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A night with a couple

(Part 1 from 1)

I was full of energy and strength and wanted to experience something new. I googled porn sites and found a free one. There was a category named swingers. "What the hell is this?" asked myself. I logged in and found hundreds of married mature women and couples who wanted a stud for group sex. I was looking at the housewive`s pictures and wondered if these hot pictures are real. The picture of a thin blond woman gained my attention. She and her husband were looking for a straight boy toy. I murmured, "Why somebody has a tendency to share his wife with other guys? Is there a problem? Are they disease free? She is a hot woman and how about if they only want a good fuck and all my pessimistic thoughts are going wrong?". I was on the fence and making a crucial decision was daunting.

At last, I made a decision and sent my picture and contact number for them.

About 2 weeks later, I was ogling a neighbor's house that my mobile phone rang. That was a man with a harsh voice who said" is that Danny?" I answered "yeah who is that?". He answered, "This is Dave, boy. You have sent your number to my wife for friendship with benefits. Let's make a date if you are serious." I answered; "I have sent my number for a chichi chick but now a rough guy is calling me!" he laughed aloud and said, "Ok boy, talk to my wife, Jane." Then I heard a gentle voice of a woman. We flirted and I asked for a date in a public place because I did not trust them. They agreed to meet each other at an indian restaurant nearby called F.U.K.B.E.L.I.I.

I arrived there a little late. They were angry. The man shouted," my wife does not fuck with tactless people!" I had to say something or that blond housewife would be the princess of my palm party. I told "sorry, a terrorist was dildoing a hobo in the highway and there was a traffic jam." It seemed they believed that smart lie and accepted my apologies. We talked about different things such as the morality, the future of humanity, the benefits of giving ass, and blah blah blah. All the time Jane rubbed her leg to my crotch and blinked at me.

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Dave went to the bathroom so I found a chance to touch her gusset smoothly. She was interested in me. I asked them why they do it. Dave explained if you love somebody you want to make her happy. Dave wanted to saw her wife laughing and enjoying while having sex with other people. They had only a child who was older than I was and had left the nest 2 years ago. I told them I always prefer to do safe sex, I am not gay so Dave do not think about having my ass and, I do not lick her pussy. They agreed. Therefore, we signed the contract of 3some sex and made an appointment for weekend.

It was Saturday night at 9 pm. I knocked the door. Jane wearing light blue lingerie opened the door. I could see her white panty and bra trough her lingerie and. I wanted to fuck this hot mom badly. I entered their place and sat on a sofa. I talked with Jane and Dave for about ten minutes and Jane made me a coffee.

Jane sat near me and Dave was sitting on a chair in front of me. Jane began rubbing my belli and kissed my neck. Dave went to the bathroom. I told Jenny "how about a great surprise for your husband?" Jane looked at me and said, "What surprise?" imagine when Dave comes out of the bathroom finds her wife fingered and making love with a young stud!" there was a spark of light in her eyes. She told "yeah baby. Let's do it." She laid and put her belly on my thigh. I pulled over her lingerie and she herself took off her panty. I could not believe it was such a big pale ass. I began fingering her smoothly while she was talking to me nasty. Dave came out of bathroom and we pretended we do not care about him. He took off his shorts and began masturbating while looking his wife making love with me. Jane and me kissed each other for a long time and Dave whispered all the time "yeaaaaah , yeaaah, mmm ,ya". I asked Jane lets go upstairs and explore more.

We went to bedroom. Jane kneed on bed and I began dong her doggystyle while at the same time Dave put his dick in her mouth. When I fucked Jane harder, she sucked her husband more steadily.

Dave laid back on bed and Jane sat on her dick. I put my dick in her ass and began pumping. Jane screamed and screamed when Dave and I began pumping her at the same time. I could feel Dave's dick by my cock! Jane experienced strong orgasms one after another. Dave came too and was tired. He left us alone and went out of the room. Now I was in bed with a housewife who her ass and pussy were fucked more than 40 minutes. I asked Jane to suck my cock again and she did it. I could not resist my self. I wanted more pleasure. So began using nasty words while fucking her anus. Jane answered my words by rude insults and saying words such as "yeah, fuck that ass, yeah do me more, help me try the delicious taste of sin!"

Her ass was full of my cum. I was tired too cause we were doing it more than 3hours. Dave asked me to stay night with them. I was too tired to drive home so I accepted. Dave turned off the lights and Jane hugged me. She whispered in my ear" thanks for pleasure , baby".

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