A night out

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We’re sitting in a bar, a weeknight. The bar is empty except for you and I, the music is quiet and we’re quietly talking. I stand up to buy us some drinks, I notice your eyes wander but pretend not to notice.
I come back to the table and place a drink in front of you, you slide your fingers down the straw and wrap your lips softly around it, slowly take a drink, our eyes locked.

I clear my throat and snap out of the daze that you’ve put me under but your eyes never leave mine, not for a second. I lean in, you do the same, and we kiss briefly but quickly move away, shyly. 
A candle on the table shadows the curves of your body and I can’t help but look, you notice me looking and grin. I get embarrassed for being caught. You tell me I’m cute and we hold hands over the table, the both of us just looking into each other’s eyes.

You slide on of your shoes off and start to slowly slide it up my leg, never breaking the stare, I hold back my excitement but you notice and you grin mischievously. You foot moves higher and higher, rubbing my thigh with your toes, you take another drink, this time with a wink as you suck the straw slowly.

Your foot is now firmly pressed against my genitals, you rub the bottom of your foot across my testicles and along my penis, I feel it begin to harden, I notice that you feel it too.
You lean in and kiss me, whisper “I have to go to the washroom” and look me deep in the eyes, I feel my heart race. You stand up and the look of your body makes my heart beat even faster, your breasts, stomach, hips, thighs and those incredibly sexy legs peering out from your shirt. A beautiful smile before you turn from me and I can’t help but plant my eyes on your ass, you move it from side to side, as though you know that I’m looking, I would be a fool not to.

I sit quietly at the table with my drink, listening to the music. Five minutes pass by; I stand up and walk to the bathrooms. I walk into the men’s washroom, look into the mirror and take a deep breath, try to regain my composure. I walk out and peer into the woman’s washroom to see if you’re okay, you’re standing there, looking so beautiful and say “what took you so long?” I walk in.
You walk over to me and I can’t resist those hips, and you know it. You wrap your arms around me and we kiss deeply, your tongue feels so soft against my lips. I hold your face with one hand while I run my other hand across your shoulder and down your back.

We slowly walk into one of the stalls together, making sure our lips never leave contact with each other, you press me up against the wall of the stall and run your hands across my chest. You feel my heart beating and tell me to relax as you start to undo the buttons of my shirt. You kiss my neck softly and you undo all of the buttons, run your fingers over my nipples and down my stomach, I pull you towards me and kiss you deeply again. I lift your shirt over your head, kissing your shoulders and your neck as I undo your bra and slowly slide it off. 

You press yourself against me; the warmth of your breasts against me feels nice. I run my fingers down your back as we kiss, move my hands over your ass. You start to unbuckle my pants; my heart beats faster with anticipation. My pants drop to the floor and you run your hand over my penis, my boxers still on, I can feel myself getting more wet as the seconds go by, I moan as you kiss me.

I run my hand up your leg, moving up your skirt, only to find that you are not wearing any panties tonight, I giggle and you know why. I take a deep breath.

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I run my hand across your naked ass as we kiss. I move down your shoulders to your chest. I slide my hands up your stomach and across your warm breasts, as I hold them in my hands, I begin to suck them slowly, making sure you can feel every part of my tongue move across them, I feel the blood rush to them and you begin to moan. I gently squeeze them as I suck, you run your hands across my back. I move back up and kiss you, start to guide you towards to toilet. I sit you on top of the toilet tank and I sit on the bowl facing you, your dripping wet pussy directly in my face. 

I start to kiss up your thighs and I can feel your legs begin to quiver and I get closer and closer to your hot pussy just waiting to be tongued by me, but I tease you a little, I move my tongue in front of it but never touch it. I start to kiss up your other leg, the quivering becomes more intense, my face in now directly in front of your hot pussy. I kiss your pelvic bone, then suddenly plunge my tongue deep into you and you let out a yell and grab my hair. I work my tongue up the length of your vagina and slide it around your clit. I spell out “I love you” and you ask me what I wrote, I tell you “I’ll tell you later”. I’m sucking your clit intensely now, my hands fondling your erect nipples, your hands running up and down my arms. 

I slide one hand down and move my fingers slowly into your vagina. You’re so wet now. I slowly rub your g-spot as I quickly move my tongue over your clit as fast as I can, you moan loudly for more, telling me not to stop, your hands through my hair, down my back and across your thighs. 
I move my fingers faster in and out of your wet pussy and your moaning becomes louder and louder, you scream for me not to stop and yell out “I’M CUMMING!”, I feel my penis become hard and you let you a huge sigh. I pull my fingers out and lick you once more up the length of your vagina. 

You kiss me passionately and sit me down on the tank of the toilet, my heart races. You pull down my boxers to expose my very hard penis, dripping pre-cum; you take it in your hands and lick it up. You rub my thighs and take my balls in your hand and you slowly slide my throbbing cock down your throat, I let out a loud moan and try to restrain myself. I feel your tongue move up and down my hard shaft. You move quickly and I lose my breath. I tell you that I have to fuck you right away as you take one harder suck of my penis. 

We take out the condoms, and just as I do, you lift your skirt and bend over the toilet and say, “fuck my ass”. I roll down the condom over my cock and apply the lube, you take your hands and spread open your ass cheeks for me, I place the head of my penis at the opening, our excitement grows. I slowly start to press my penis into your asshole, the head moves in and we both gasp with pleasure, I then move the rest of my hard cock deep into your ass and we don’t move for a moment. 

I lean over and kiss your back, I ask you if you’re okay. You say yes and tell me to fuck your ass hard. I start to move my penis in a out, it feels so good, so tight, we both begin to breath heavy. I look down and get excited with the view of my penis sinking deep into your asshole, I move faster and faster, and faster. By now, we’re fucking hard, I grab onto your hips and thrust deep into you. You move a hand down and grab my balls and play with them for a minute, then you take your other hand and start to rub your clit as my penis pounds into your ass. 

Out moans become louder and louder, we both worry if we’re being too loud but neither of us quiets down, it feels too good. You tell me to keep fucking you, yelling for me not to stop, telling me it feels so good and that you love my dick in your ass. We thrust fast. You clench your ass muscles and yell that you are going to cum again, I feel the same thing coming on, I pump you harder, we both get louder and louder. Finally we’re both yelling at the top of our lungs, fucking each other as hard as we can. We cum at the exact same time, you clench your ass tighter and I explode into your ass, the condom fills with cum and I grab on to your breasts and keep thrusting until you’re done as well. 

I slowly slide my penis out of your ass and we both clean up and get dressed the best we can, we try not to be noticed as we walk casually together back into the bar, still nobody there. We sit back down at our table, our faces flushed. We continue drinking and talking.

I lean in again “I love you”.

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