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A heavenly gone mom and son Part.1

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I living in an Indian village named kuch it is situated in northern state of India State name is Gujarat in our culture incest is forbidden
Sin. But it happens in my life it is changed me all of sexual thoughts in my life. I never thinks it happens in my life.

When the situations changed in my life I am 21 and my mom was 44 she is very sexy in that age 5 .7 ft. height and 82 kg weight with big size boobs and heavy large as cheeks it is jiggling when she walk I looks it jig-jag moves from her back., it is hard on me every time I see that.

just more about my mom She had a housewife and her skin was wheat colored . She had thick black long hair up to her buttocks, big mouth full of teeth and striking black eyes. long and well shaped nose and small and sexy lips and cute redden cheeks and above mentioned boobs and structure that anybody looks she his cock will hard on without any sexual thoughts when I turn to mature (I mean sexual feels grown my mind) I Imagined my mom as my sexual partner I masturbates every time in my bathroom or bedroom with her fantasies

The first time I saw her naked body was in an unexpected situation one day it was a Sunday My Dad and my sister had gone out of our cousins wedding anniversary. So me and mom alone I am in my room time was 11.30 pm my mom finished her kitchen work and go to take her bath (when she takes bath she sings any movie song slightly ,That is her hobby)I heard her sings from her bathroom I have long last desire to see her naked body. It is time for that . I got up and put on my half pants and T-shirt. I slowly opened my door and peered down the hallway. Mom was obviously already in the bathroom. I could see that the steam that was escaping cracked the door. 
I slowly walked down the hall as I directed the bathroom I just happened to glance through the crack in the door. There I saw Mom totally nude getting ready to step into the bath. ho! it is getting blood pressure me my head is shivered with hot blood circulation heart pounding in like a drum beat sound I just stunned. My first look was at her ample butt as she cautiously stepped into the hot water. As she raised her leg I could see a hint of her pussy lips. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation to sit and I then saw her big tits with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her hairy bush surrounding her pussy. My cock was pushing the fabric of my sweats to the limits. She slowly sat down in the tub and her lips parted in a deep sigh as she felt the heat engulf her body.
Her head titled back and her breasts rose up as her long black hair cascaded over her back. 
I felt dizzy and confused. This was my own Mom here. But she was naked and she didn’t know I could see. yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching Mom as she began to wash herself my hand instinctively went under my half pants and I began to stroke. I could see the beads of sweat on Mom’s shoulders as her body adjusted to the heat of the bath. She grabbed a washcloth and soap and began to wash herself. First she went over her shoulders. Then she cupped each boob and washed underneath. I was feeling so crazy and stroking my cock felt so good that I hadn’t realized that my half pants were now around my ankles. As I watched her breathe heavy and lift her legs up to wash I kicked my half pants completely off. I was stroking slowly but surely to orgasm. I didn’t want it to go too fast. 

My head was swimming with the vision of naked Mom as she washed.
Accidentally I leaned forward and stumbled though the cracked door. 
Mom looked up at me holding my rock hard cock with nothing but a T-shirt. Her eyes were shocked at first then angry.

“W-W-What are you doing?” she shouted

but I was stunned because of her full naked body to facing me

agin she shouted “W-w-what do you want?!”

"I"m your mother. go away go this is your mom!oh! god what is this she cryand take her bath towel with shivering hands and sat on the couch
finally I returned my normal stage then I suddenly know what’s happen here I felt suddenly ashamed for what had happened I ran out of the bathroom and to my room. I quickly dressed and tried to get out the room. There was Mom blocking my way. Her face was flushed. Her bathrobe shut tight covered her body.

“you, what I just did was wrong,” she said firmly, “ I am going to have to tell your Dad what happened.”

“What? What? No. No! Don’t tell Dad! Please Mom!” ‘Mummy, I would never do this in future’. I had tears streaming from my eyes.
ok it is by my mistake “Oh god!” She exclaimed “I am so sorry, I have forgotten you at home. Oh my god I am so sorry!” She was crying and was having a hard time looking at me.
She told me ‘son this is quite natural, when a boy turn to teenage. why you won’t do this. But don’t do this too much. It might be cause of harm to your good health’. He remained silent. ‘Honey, you can finish the job, as you wish. I am leaving.
I could not sleep all over that night. Only I was thinking of my mom’s naked body. How I can stop myself stop thinking of this? I know this is strictly forbidden to have sex with own mom but I am doing lot of forbidden things, this will be a little addition with those-I tried to convince myself. 

The next day ,all are gone to out when mom I and alone mom seemed to be escapist from me. I caught her at lunch and we ate together. Then I went my room to have a nap and at that time she followed me. ‘Can I have some chat with you, Hon?’ ‘Yap, sure you can’. ‘How longer you are doing this?’ 

‘For two years’. ‘Have you ever had sex with any girl?’ I ashamed, ‘No’. ‘Then whom do you imagine when you do this’. I kept silent. she ask again but he remained silent. Then she asked ‘any film actress?’ ‘No’ I replied. ‘Any sports girl’ ‘Nnnn’. ‘Any girl from your friends?’ ‘Nn nnnn nnnnnno’. ‘Then please tell me darling who is in your dream? More than one girl?’ ‘No Mummy, only one. She is not a girl at all, a lady’. ‘Then who is that?’ ‘I am sorry Mom, it can’t be told. I could never tell it’. I became suspicious. ‘Okay my sweet honey, let’s come to an agreement. I would never mind letting her name, whoever she is’. After a long silence my voice banged into my heart ‘its you Momma’. She lost all controls over her and hugged me with her chest and started crying. ‘I am sorry Mom, it hurts you. But I didn’t want to say. Please forgive your kid’. she couldn’t have any reply but only cry hugging me. Then I stated in a mood of confession that I used to peep in her bedroom when she had started providing services at her home. ‘I can’t think of other ladies as I love only you Momma’. I think these words make her horny ‘I love you my little chocolate, I love you more than my life baby’. Meanwhile she felt that my tool became erected but she didn’t let me understand that she had felt. she put my mouth to her breast over the blouse ‘suck your Momma’s breast like you did in childhood, suck those, bite on those’. Surprisingly I started unbuttoning her blouse and bra and kissed her huge and hard nipples. I took one in my mouth as much as I can and sucked and tool another in my palm and rubbing. she felt that her pre cum juice licked up to her knees. ‘Suck me baby, suck harder. Bite those. Take me to the seventh heaven. Oh baby, suck, Oh yeah…… oh God, what a pleasure’. ‘Momma, you taste so good, I had never thought’. ‘Taste me more Hon, more and more’. she caught my giant over my boxer and then pulled down my boxer. ‘Hon, I wanna suck your cream roll’. she took my giant into her mouth I suddenly felt her lips wrap around my cock. and sucked artistically. 
She pulled her lips off my shaft with a pop.
“I want you to lick me and get me wet. Then you fill me with your cum.”

sure mom the hairy thing between your legs is swollen again. Is it swollen because you"re thinking about what a mom you"re gonna be?"
"Yes, baby. Thanks to what you just said, my pussy"s getting ready for some heavy-duty lovemaking."
"Can I feel if it"s wet?"

"It"s wet honey. Go ahead, you bad boy, you can put your fingers in me. Ohh, that"s nice." , "Pull your fingers out of mom"sh pussy now, darlin an see how wet they are."

"Ooohh mom," “You"re wet!"
“Ooohhh mom. I love it!”

"Wouldja like a drink right from my pussy?"

"Ooohh YAAA, mom!"
"Now cup your palm while I rub myself. Aaahh! Uuuhhh! Aaaahhh!“


“Do you wanna be the first mutherfucker to suck my cunt tonight, dear?”


With that, she spread her knees and presented me, her son with the fleshy expanse of her flawless inner thighs, widening as they converged on her hairy mound, her organ of lust--her contribution to various gatherings which always became the main focus for all the other debauchees. 

“Here we go, baby; here we go,” she gasped as, with her jugs swinging over my neck, she drew my face into her thatch. “Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Open your mouth, dear! Thats right! That’s right! That’s right! Yes! Ooohh God! Ooohh God! Suck it! Suck it! Oohh my God! Ooohh my God! YES! YES! YES! YES!”

I grabbed her ass and felt that these were squeezed. ‘Oh yeeeeeeeeah baby, I a ……..m coming, hold me son, oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’. I felt an explosion inside of my mouth. mom fired with a huge load in my mouth. A tons of load and I drunk all of those and filled my belly with own mom’s juices. I took every drop of her cum.

To be continued...

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