A dream like torture

(Part 1 from 1)

This story is my fantasies about some of the known figures and this is posted with best intentions to show proper respect to all of them. Human mind is strange and thank God such fantasies are indeed fantastic.

Somebody has put her in a strange position to torture me. She is generally known as a sexy Pakistani actress. Lets call her Rehana...sounds much like Rihanna - the singer actress, so if your dirty mind wants to visualize Rihanna, you may do so as well! I have been captured by a terrorist gang near the border of Pakistan - Afganistan and the Gang handed me over to this Pakistani bitch to torture me. So this lady with a oily and fair brown skin and black hair has arranged a very nasty and dirty trick to torture me, and invited some other figures as well to the party.

Thus I saw an actress from Indonesia called Miss Titi, a German star Amber and a latin diva named Marcedez at that dungeon. Together they made my days (and nights) pass through the darkest and filthiest rituals I could ever imagine.

It was the gorgeous Mercedez who seduced me with her incredibly voluptuous curves. Starting with gentle kisses, passionate tongue sucking and caressing her juicy curves, I was given the opportunity to wipe her shiny ripe and melony boobs with my eager tongue, moving on to her cute navel, her belly and near her inviting pussy lips.

But the real treat was when I faced her back and down her maddeningly curvy and indented spine, I was allowed to probe by face on her voluptuous and big curvy mass of ass. That was fabulous and I was like in Heaven when suddenly my face was forced and pushed rather rashly to that arse and my nose dived into that dark crevice between the fabulous ass chicks.

With shock, the intense smell of that moist crack filled my nostrils and then the lady pushed her ass towards me further and while my nose was still finding a way to escape the ass hole a rather reckless and shameless outburst of sound and smell filled my world. The sound and smell came from deep within that asshole with prrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh fffthhhhhh fthhhhh with a smell pungent like rotten eggs and cabbage! My head started spinning and the cocktail of sound and smell continued for few minutes till I surrendered.

That was the beginning. Then came an intense piss session with Titi and Amber which saw me drink about a couple of glass of yellow stinky fluid from the piss-holes of these beautiful ladies. Later in the dark someone fucked me in silence, I couldn't figure out who!

Then I was treated by Rehana. Such a bitch she was with vulger and mouthful slangs, with nasty instructions, forceful intent and disgusting ideas, Rehana made it clear that this is not a fucking session, but this is a torture schedule. "You scum, you bastard infiltrator to our beloved nation, you insect of the anus of the filthiest whore, you should now see how a real Paki girl should treat your worthless dick and slave tongue" shouted she.

I was brought down on floor lying on my back and then I saw the huge and heavy ass of this Muslim lady come down on my face, pressing with full weight. The facesitting session went on for half an hour, suffocating me. The nasty smell of turd coming out from the dirty crack of her dark ass was the only source of breath that I was having. I could hear the voice of Amber yelling at me "sniff you filthy dog, sniff dearly...I can't hear you...you bustard shit-eater sniff hard and loud...take all the smells from the dirty shithole"...I could feel my erect dick was being heavily tucked and jerked.

Sniffing like a dog at the dirty shit hole of this pakistani lady was so disgusting and humiliating! Things did not stop there though. I had to keep my open and even suck loudly while Rehana emptied her bladder by pissing all over my face and mostly in my mouth. Then I was made to beg like begging for life...but this time begging for her shit...it was so humiliating...with tearful eyes and erect penis, I was made to cry and beg for mercy and for feeding my worthless mouth with garbage's of her bowel. Finally as if with kindness and disgust, she responded with her farting ass and then with her shit logs...those dark brown thick semi-solid turds with the filthiest smell and taste directly dropped down my open mouth.

Later the session involved Amber and Mercedez both offering their big butts in front of my face while I was made to sniff, suck and lick their ass holes and finally gulp down the turds coming out of them. Things later intensified when all four ladies attacked me together and I was drowned in a world of smelly and noisy farts, green and brown slimy turds and lots and lots of streamy and stinky drops of piss. It was a hell of time that I was having with such dream-mistresses. it was like a dream come true.

I wish this dream comes true someday!

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