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A daughters needs

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Hi my name is Ruby and I am having a sexual affair with my father, this is my version of the story on how it came to be. Being the only child I always received special attention that up to a year ago was never sexual. When I was young my parents bought some acres and built a house in the suburbs. We were way out there in the outskirts of the city and lived a quiet, simple life in a highly wooded area. I enjoyed it while my mom was going crazy with being away from everything. She applied for the airlines and soon had a job working as a flight attendant. This kept her busy and gone from home for days sometimes weeks at a time. It was hard at first but eventually we grew accustomed to it. It was the winter and my 18th Birthday was just around the corner when I had my car accident. I broke both arms and fractured my right leg so needless to say I would be on bed rest for a while and would need help with everyday routines.

My first day home my mom helped me as much as she could. Daddy was there too and would carry me to and from since I couldn’t really walk. Everything was fine until my mom had to get back to work. She would be flying in charter routes across Europe and wouldn’t be back for a few weeks. “You have to help her, she told my dad, I know shes a girl but shes your daughter too and you have to do your part”. My dad agreed and said he would do whatever he had to do to take care of me. I knew then that baths would be uncomfortable to take so I withheld for a couple of days but then I couldn’t wait no more. “Daddy, I really need your help in bathing” I said one afternoon when he got home from work. I felt very uncomfortable and he must have noticed this since he said “tell you what honey, if you dont mind, I will bathe with you that way your not the only one naked”. Uhmm, are you sure? I asked puzzled. Sure, why not? Were both adults, and were both born naked, all we would be doing is bathing anyway, theres nothing wrong in that is there? Well, I suppose not I answered. I mean I have to take a bath so what choice do I have.

My daddy carried me to the bathroom where he carefully took off my blouse and pulled down my shorts. He ran the bath water while I stood there in my panties and bra feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable. “Its okay honey, we can do this one or two ways, I can get in there with you or you can go in by yourself, the choice is yours. I just want you to know that its okay, I love you, and I have seen you naked before so its okay”. But he had not seen me naked since I became a young woman, I thought. I nodded and my daddy unclipped by C-cup bra and my soft, tender breast fell out. He then got on his knees and pulled my panties down. With my eyes closed, he lifted me and gently eased me into the tub. He then slid in behind me while I slowly opened my eyes. Not so bad, I thought, Its just us so it shouldnt be a big deal. My daddy washed my hair, back and neck while avoiding my breast. Then he slightly stood up and said okay here we go, close your eyes again, I have to come around to face you to wash the rest of your body. Without reason I took a peek as he made his way around to the front of me and caught a glimpse of his long cock. Never had I had sexual thoughts about my own father but I had to admit his cock did look magnificent. He brushed my hair to the side with his hands and smiled at me as I slowly opened my eyes again. “Its okay honey, im going to take care of you, now face up so I can wash you good”.

I felt him tenderly wash my breast then down my tummy then back up under my breast again. Okay, he said, now I have to get your lower half. Without hesitating I let him help me up while he stayed down there holding me by my legs. I opened my legs slightly as he washed my pussy (which was now beginning to tingle) then down my legs and back around to my ass. Suddenly his fingers were running up and down my ass crack with soap and I let out a soft moan. He laughed and said “its okay honey, just trying to make sure I do a good job”. No problem daddy, I said, thanks again for doing this for me. Aaah no need to thank me honey, thats my job as your father. He took me out of the bath and carried me to my room wrapped in a towel. Then he laid me on my bed and began drying my body off. I felt so comfortable with it that for the next few weeks I had no problem having my daddy bathing me. After some time my casts came off and I was finally recovering from the accident. Although I no longer needed daddys help I had grown used to it so I decided to wait until he got home to bathe with me. My daddy got home that evening and smiled when I told him I was ready for our bath. You know you really dont need my help anymore honey, he said, but if you want I can still join you. Nothing would make me happier daddy, I replied. In no time we were both in the bathroom undressing and we hoped into the bath tub.

When he slid in behind me and I was in between his legs again I laid back and he embraced me. Daddy, I never got a chance to really thank you for everything you did for me while I was hurt, I said. No need honey, I told you thats my job. Besides im sure if I got hurt you would help me wouldnt you? I sure would, I replied. With that he grabbed the sponge and soaped it up then started washing my back. He then moved his big, strong hands around to my tits and rubbed soap on them with his hand. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the satisfaction of having my breast rubbed by my daddy. My pussy was aching for him and I couldnt understand why but I had to do something. “Lets turn on the shower daddy” I said standing up as he followed. We turned on the shower and he wrapped his arms around my waist and moved the sponge in between my legs. I moved my ass back a bit and let out a soft groan. My pussy tingled as he washed it then suddenly I felt his cock rub against me from behind. I turned around to face him “Do you always get hard with me daddy”. Yes, he said smiling, I cant help it, im a man and that thing has a mind of its own he replied. I grabbed the sponge from his hand and rinsed it off before putting soap on it. “Lets pretend that you were hurt daddy, let me help you how you helped me”. Okay he said smiling, I will let you take care of me then, take care of your daddy. I washed his chest then inched my way down I washed down his thighs and legs then back up again. I didnt want to avoid his hard cock anymore so I wrapped my hand around it and washed it really good. He tilted his head back as the water flowed down his face and chest to wash off the soap I created on his cock.

With his hard cock in my hands I continued to wash the rest of his body off still holding my grip. By now my pussy was so hot for my daddy and I just wanted him to stuff it in me and fuck me wild. Then the sponge fell off my hands and landed on his foot so I got down on my knees to pick it up. His hard cock was now inches away from my face as I stared at it he grabbed the back of my head. Without warning he moved my head closer and pressed the head against my lips. I opened up my mouth then he shoved his cock in. His cock tasted so good in my mouth that I kept sucking him and jacking him off for what seemed like an hour. “Thats it honey, suck daddys cock, your such a good, grateful girl” he said while holding my head. Not so long after he started ramming it in faster and his moans became more intense as he moved closer to cumming. “Im cumming baby” he moaned before exploding in my mouth. I swallowed what cum I could but it overfilled my mouth and oozed out down to my tits. Without saying a word he picked me up and we finished washing off. After that I felt ashamed for what we had done and I didnt say nothing but grabbed my clothes and went to my room. “I cant believe I just sucked my dads cock and liked it” I thought as I laid on my bed naked. The urge was too much so I started fingering my wet pussy and rubbing my clit hard until I came. Although that only made matters worse for now my pussy ached for some hard cock. I slipped on a Tshirt and walked over to daddys room where I walked right in without knocking. With my hair still wet and hard nipples poking through the cotton of the shirt, I seduced my daddy. He turned me down and said that this was a mistake.

We cant be doing this, he said, this is wrong, you cant tell anyone that we did what we did. You need to go back to your room and finish getting dressed young lady he added. My heart was broken, I ran back to my room where I laid and cried myself to sleep. I woke up the next morning and put on some panties and a bra along with a nightgown then walked downstairs where daddy had made breakfast. We were both silent at the table until he broke the quietness and said he was sorry for yesterday. It got a bit carried away and I took advantage of you and for that im sorry. Its no problem daddy really, I just wanted to take care of you the way you took care of me. Yeah well I never did anything like that for you so I guess now technically I owe you. I giggled and said yeah well you did leave it aching for release yesterday, the least you can do is make up for that. Okay he said but lets make it quick cause I have to get to work. We ran upstairs and he laid down on my bed as I took off my panties to straddle him. I started dry humping his cock until my pussy was soaking wet. Then I moved myself up and put my pussy in his face for him to eat. He sucked my clit and tongue fucked me as I humped his face. “Oooh yeah daddy, you eat my pussy so good” I moaned. Within minutes I was unloading my juices all over his face and I collapsed to my side with a huge smile on my face. “Thanks daddy, I really needed that.

No problem honey, it was my pleasure, now I have to get to work, daddy loves you” he said getting up and leaving. My eyes drifted into a sleep yet again and I dozed off. I awoke to the phone ringing, I got up and picked it up, it was daddy. “You okay honey?” he asked with concern. Yes im fine why? No reason. Just wanted to call and check up on you. After our little episode this morning you have made it hard for me to work. All I keep thinking of is your precious, delicious cum. “Oh daddy, now you know what I feel like, since I tasted your cum its all I think of. When are you coming home, I miss you. In a little while honey, believe me id like to get inside you right now so bad he added. “Mmmmm, I moaned, you know I will gladly give you my pussy daddy, its all yours to fuck and suck. I’ll even let you put it anywhere you want daddy, that’s how much I love you” I said now rubbing my legs and pussy. “Mmmm is that right honey? He asked in a low whisper, id sure like to fill you up. “Well come and get it, ohhhhh..i moaned as I flipped over to my stomach. Holding the phone with my left hand I rubbed on my ass with my right. If you get here now I will let you fuck my ass daddy, mmmmm I said in a little slutty girl tone. I moaned as I rubbed myself my ass and heard my daddys breathing getting heavier on the other end. Ooooh baby, are you fingering that ass for daddy? Mmmmm yess I replied, it feels soooo good too….Oh godddddd…im so horny for you daddy. Ohhh yeahhhhh he whispered, finger that ass for daddy, im going to fuck you good when I get home. Come home now I whispered, you can fuck me right now, please daddy, I want your cock so bad. Ughhh, I cant he said, I have to work, dammit, look honey I got to go my lunch hour is over, I will see you home later on. Then he hung up.

I got up and grabbed the lotion and rubbed it all over my ass. While still on my stomach I began rubbing it again and slowly inserted a finger in myself then I was fingering my asshole. The feeling was exhilarating, I was getting off to myself thinking how I was going to fuck my daddy when he got home. I started rubbing my pussy while I fingered my ass and before long was squirting cum all over my bed sheets. After I finished I went to shower and threw my sheets in the washer. Soon after I was downstairs in just a t-shirt and panties and started watching TV. Then I heard a car pull up and I ran to the window, it was my dad. He came home, butterflies invaded my stomach and I felt nervous. He was here to fuck me and now I was starting to get scared. The door opened and my daddy walked in and grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. His lips met mine then we massaged each others tongues while his hands clenched on to my ass and tits. His hands slipped inside of my panties and he rubbed my ass while with his other hand he rubbed my pussy lips. The nervousness was replaced by a horny, hot sensation I felt for my father. I started rubbing his cock through his jeans, which by now was already hard.

He pulled down his pants and underwear and forced me down by pushing me down to my knees. With pleasure I took his hard, wet dick in my mouth and sucked it dry. Then he forcefully picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bed where he put me down. He immediately climbed on top of me and took off my shirt and ripped my panties off. I moaned in pleasure and begged him to fuck me, Slide your fat dick in me daddy, I yelled. He parted my legs and slid all of his 8inches inside me and fucked me hard while he sucked my tits. My moans were getting louder and louder, fuck me daddy, fuck me, oh oh oh. After about 20minutes of intense fucking he got off of me and said “you promised me that sweet ass of yours, I want it. Okay, whatever you want daddy, im all yours, I replied. He bent me over on the bed post and went kissing down my back. Suddenly his tongue was inside of my ass and I felt it gushy and wet as he tongued me in my hole. Finally it was wet and ready for him to fuck it so he started by sliding two fingers in and started finger fucking me hard. I moaned and moaned as he drilled his fingers deep up my ass. He then took them out and put them in my mouth and he slid his cock in as I sucked his fingers. His dick pushed up inside of me and at first I felt tremendous pressure and a bit of pain too but then I quickly got used to it and was now begging him to fuck my ass harder and faster.

My ass cheeks were jiggling on him as he pounded his hard dick in my hole. Suddenly he was pulling my hair and he unloaded his cum deep inside of my asshole. It was such a relief to finally get that dick that I craved so much. But it felt even better to have my daddys cum ride up my sweet ass. We showered shortly after and kept fucking in different positions all over the house. I even let him fuck me doggystyle on the porch while he held on to my hair. Daddy took some vacation time for the rest of the week and we fucked 3 to 4 times a day. Ive let him cum in my mouth, my ass and my pussy and I love it each time. Now it had been a couple of weeks and we found out mom was coming home. Even with her home, we sneak out back or go for a ride to fuck every chance we get. I have convinced myself that I do not want any cock other than my daddys. Little does my mother know, I ride daddys hard cock every time she is in the bathroom or napping. I love my daddy.

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