she slept over at our house.

"Wait, aren't you Sam's daddy?" she asked me, and the "daddy" part really turned me on.
"Yes, I am, nice to see ya Alice!" I replied, and returned her license.
"I already knew what you were pulling me over for, I just don't know how to install the light..." she said.
"Well, I know how to, I can do it for ya if you'd like." I offered.
"Really? that would be great. It's in my house, let me go get it."
"Mind if I come with you? To make sure you aren't trying to kill me or whatever."
I knew she didn't believe that excuse, but she wanted me to come into her house real bad, so she accepted and she got out of her car and opened the front door. I knew I wouldn't be leaving without a cumstain on my uniform or her panties.

Once we got inside, I asked her if I could have a glass of water. She said yes, but instead of pure water, she snuck some aphrodesiac in with it! This night, I thought, was definatly going to be fun.

"It's in my room" she told me in a seductive voice, and I followed her just there.

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When we got into her room, she bent over and looked under the bed, and then got on her stomach and started looking further. I locked the bedroom door, trned my radio off and sat on her bed with my legs spread.

When she finally found it, she raised her head and started eyeballing my crotch. She started smiling and rose up and sat on the bed, right next to me.

"So, what's it gonna cost me?" she asked.
"I'm sure you can pay me without money." I told her, and she lifted up her skirt and sat in my lap, facing me.

"So, mister officer, let me pay you with my wet pussy all over that dick of yours!" she exclaimed, and she unzipped my pants and pulled my dick and balls out. My dick instantly became fully erect as she impaled her wet vagina on it. She started riding me and moaning loudly. I timed my thrusts to thrust her when she came down on my dick which made her moan louder. I closed my eyes, began to moan a little and laid down, with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed.

"Can I call you Daddy?" she asked me.
"Mmm, I'd love that" I told her.
"Ohhhh yesss Daddy!" she exclaimed loudly.

I stopped holding onto her and slipped a pen out of my left breast pocket and began to rub her clit with it.

"Mmm this is definatly satisfying my unsatisfyible uniform fetish!" she said.
"Really? What part of my uniform do you like best?"
"The shirt."
"And what part of the shirt do you like best? Woah, you almost fell off my dick!"
"The shirt pockets."
"Really now? And why are those your favorite?"
"I don't know, they just really make me horny."

As she said that, she unbuttoned both of my shirt pocket flaps and slid her hands into the pockets and held on so she wouldn't fall off my dick, and she was playing with my cell phone in my right one.

After a couple minutes of her riding me she cummed and laid down on the bed. I then began to lick her sopping wet pussy.

"Ooh, your moustache is tickling me! It feels really good with the pen fucking my clit!" she moaned. "Older men with thick, gray moustaches and hair turn me on too."
"So since I'm a 52 year old police officer with gray hair and a gray moustache, that's fufilling all your fetishes?"
"Mm yes it is. Oh, yes, right there daddy!"
"Get up and bend over the bed, I want to fuck your ass." I commanded her.

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